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In final agitation afore Super Tuesday, Autonomous candidates boxlike off in Charleston, S.C. acquisitive to booty on the bright frontrunner, Bernie Sanders. USA TODAY

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In the aftermost Autonomous agitation afore Super Tuesday, the candidates generally talked over and accomplished one another. We array out some of the misinformation.

CBS News, the Congressional Atramentous Caucus Institute and Twitter hosted the debate Tuesday in South Carolina, canicule afore the state’s primary.

Analysis: Sanders apprenticed on Medicare math, Biden guarantees a win; how anniversary applicant fared at acute South Carolina debate

Bernie Sanders’ aboriginal primary success: Moderate Democrats wonder about his appulse on House, Senate races

‘Hearing my name mentioned a little bit’: Sanders plays aegis and added top moments from the South Carolina Autonomous debate


In one of abounding acrimonious exchanges throughout the night, Sanders and Biden disagreed over animadversion Sanders fabricated about Cuba in a “60 Minutes” account that aired Feb. 23.

The Vermont agent has been criticized for adage that not aggregate was bad in Cuba beneath absolutist Fidel Castro, citation a articulacy affairs Castro started anon afterwards abduction power.

Norah O’Donnell, one of the agitation moderators, asked Sanders how voters can assurance him afterwards “expressing accord for left-wing governments in Cuba and Nicaragua.”

“Of course, you accept a absolutism in Cuba. What I said is what Barack Obama said in acceding of Cuba, that Cuba fabricated advance on education,” said Sanders, a self-described autonomous socialist. “What Barack Obama said was they fabricated abundant advance on apprenticeship and bloom care. That was Barack Obama.”

Biden took barring to Sanders comparing himself to Obama:

Biden: Barack Obama was abroad, he was in a boondocks meeting, he did not in any way advance that there was annihilation absolute about the Cuban government. He accustomed that they did access activity expectancy. But he went on and accursed the dictatorship. … The actuality of the bulk is [Obama], in fact, does not, did not, has never accepted an absolute administration and does not now. [Sanders] said that, in fact, he anticipation it was – he did not adjudge what they did.

Sanders: That is untrue, actually untrue. I accept accursed authoritarianism.

Obama visited Cuba in March 2016 and captivated a town hall days afterwards in Argentina. Obama recalled cogent Castro he had “made abundant advance in educating adolescent people” and decidedly convalescent bloom care.

“They should be congratulated,” Obama said. “But you drive about Havana, and you say this abridgement is not working. It looks like it did in the 1950s. And so you accept to be applied in allurement yourself how can you accomplish the goals of adequation and inclusion but additionally accept that the bazaar arrangement produces a lot of abundance and appurtenances and services. And it additionally gives individuals abandon because they accept initiative.”

On “60 Minutes,” Sanders said he accursed “the absolute attributes of Cuba.”

Bloomberg and Warren clashed aboriginal in the agitation over a aggravation accusation fabricated adjoin Bloomberg in the 1990s.

After anecdotic what she declared abundance bigotry during her aboriginal career as a special-education teacher, Warren took a attempt at Bloomberg, saying, “At atomic I didn’t accept a bang-up who said to me, ‘Kill it,’ the way that Ambassador Bloomberg is declared to accept said to one of his abundant employees.” Bloomberg responded, “I never said that.”

A woman who awash terminals for Bloomberg’s aggregation declared that Bloomberg told her, “Kill it!” alert afterwards inquiring about her alliance and acquirements she was pregnant. 

The case was acclimatized confidentially and afterwards an acceptance of answerability in 2000, for a “six-figure sum,” according to The Associated Press. The case is one of three that the Bloomberg attack said aftermost anniversary it would absolution from a nondisclosure agreement.

In 2001, aloof afore Bloomberg’s aboriginal attack to be ambassador of New York City, he denied the aggravation and appear a account adage he had anesthetized a polygraph test. 

In a account accustomed to the Daily News, Bloomberg said he acclimatized the case “because the attorneys believed the clothing could annoyance on for years and agitate the company’s focus and that of our employees.” The woman’s advocate told The New York Times that they acclimatized “to abstain the aberration and bulk of litigation.”

Sanders said that Buttigieg and Biden accustomed attack contributions from 50 or added billionaires and that the American bodies “don’t appetite candidates to be active to billionaires for huge amounts of funding.”

Buttigieg argued that what Sanders said may accept accustomed bodies the apocryphal consequence that “most of my attack is adjourned by billionaires.”

The Supreme Cloister case Citizens United arguably afflicted American political campaigns for good. So, how is it affecting this presidential election? USA TODAY

On Feb. 18, Forbes reported that in 2019, 56 billionaires or their spouses donated to Buttigieg’s attack board and 60 donated to Biden’s. To get those numbers, Forbes “mined Federal Acclamation Commission abstracts for donations from billionaires and their spouses, analytic for all itemized donations of at atomic $100.”

Forbes did not broadcast the absolute bulk of money donated to anniversary applicant by those individuals. Alike if anniversary actuality donated the $5,600 maximum an alone can accord to a candidate’s attack – $2,800 anniversary for the primary and accepted acclamation – that would beggarly that billionaires and their spouses contributed no added than 0.4% and 0.5% of the amounts that Forbes reported Buttigieg ($76.8 million) and Biden ($61 million) aloft as of the end of December, respectively.

Buttigieg claimed he accustomed added money from attack donors from Charleston, South Carolina, than billionaires.

Several candidates disagreed with Sanders over whether he explained how he would pay for “Medicare for All,” his plan for a comprehensive, government-run bloom affliction system, and added proposals. Sanders acicular to a abstraction that said his bloom affliction plan would abate absolute civic bloom expenditures, but that depends on abounding alien details. Added advisers accept begin it would access absolute spending.

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O’Donnell asked Sanders, “You’ve said Medicare for All for all will amount $30 trillion. But you can alone explain how you’ll pay for aloof about bisected of that. Can you do the algebraic for the blow of us?”

Sanders interjected that it was a 10-year appraisal and talked about a abstraction led by a Yale researcher that begin Medicare for All would lower total civic bloom spending – that’s all bloom affliction spending, by individuals, governments, administration and insurers. That study, published in the Lancet this month, was led by Alison Galvani, a assistant of epidemiology and administrator of Yale’s Center for Infectious Disease Modeling and Analysis, who appear that she was an “informal contributed adviser” to Sanders’ Senate appointment for his 2019 Medicare for All Act.

The abstraction estimated Medicare for All could abate civic bloom affliction spending by added than $450 billion a year. On his attack website, Sanders estimates that, based on the Yale abstraction and projections of civic bloom affliction spending, he would charge to access government spending by $17.5 abundance over 10 years to awning the amount of his bloom affliction proposal. He puts alternating several tax measures to accommodated that cost.

Medicare for All is one of the best hotly debated capacity in the 2020 election. But what is it? And how will it work? We explain. USA TODAY

Sanders said, “Every abstraction out there, bourgeois or progressive, says Medicare for All will save money.”

The Urban Institute estimated a plan such as Sanders’ would access civic bloom spending by $720 billion in 2020. “Federal government spending would access by $2.8 abundance in 2020, or $34.0 abundance over 10 years,” the abode said in October 2019.

Federal government spending would increase, because about all bloom spending would about-face to the federal government.

One acumen the Yale and Urban Institute estimates are so far afar is the acceptance on what the government would pay bloom affliction providers beneath Medicare for All. The plan doesn’t say. The Yale abstraction afflicted hospitals would be paid at Medicare rates, which are lower than clandestine allowance acquittal rates, but the Urban Institute afflicted the hospital amount would be 115% of Medicare ante in its “base case.”

After Biden took a jab at Steyer, a above barrier armamentarium manager, for investing in a clandestine bastille company, Steyer jabbed aback at Biden for autograph a abomination bill that Steyer said led to accumulation incarceration of atramentous and Latino men.

As administrator of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden abundantly wrote and shepherded the Violent Abomination Ascendancy and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 through the aldermanic process. The across-the-board legislation provided allotment for tens of bags of association badge admiral and biologic courts, banned assertive weapons and allowable activity sentences for abyss bedevilled of a agitated abomination afterwards two or added above-mentioned convictions, including biologic crimes.

The trend adjoin added incarceration began in the aboriginal 1970s and quadrupled in the afterwards four decades. A two-year study by the Civic Research Council assured that the access was historically unprecedented, that the USA far outpaced incarceration ante abroad in the world and that aerial incarceration ante disproportionately afflicted Hispanic and atramentous communities. The abode cites policies allowable by admiral at all levels – local, accompaniment and federal – that broadcast the use of incarceration, abundantly in acknowledgment to decades of ascent crime.

“In the 1970s, the numbers of arrests and cloister caseloads increased, and prosecutors and board became harsher in their charging and sentencing,” the abode says. “In the 1980s, bedevilled defendants became added acceptable to serve bastille time.”

The 1994 abomination bill included a federal “three-strikes” provision, which appropriate binding activity imprisonment afterwards achievability of acquittal for those who committed federal agitated felonies if they had two or added antecedent aesthetics for agitated felonies or biologic trafficking crimes.

In a accent at an NAACP assemblage in Philadelphia in July 2015, Bill Clinton, who active the bill into law as president, acknowledged that tougher incarceration accoutrement in the bill were a mistake. “I active a bill that fabricated the botheration worse,” Clinton said. “And I appetite to accept it.” Although best bodies are in bastille beneath accompaniment law, “the federal law set a trend,” Clinton said.

The bill included incentives for states to body prisons and access sentences. States that adopted “truth-in-sentencing” laws acute that bodies bedevilled of agitated crimes serve at atomic 85% of their sentences were adored with federal dollars for bastille construction.

Biden acicular out that the bill was accounting in acknowledgment to decades of ascent agitated crime and was authentic by a majority of Democrats in the Senate and House. Biden adjoin some of the measures in the bill that accept been best carefully angry to college incarceration rates.

He didn’t aback the final legislation’s three-strikes provision, though Biden said he authentic a three-strikes accouterment for “serious [violent] felonies adjoin a person.” He was adjoin including irenic offenses and bidding affair that accessory crimes could get swept up in the measure. Biden adjoin binding minimum sentences in the bill, and he authentic a lower akin of federal allotment for accompaniment bastille architecture ($6 billion) than the $10 billion that was in the final bill.

Warren criticized Bloomberg for not absolution his assets tax allotment – comparing him to Admiral Donald Trump, who has never appear his tax returns.

“We apperceive that Ambassador Bloomberg has been accomplishing business with China for a connected time, and he is the alone one on this date who has not appear his taxes,” Warren said. “He affairs to absolution them afterwards Super Tuesday. It is not abundant to be able to say, ‘Just assurance me on this.’ We accept a admiral who said he was activity to absolution his taxes afterwards the acclamation and has banned to do this.”

Bloomberg promised he would absolution them but abhorrent his backward access into the chase for the delay. “I got into this chase alone 10 or 12 weeks ago,” he said. “We accept been alive on our tax returns; I’ve said they will be out. We apparently accept addition brace of weeks larboard to go. We’re accomplishing it as fast as we can. We’ve complied with every distinct affirmation for disclosure. And aback I was ambassador of New York, we had our tax allotment out 12 years in a row, and we will do that in the White House.”

Bloomberg never appear his abounding allotment as mayor. The Wall Street Journal wrote in 2013, Bloomberg’s aftermost year as mayor, that he provided reporters with alone a abrupt glimpse of his redacted tax returns: “Unlike best New York politicians, the billionaire ambassador for 12 years has banned to absolution his abounding tax returns, instead agreeable the media anniversary year to analysis – for a few hours alone – his awful redacted filings. Reporters are banned from photocopying, scanning, photographing, videotaping or contrarily mechanically accompanying any of the advice provided.”

The bi-weekly said the allotment were adapted to abstain advice absolute dollar amounts – accouterment alone “a cipher letter apery ranges of dollar amounts” in abode of assets and added banking data.

“For example, the ambassador listed his adapted gross assets as ‘G,’ the accomplished category: $500,000 or more,” the Journal wrote. “The letter G appeared array of times in the tax documents.”

Stu Loeser, Bloomberg’s arch agent aback he was mayor, told WNYC in May 2012 that advice too abundant advice would accommodation the cardinal affairs of the banking account company Bloomberg. 

Biden flubbed a talking point on gun homicides that he’s used before: that 150,000 bodies accept been murdered with accoutrements aback 2007.

Numbers from the Centers for Disease Ascendancy and Prevention tracking homicides by firearm from 2007 to 2018, the best contempo year with accessible data, support his claim.

During the debate, Biden said 150 million people accept been dead aback 2007.

He criticized Sanders’ support of the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which kept gun sellers and manufacturers largely immune from civilian apparel over the abusage of their weapons.

“That has acquired annihilation on our streets,” he said. “150 actor bodies accept been dead aback 2007 aback Bernie voted to absolved the gun manufacturers from liability.”

Sanders, who was criticized by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Autonomous presidential primary for voting in favor of the PLCAA, co-sponsored a bootless effort to abolition the law.

Sanders erred aback he claimed that “billionaires in this country saw an $850 billion access in their wealth” in the accomplished three years.

According to Forbes magazine, which publishes an anniversary advertisement of the world’s wealthiest people, the accumulated net account of U.S. billionaires went from $2.40 abundance in 2016 to $3.11 abundance aftermost year. That’s an access of $710 billion, able-bodied beneath the bulk Sanders used.

CNN appear that a advanced anticipate tank, the Institute for Action Studies, took responsibility for giving Sanders the inaccurate figure and said its “updated” bulk was $710 billion.

Sanders didn’t acknowledgment that the number of U.S. billionaires added during that period, from 542 in 2016 to 607 in 2019, according to Forbes. So although absolute billionaire abundance went up 29.6%, the abundance of the boilerplate billionaire rose by about bisected as much, 15.7%.

“For the accustomed American, things are not so acceptable [as for billionaires],” Sanders said. “Last year, absolute allowance increases for the boilerplate artisan were beneath than 1%.”

Average weekly earnings of all private-sector workers almost rose in the 12 months catastrophe in January, activity up beneath than 0.04% afterwards adjusting for inflation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But over the accomplished three years – the aeon he acclimated for his billionaire bulk – the access in boilerplate absolute account balance has been 2.7%. That comes on top of a 4.1% acceleration during the Obama years.

If boilerplate billionaire abundance were adapted for inflation, appliance the BLS “CPI Aggrandizement Calculator,” the three-year access in net account per billionaire comes out to 6.1%.

The adverse amidst the net account of billionaires and the absolute accomplishment of boilerplate workers is far beneath affecting than Sanders made out.

Bloomberg connected to be criticized about the arguable stop-and-frisk action active by New York Burghal badge during his administration as mayor. He accustomed “we let it get out of control” but “when I accomplished that, I cut it aback by 95%.”

Bloomberg gets to his bulk of a 95% cut by comparing the annual aerial point of 203,500 stops in the first division of 2012 with the 12,495 stops in the last division of 2013 – a abatement that would not accept been accessible afterwards the numbers ballooning beforehand in Bloomberg’s tenure.

As Bloomberg generally notes, stop-and bounce was put in abode by his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani, but the convenance assorted exponentially beneath Bloomberg. In Bloomberg’s aboriginal 10 years in office, the cardinal of stop-and-frisk accomplishments added about 600%, extensive a aiguille of about 686,000 stops in 2011. There were about 192,000 authentic stops in 2013, about alert as abounding as there were the year afore Bloomberg took office.

Bloomberg dedicated stop-and-frisk throughout his appellation as ambassador – and afterwards – advancement that the action led to a abatement in crime, a absolution he now says was wrong.

In May 2012, a day afore the badge administration announced new training and administration advised to abode apropos about ancestral profiling in the appliance of stop-and-frisk, a federal adjudicator accepted class-action cachet to a accusation brought by bodies who had been stopped.

On Aug. 12, 2013, U.S. District Cloister Adjudicator Shira Scheindlin ruled that the burghal badge administration abandoned the U.S. Constitution in the way it agitated out its stop-and-frisk program, calling it “a anatomy of ancestral profiling” of adolescent atramentous and Hispanic men. In her opinion, Scheindlin wrote that she was “not acclimation an end to the convenance of stop and frisk” and that the convenance could abide if the burghal complied with court-ordered remedies – including an absolute adviser to baby-sit the affairs to accomplish abiding it did not breach the Constitution.

“Mayor Bloomberg said, ‘When I accomplished it was bad appear the end, I concluded it, and it alone 95%,’ ” Scheindlin, who has retired, told MSNBC on Feb. 20. “That is not accurate. In the aftermost two years or so, it began to bead dramatically, it alone 67%, not 95%.” (Scheindlin cited the annual decline, as adjoin to the annual decline.)

The stop-and-frisk action faced accessible opposition, and Bloomberg adjoin efforts by the Burghal Council to rein it in. Canicule afore announcement his antagonism for admiral in November, Bloomberg said he “should accept acted sooner and acted faster to cut the stops,” and he apologized for not accomplishing so.

Warren attacked Bloomberg for “blaming the apartment blast of 2008 on African Americans and on Latinos,” a affirmation she aboriginal fabricated during the antecedent Autonomous agitation in Las Vegas.

Warren referred to remarks Bloomberg made at Georgetown University in Washington on Sept. 17, 2008 – at the acme of the affliction banking crisis aback the Abundant Depression. 

He never mentioned African Americans or Latinos in his six-minute address of the “root causes” of the crisis. He started with a acknowledgment of Congress and accompaniment and bounded admiral blame to end the old convenance of “redlining” – which he declared as banks alienated authoritative loans in “poor” neighborhoods.

“And already you started blame in that direction, banks started authoritative added and added loans area the acclaim of the actuality affairs the abode wasn’t as acceptable as you would like,” Bloomberg said. He said the Federal Reserve’s behavior led to “very bargain money” and Wall Street firms – gluttonous new means to accumulation – packaged loans in means that were so circuitous that alike they didn’t butt the risks. “Wall Street got into the position area they created so abounding adult products, my approach is that best bodies couldn’t accept them,” he said.

Redlining aching African Americans and added boyhood groups, but Bloomberg didn’t endorse the convenance in his remarks. He said the dominoes started to abatement aback Congress pushed lenders to accomplish loans to “everyone.”


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