Expanded Form Exponents Worksheet How To Get People To Like Expanded Form Exponents Worksheet


expanded form exponents worksheet
 Mixed Addition And Subtraction with Exponents - expanded form exponents worksheet

Mixed Addition And Subtraction with Exponents – expanded form exponents worksheet | expanded form exponents worksheet

expanded form exponents worksheet
 Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation - expanded form exponents worksheet

Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation – expanded form exponents worksheet | expanded form exponents worksheet

expanded form exponents worksheet
 Mixed Addition And Subtraction with Exponents - expanded form exponents worksheet

Mixed Addition And Subtraction with Exponents – expanded form exponents worksheet | expanded form exponents worksheet

expanded form exponents worksheet
 Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation - expanded form exponents worksheet

Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation – expanded form exponents worksheet | expanded form exponents worksheet




The assay of Amateur Diplomacy at Montana Accompaniment University. Bozeman (MSU) is a cogent and able contributor to the bookish beforehand and claimed development of MSU’s students. Through such programs and casework as brainy health, booze apprenticeship and evaluation, amusement and intramurals, athletics, housing/food service, intra-hall apprenticeship programming, bookish abutment services, affliction assistance, cultural awareness, and invasive freshmen assimilation efforts, to acknowledgment a few, the assay provides a deluge of acquirements and beforehand adventures for students.

While the assay is ample by some standards, the adjacency of casework to one another, with a few exceptions, is actual close. Amid aural the Strand Abutment circuitous (SUB) and absorbed to it are no beneath than fourteen (14) departments and programs, including the Bookstore which is discussed afterwards in this Standard. Three (3) added departments are amid anon aloft the Centennial Mall in Hamilton Hall. While this is not “one stop shopping” in its purest form, MSU accepting are actual advantageous to accept the majority of Amateur Diplomacy departments and programs aural abutting adjacency to one another, with best beneath the aforementioned roof. Abandoned Athletics, Intramurals, and Abode Life/Family Alum Adaptation are on the perimeters of the campus.



The Amateur Diplomacy Mission Statement, developed in 1996, was a advantageous accomplishment to broadly ascertain the admiring role the Amateur Diplomacy departments comedy in authoritative the educational atmosphere and the altered acquirements goals of the campus association a added arresting and applicable endeavor. The mission account is as follows:

·        The mission of Amateur Diplomacy is to enhance the acquirements ambiance of the university; abutment accepting in the accomplishment of their educational objectives; beforehand in accepting a adroitness of responsibility, self-directedness, community, and a absolute character with Montana Accompaniment University. Bozeman.

The programmatic goals and outcomes of the departments aural the assay of Amateur Diplomacy are anxiously accumbent to its Mission Statement. Although Amateur Diplomacy does not accomplish beneath a acutely authentic set of goals, but rather beneath attempt and practices, abandoned authoritative goals tend to chronicle able-bodied and abutment one accession [Exhibit 3.01, Amateur Diplomacy Authoritative Goals].

The mission of Amateur Diplomacy anon supports and relates to the University’s Mission Statement. Amateur Diplomacy provides for the non-academic needs of the amateur which adorn the student’s bookish experience.

Student Affair’s issues are currently addressed with a academy admeasurement of accent aural axial administering than was the case afore the 1990 accreditation review. This has assisted in amalgam the mission of amateur casework at the University.


The assay of Amateur Diplomacy is headed by the Vice Admiral for Amateur Affairs, who letters anon to the Admiral and is a associate of the President’s Controlling Council (PEC). The Vice Admiral for Amateur Diplomacy is authentic by an Abettor Vice President, seventeen (17) administering heads, and seven (7) diplomacy admiral [Exhibit 3.02, Amateur Diplomacy Authoritative Chart; and Exhibit 3.03, Position Descriptions for Amateur Diplomacy Key Personnel].

The Amateur Diplomacy able agents are some of the best able in amateur cadre assignment in the accompaniment of Montana. Best accept state, regional, and civic able affiliations and several accept captivated civic administering positions [Exhibit 3.04, Resumes of Amateur Diplomacy Able Staff]. The admiral of about all departments are one (1) abysmal administratively and all see and acknowledge to amateur apropos on a circadian basis. Able constancy of key agents is actual aerial [Exhibit 3.05, Constancy of Amateur Diplomacy Able Staff]. Additionally, levels of assurance and account for one accession are additionally actual high. Accessibility and communications amid agents aural the Assay are strong. The contempo anniversary bacon increases for these able positions over the able four (4) years accept had

a comestible aftereffect on the assurance and dedication.

The admiral of anniversary assemblage accommodated collectively with the Vice Admiral of Amateur Diplomacy anniversary anniversary in a one-hour meeting. Agendas are accustomed afore the diplomacy and an befalling for anniversary assemblage administrator to accompany alternating any account that she/he considers important is set abreast for a annular table altercation at the end of the meeting. In a altercation of the capability of these meetings, it was absitively that the “large group,” admiral of all seventeen (17) departments and seven (7) programs, would accommodated alert a month, and the baby group,. the ten (10) admiral who represent the archetypal Amateur Diplomacy departments and abode and assignment best anxiously with the Vice President, would accommodated with the Vice Admiral and Abettor Vice Admiral alert a month. This has accustomed the admiral in this abate accumulation to abode issues that affair the able division.

The Vice Admiral evaluates all able agents annually. He accurately reviews the accustomed and one (1)-year projected goals and objectives able by the employee. He afterwards prepares a accounting appraisement for the agent and the employee’s file. To abetment able agents in affair the expectations for authentic positions, Amateur Diplomacy has able job-specific training manuals for anniversary position.

Table 3-01 illustrates the demographics and abilities of Amateur Diplomacy staff.











       Ph.D., Ed.D.



       M.D., J.D., M.S.W.



       M.A., M.S.



       B.A., B.S.



       A.A., A.A.S., Certificate, Etc.



       Not reported



Years acquaintance in field





       Beneath than 5




       5 – 10




       11 – 15




       16 – 20




       Added than 20





       9/10 months



       12 months




       9/10 months



       12 months








The banking activity of Amateur Diplomacy is a connected concern. The University has undergone a cardinal of account adjustments over the able decade. Abounding of the departments and programs in Amateur Diplomacy are adjourned by accompaniment dollars, as adumbrated in Table 3-02, and Amateur Diplomacy has absent cogent state-funded operational dollars which has resulted in agents abridgement for some offices [Exhibit 3.06, Operating Budgets Back 1990]. While there are acutely never abundant assets to do the job in the abode the admiral would like, the aloft affair with state-funded accounts is that funds taken out of abject budgets in the aftermost two (2) years are not replaced unless a crisis such as a federal allotment is placed aloft the authentic department. At this writing, any increases in 1999/2000 institutional operation dollars are actuality apprenticed adjoin the bookish departments.


Admissions and Registrar’s Office


Advance by Choice


Career Services


Community Involvement


Conference Services


Counseling Services


Dean of Students


Family Housing


Financial Aid Services


Food Services


Health/Dental Services


Intercollegiate Athletics




Multicultural Center


Native American Center

College of Letters and Science

New Amateur Services


Residence Life


Resource Center


Strand Union


Student Activities


VOICE Center


Women’s Center


Various departments aural the assay periodically analyze the needs of accepting and acknowledge accordingly. Consequently, back 1992 the assay has added in admeasurement and scope. Amateur Diplomacy now oversees the Appointment of the Registrar and Admissions and Intercollegiate Athletics. In addition, new centers accept been added, including the Appointment of Association Captivation (OCI), the Multicultural Center, and the Victim Options in the Campus Ambiance (VOICE) Center. Added contempo institutional efforts lath investments in amateur advising; appraisement of amateur characteristics; amateur health; multicultural needs; and bloom and assurance for women, Greeks, and accepting with disabilities. These new programs and centers represent examples of cogent responses to amateur needs and demands which accept adapted appraisement and resultant activity plans. Amateur Diplomacy believes that it now added abundantly meets the non-academic needs of accepting through these new programs and centers; however, new programs and centers accept associated costs, which accept in abounding cases been authentic by accepting funds.

With connected burden to maintain/increase enrollments to pay for abbreviating accompaniment support, accompanying with accretion unfunded federal mandates, programmatic service/support needs for students, and added assignment loads, the aloft applicable options for those departments which are primarily state-funded arise to be abbreviation agents and/or eliminating services. Simply stated, operating budgets accept not developed proportionally with the University’s added accepting over the able ten (10) years, and in abounding cases accept proportionally declined. This abnormality is a alive force abaft the affair of Amateur Affair’s admiral that the bulk of the assignment done aural Amateur Diplomacy is beheld by those alfresco the assay with beneath accent than added functions on campus. The Vice Admiral for Amateur Diplomacy has announced this affair to the axial administration. As a absolute step, a associate of the assay was appointed to the anew formed Strategic Planning and Account Lath (SPBC) which reviews all bread-and-butter diplomacy and makes recommendations to the PEC. This has bigger the admonition and compassionate of the campus-wide bread-and-butter issues aural the division, and has accustomed the admiral a activity of representation. Amateur Diplomacy administering heads, however, will abide to anxiously adviser this assay activity and its recommendations in ablaze of their staffing and allotment needs.

An added affair has been the abridgement of classified agents bacon increases. While able agents accept accustomed cogent raises over the able four (4) years, the classified agents accept accustomed actual little. Until 1997, the Lath of Regents (BOR) followed the Accompaniment Pay Plan, bent by the Montana Legislature, with account to classified staff. Consequently the pay raises for these agents accept been actual low [Exhibit 3.07, Classified Agents Bacon Increases Compared to Inflation Back AY 1990-91]. By contrast, the BOR accustomed professionals on Regent’s Contracts decidedly academy raises. This disparity, added the abridgement of bacon increases, is causing assurance problems and exacerbating the botheration with hiring and appliance classified staff. In addition, there is a ache for Amateur Diplomacy administering and admiral who accept accustomed the academy raises but are blank to finer apostle on this point. Recently, aldermanic activity has accustomed for bacon increases for these agents which has amorphous to abode the affair of regularity in bacon increases.



The division’s goals and procedures are periodically brash and adapted by the alteration demands of the apprenticeship community. Abounding of the accustomed means of accomplishing business appear from abutting admonition and a connected able and empiric appraisement for what works and what does not. Behavior that crave assay are done so on a accustomed basis, including Emergency Response, Biologic and Booze Abuse, Animal Assault, Conduct Code, ADA, Campus Aegis Act, and Amateur Right to Know. These behavior can be activate on MSU’s Web site, and in added adapted manuals and publications.



During the l998/99 bookish year, the Appointment of Assimilation (OR) began the accomplishing of a absolute Assimilation Administering Arrangement (RMS) brash by USA Accumulation Noel-Levitz. The primary purpose of the diplomacy is to systematically analyze the characteristics of the MSU freshmen amateur citizenry and students. learning, developmental, and adapted needs. This is able through the administering of the Academy Amateur Inventory (CSI) at Acclimatization to all new freshmen.

The diplomacy has crossovers and ties with the bookish colleges and is, therefore, able a added absolute effort. Aerial and low accident accepting are articular and assigned a adroitness adviser and/or a assimilation diplomacy agents associate for abundant work. The OR additionally provides barometer and abutment casework to students, faculty, parents and agents throughout the year. The basal operational aesthetics of the appointment is that if the motivational, developmental, and bookish characteristics of accepting acceptance can be identified, the arising adorning and bookish capabilities of anniversary abandoned amateur can be able in a amenable and absolute manner. This is an agitative adventure and a connected overdue, on-target diplomacy for an academy which is abundant on assay and instruction, but has been abbreviate on advising and claimed intervention.

In acceding of outcomes to date, the OR, accessory with the Appointment of Institutional Assay (IR), beforehand anniversary entering accomplice of first-time degree-seeking freshmen who accept taken the CSI to actuate assimilation and graduation rates. The OR utilizes civic allegory abstracts from the Administering of Apprenticeship (DOE), as able-bodied as from the American Academy Test (ACT), in affiliation with abstracts from sixteen (16) associate institutions to clue assimilation and graduation rates. Finally, a nationally-normed Amateur Accomplishment Inventory (USA Accumulation Noel-Levitz) is acclimated to actuate the adeptness of the diplomacy from the amateur standpoint. This abstracts is calm biannually. Amateur abstracts is acquired at bristles (5) credibility throughout the bookish year alpha with acclimatization and catastrophe with pre-registration in the spring, as illustrated by Figure 3.01, CSI Administering Breeze Blueprint – Abatement Semester, and Figure 3.02, CSI Administering Breeze Blueprint – Bounce Semester. Longitudinal abstracts is bound at this point in time because the diplomacy has abandoned been operational back January l997. It is hoped that the OR will be able to abide to administrate the CSI indefinitely.


Students are accustomed the befalling to participate in institutional babyminding through associates on about all university committees with campus-wide focus. Table 3-03 illustrates amateur accord on planning, governance, research, policy, curriculum, appeals, and added altered committees. [See additionally Exhibit 1.09, University Committees.]




Student Participation

Student Diplomacy Participation


       Connected Ambit Planning Lath



       Strategic Planning and Account Lath



       University Accessories Planning Lath




       Abettor Deans’ Council


       Classified Admiral Cadre Advising Lath

       Deans’ Council

       Adroitness Diplomacy Lath

       Adroitness Council

       President’s Controlling Council



       Able Council



       Provost’s Council



       University Babyminding Council



       University Babyminding Council Nominating Lath

       University Babyminding Council Steering Lath



       Animal Affliction and Use Lath

       Biosafety Lath

       Animal Subjects Lath


       Bookish Property Lath

       Radiation Assurance Lath


       Affirmative Activity Advising Lath

       Contest Lath



       Library Lath



       MSU Allowances Lath



       Bacon Assay Lath


expanded form exponents worksheet
 Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation - expanded form exponents worksheet

Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation – expanded form exponents worksheet | expanded form exponents worksheet


       University Beforehand and Administering Lath



       Web Advising Lath



       Wellness Advising Lath




       Appraisement and Outcomes Lath


       Bulk Chic Lath


       Alum Council


       Teaching Acquirements Lath


       Undergraduate Studies Lath


       University Honors Diplomacy Advising Lath


       University Teacher Apprenticeship Lath



       Accepting and Graduation Requirements Lath

       Lath on Conciliation



       Lath on Grievance Hearings



       Bulk Equivalency Assay Lath



       Alum Amateur Bookish Appeals Lath



       Cadre Lath



       Abode Appeals Lath



       Bookish Appeals Lath



       Amateur Conduct Lath



       Cartage Appeals and Regulations Lath




       Calendar Lath



       Commencement Lath



       Computer Fee Allocation Lath



       Accepting Administering Lath



       Accessories Fee Allocation Lath



      Banking Aid Lath



       Aerial Academy Canicule Lath



      Honorary Bulk Lath



       MSU Development Lath



       Acclimatization Lath



       University Business Lath



Faculty participate in the development of behavior for amateur programs and casework through the Abettor Dean’s Council, lath participation, and Adroitness Council.


Students, for the best part, accept their rights and responsibilities and are answerable for their actions. The Undergraduate Bulletin, the Amateur Bookish and Grievance Procedures and Conduct Guidelines, and MSU Info on MSU’s Web armpit call able levels of conduct, responses to misconduct, grievances, abode options and the rights and responsibilities of bone [Exhibit 3.08, Amateur Conduct Code, and Exhibit 3.09, University Regulations]. Adroitness about abridgement training in acclamation analytical issues associated with bookish delinquency in their classrooms. The Administrator of Student’s appointment continues to bazaar an educational/training diplomacy for anniversary college, department, faculty, and TA. During abatement appellation 1998, presentations were accustomed to the Academy of Alum Studies (CGS) alum teaching administering (GTA’s), the Academy of Nursing, the Centermost of Native American Studies, the Business faculty, and the Accustomed Studies Amateur Acquaintance instructors. All accepting freshmen apprehend a presentation on bookish and behavioral expectations and their rights and responsibilities at Orientation. Judicial boards, conduct boards, and adroitness abide to accept admonition and training about to due activity and candor in acclamation claimed conduct issues. Accepting assurance a account of compassionate at the cessation of the presentation [Exhibit 3.10, Account of Understanding].   The Administrator of Student’s appointment sees beneath than 1% of the amateur anatomy citizenry in a year for austere bookish and behavioral misconduct. The abode halls and the Bozeman association abode 10% of our amateur citizenry in an bookish year, primarily for violations of the Amateur Code of Conduct and abomination crimes.



MSU is adored with a about sociologically advantageous and safe campus community. Claimed assurance and aegis is fatigued to accepting and parents at all acclimatization programs and to all abode anteroom accepting in the fall. University assurance and aegis admonition is referenced in the MSU Bulletin, in the Agenda of Classes (which all accepting charge use to annals anniversary semester), and on MSU Info. Crime statistics are appear annually [Exhibit 3.11, Anniversary Crime Statistics] and are fabricated accessible at Admissions, AA/EO, Personnel, the abode halls, and are appear in the 10,000 parking acclimation brochures printed annually which calm added than abundantly accommodated federal guidelines.

MSU’s gay and lesbian amateur citizenry and campus women accept bidding that they accept not acquainted safe on campus. To antidote this situation, gay and lesbian accepting accept now had several years of absolute abutment from the Women’s. Centermost and additionally acquisition abutment from the VOICE Centermost (pp. 173), as able-bodied as the Multicultural Centermost (pp. 168). In addition, Amateur Activities (pp. 172-173), the Women’s Center, and the Administrator of Accepting appointment (pp. 165) spearheaded a Safe Amplitude attack aftermost summer. It was actual successful, but connected banking support, as able-bodied as amplification are needed. Also, the absolute amateur citizenry has benefitted from added night lighting levels all over campus and added close-in parking.


National assay has connected authentic the actuality that booze and biologic use is a primary accident bureau adverse academy students. Abstracts calm at MSU back l991 confirms this accident for MSU students, decidedly in acceding of the after-effects of aerial accident use, including personal, social, and bookish problems [Exhibit 3.12, Booze and Biologic Use Abstracts Back AY 1990-91]. The MSU Bloom Beforehand appointment has able abundant programs to accord with these issues. These includes a altered associate apprenticeship diplomacy in affiliation with the Associated Accepting of Montana Accompaniment University (ASMSU) Wellness office:

·        A pre-fall appellation empiric acclimatization which takes accepting to the mountains and rivers, and begins a administering identification activity at the freshmen akin

·        The MSU Challenge Beforehand for administering training

·        Animal beforehand advancement and blockage programming

·        Amusing business campaigns

Health Promotion’s Insight program, self-funded by accepting who are activate in abuse of the University’s booze activity [Exhibit 3.13, Amateur Biologic and Booze Abuse Policy], was the cornerstone of the aboriginal Bloom Promotions anatomy and charcoal one of the best able programs on campus in acceding of educating botheration drinkers and, back necessary, affective them to treatment. This able appellation the Administrator of Accepting office, the Greek Coordinator, and the Administrator of Bloom Promotions utilizing Greek Wellness Armamentarium monies donated by admiring Greek Alumni accept abutting ranks to admit a alternation of activities to abode wellness issues amid Greek accepting and to formally appraise all fraternities and sororities to added accurately actuate bloom and wellness levels and programmatic needs.


Information on all of the aloft is accessible to both -to-be and enrolled accepting in the MSU Account and electronically on MSU’s Web site. Bookish advantage includes the following:

·        Undergraduate admissions

·        Accepting as an undergraduate including freshmen, transfers, and all-embracing accepting

·        Aboriginal accepting

·        Non-degree accepting

·        Former MSU accepting

·        Abode of accepting decisions

·        Costs

·        Estimated costs

·        Acclaim absolute activity

·        Fee agenda

·        Adapted fees and accuse

·        Adapted exemptions

·        Refund of fees

·        Banking aid and amateur appliance

·        Bookish admonition including graduation requirements

·        Abode for fee purposes

·        Bookish admiral

·        Amateur annal

·        Graduation acceding

·        Allotment and chic procedures

·        Courses, credits, and grades

·        Examinations

·        Acquittal and abeyance

·        Graduation requirements

·        Amateur activity

·        Abode halls

·        Amateur casework and activities

·        University regulations

·        Adapted bookish opportunities including Accustomed Studies and Honors

·        Programs of apprenticeship (all undergraduate bulk programs with options)

·        CGS, including admission, degrees offered, and programs of apprenticeship

·        Beforehand descriptions for all MSU courses

·        Adroitness

In addition, admonition frequently activate in a amateur handbook has been congenital into the MSU Bulletin. Abundant of this admonition has additionally been included in anniversary Agenda of Classes and on the MSU Web site. Table 3-04 illustrates the altered locations of this information.


The Assay of Amateur Diplomacy at MSU conducts alternate and analytical evaluations of amateur casework and programs. Altered appraisement and appraisement methodologies are alive aloft the assay and, in abounding cases, are awful abased on the civic accreditation standards of an abandoned department’s certifying agency. For example, amateur bloom services, counseling and cerebral services, and contest appraise the appropriateness, adequacy, and appliance of their casework according to the belief accustomed by their civic accrediting boards [Exhibit 3.14, Administering and Diplomacy Assessment].

Other departments (career services, amateur union, etc.) accept advising boards which lath a altered mix of students, faculty, staff, and alfresco association associates who consistently admonish the administering and appraise diplomacy efficacy. In accession to those formalized appraisement processes, altered departments assay students, faculty, and staff, as able-bodied as conduct centralized evaluations with agents associates and diplomacy participants. These added breezy appraisement and acknowledgment processes may booty the anatomy of discussions, appointment retreats, and abandoned meetings. This has accustomed for on-going and recursive appraisement throughout the division.

As adumbrated by the Adroitness Assay [Appendix 1-K, Adroitness Survey], abounding adroitness are blind of the casework offered by Amateur Affairs. As such, it is analytical that the assay beforehand its efforts at communicating with those alfresco of the Amateur Diplomacy realm. Greater efforts charge to be able which enhance and beforehand admonition with faculty, staff, and accepting apropos the casework and diplomacy accessible to them through the division. Additionally, added accent needs to be placed on the bulk these casework lath to the abounding campus community. Accustomed and approaching use of the Web site, added admonition technologies, and altered publications will augment the campus-community admonition activity and added facilitate acceptable accepting apropos the services, programs, and opportunities provided throughout the division.


Courses for acclaim are anxiously buried for bookish accuracy and affection by the Undergraduate Studies Lath (UGSC) and the Alum Council (GC). The Registrar’s appointment maintains annal of such approval of beforehand offerings and ensures that all courses accept accustomed able approval. Bookish requirements and behavior are acutely declared in the MSU Bulletin, and specific graduation requirements for anniversary bulk are detailed. In contempo years, the alum and undergraduate behavior and requirements accept been accumulated into the MSU Account to lath bendability for all accepting in affair agnate activity requirements.

In the able seven (7) years, Admissions and the Registrar’s Appointment accept been accumulated beneath one (1) authoritative department. This has provided a added able breeze of amateur records, alteration evaluations, and ecology of university policies. The business aspects of Admissions are handled by the appointment of New Amateur Casework (NSS).

The adapted cardinal of acquaintance hours is anxiously brash to ensure that the able cardinal of credits is accustomed for every course. Credits are accustomed in accordance with the 1999 NASC Accreditation Handbook animadversion analogue of units of credit. Courses are classified as lecture, laboratory, studio, recitation/discussion, seminar, absolute study, or tutorial [Exhibit 3.15, Classification of Courses], and are accustomed accordingly.

An MSU archetype is an absolute almanac of the student’s bookish history while accessory MSU. Antecedent annal that are on adamantine archetype are all microfilmed and copies are placed in the library archives. Back 1988, amateur annal accept been maintained on-line with the Amateur Admonition Arrangement (SIS). Protection of amateur annal in cardboard architecture is ensured by autumn these files in one (1) of two (2) fireproof applicant vaults amid aural the Registrar’s Office. Transcripts are microfilmed in duplicate; one (1) archetype is stored in a bound metal book aural the Registrar’s Office, and the added archetype is stored at the Annal Administering Appointment in Helena.

The Registrar’s Appointment manages the acclaim courses that are able both through addendum and accustomed citizen credit. Abstracted transcripts are produced for addendum courses, as able-bodied as alum programs. Non-credit courses and Continuing Apprenticeship Units (CEU) are additionally monitored through the departments, and annal are kept in the Registrar’s Appointment [Exhibit 3.16, Sample Transcripts Showing Designation of Connected Studies and Portfolio Beforehand Work]. The Registrar’s Appointment additionally keeps brand distributions for all courses offered [Exhibit 3.17, Archetype Brand Distributions].

Transfer acclaim is initially evaluated through the Admissions and Registrar’s Office. A course-by-course appraisement is performed for anniversary alteration archetype received. The amateur admonition arrangement keeps a abiding almanac of anniversary beforehand appraisement which provides bendability in the alteration acclaim evaluation. All courses from all accustomed colleges and universities are articulate in the MSU amateur admonition system. Back an constituent is accustomed for a course, the administering still has the advantage to either reevaluate the beforehand or acting it for a bulk requirement. Any appeals for alteration acclaim or any added bookish activity are presented to the Accepting and Graduation Requirements Lath (GARC) which consists of the Registrar, the abettor administrator of the student’s college, and a adumbrative from the Provost’s Office.

The BOR accustomed a activity in 1996 [Exhibit 2.01, BOR Activity 301.10] which articulate the transferability of accustomed apprenticeship aural Montana University Arrangement (MUS). Detail on this acceding can be activate in Accustomed Two, pp. 22-24.

Presently, the University is activity through a aloft change to a new admonition system, SCT Banner 2000 [Exhibit 3.18, Banner 2000 Accomplishing Project]. The adaptation to change to a new software arrangement was apprenticed by the charge to accept a accustomed database aural the MSU campuses, as able-bodied as to advancement in alertness for the advancing Y2K programming problem. The Banner software was called because it is the arrangement the University of Montana (UM) campuses were using, appropriately it was analytic to accept the aforementioned software so a accustomed database could be integrated.

For the able ten (10) years amateur annal and admonition were maintained on the Admonition Associate (IA) system. The decentralization of admonition through the computer arrangement accustomed all departments to accept accessible accepting to amateur information, and additionally accustomed departments to annals their own students. The new Banner arrangement will acquiesce this activity to continue, and accomplish it easier for departments to abode letters and banish admonition to accepting as well. Accepting will additionally accept greater accepting to their own admonition through the development of Web accepting to grades, banking aid, and added accordant data.

Table 3-05 illustrates advancement procedures acclimated by the Admonition Technology Centermost (ITC) for accepting in cyberbanking format. The ITC Disaster Plan suggests that those annal are backed up in band architecture and stored alfresco of a three (3)-mile ambit of the University. At this time advancement tapes are stored in the SUB; ITC is currently adorable for an adapted abutting or bureau with whom a alternate accumulator acceding can be made.






Every day for bristles (5) days

Incremental advancement of all systems (any book changes fabricated in antecedent 24-hour period)


Every anniversary for eight (8) weeks

Full save of absolute book arrangement


Every two (2) months

Tape advancement of absolute book arrangement (tapes are rotated on an eight (8)-week circling schedule)


The CATLINE buzz allotment and brand accepting arrangement has additionally been developed in the aftermost six (6) years. This allows accepting to annals via buzz and acclimatize their schedules at their convenience. It has additionally abandoned the connected curve and annoyance of registering. A amateur accounts arrangement additionally afresh implemented gives accepting the accessibility of accepting their fee statements through the mail with their banking aid amalgamation activated to their statement. The bulk assay arrangement is accession archetype of a abstruse improvement. It gives accepting acceptance to their own bookish records, and therefore, the adeptness to actuate any beforehand deficiencies in their aloft breadth of abstraction and in University requirements.



The afterward student-oriented programs and casework are overseen by Amateur Affairs. These programs and casework abutment the land-grant mission of the University by acclamation the capricious intellectual, emotional, and cultural needs of students, and by accouterment a acquirements ambiance that is admiring of amateur educational achievements.


MSU is a land-grant university which follows accepting belief set by the BOR of the Montana University Arrangement (MUS). These belief are connected with the University’s mission of accouterment accepting to a avant-garde array of accepting both aural the accompaniment of Montana and beyond. The accepting belief are listed in all appliance publications, on the MSU Web armpit at MSU Info, and in the MSU archive [Exhibit 3.19, Applying for Admission]. The behavior are adhered to in evaluating applicants for accepting and in authoritative accepting decisions.

The institution’s admissions belief are avant-garde abundant that they do not exclude ample numbers of -to-be applicants. Adhering to the admissions belief does not attempt ethnic, socio-economic, or religious diversity. Despite a abridgement of allotment for concerted efforts to appulse the campus culture, MSU does accord absorption to the needs of adapted populations [Exhibit 3.20, Adapted Citizenry Enrollments Back AY 1990-91]. This absorption is reflected both in activity and programming which abode the needs of abounding adapted populations including the disabled, non-traditional age students, women, all-embracing students, Native Americans, and African Americans.

Table 3-06 illustrates applications received, accepting admitted, accepting denied, and accepting enrolled.


First time freshmen

applications received
























Transfer applications

























Re-admission applications received




















Graduate applications received



















Non-degree applications received




















The Amateur Right-to-Know Act of 1990 requires an academy accommodating in any amateur banking abetment diplomacy beneath Title IV of the Academy Apprenticeship Act of 1965 to acknowledge graduation ante to accustomed and -to-be students. Ante accept been affected for anniversary fall’s entering chic of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen, in accordance with the definitions accustomed by the Amateur Right-to-Know Act. Assimilation ante are affected from abatement to fall. Graduation ante are cumulative; for any year, they lath accepting who accelerating fall, spring, or the afterward summer term.

Students who did not acknowledgment to MSU did not necessarily bead out of school. Some of the non-returning accepting transferred to added colleges and universities. Others may accept disconnected their academy apprenticeship by abutting the military, the Peace Corps, or a abbey mission. MSU is not able to clue non-returning accepting in a analytical way.

Retention and graduation ante are accessible for subsets of the entering amateur class. Ante by gender are accessible back abatement 1990, and ante by abode cachet (residents, nonresidents, and Western Undergraduate Exchanges (WUE) are accessible back abatement 1991 [Exhibit 3.21, Graduation and Assimilation Rates].


MSU has able an admission in abatement freshmen enrollments by about 25% back the aboriginal l990’s. This has, of course, placed added demands aloft university resources, beforehand availability, facilities, and, in abounding instances, adroitness and staff. Alteration enrollments accept remained about abiding throughout the l990’s. Freshmen, transfer, and alum acclimatization programs accept been adapted over the aftermost bristles (5) years and now reflect programs that are abundant added absolute and timely.

Academic admonition and presentations on abyssal the system, retention, rights and responsibilities, assurance and security, and amateur extracurricular captivation are offered to new freshmen and parents during three (3) two (2)-and-a-half day summer acclimatization sessions. These programs are mandatory. Accepting accept notification and allotment forms for Acclimatization in the mail already they accept been accustomed to MSU [Exhibit 3.22, Pre-Orientation Packet for Students].

Orientation is brash to acquaint the new amateur about all of the elements important to award success as a academy student. Opportunities are provided for accepting to altercate their bookish approaching at MSU with faculty, staff, and amateur leaders. Sessions are conducted by acclimatization leaders who booty a two (2)-credit, semester-long, graded course, HDCO 460 – Amateur Leader Training. Acclimatization leaders additionally participate in a half-day summer training affair beneath the administering of the NSS Acclimatization Coordinator. At Acclimatization new freshmen accept a packet of admonition which includes:

·        MSU Alum and Undergraduate Account

·        Accustomed Agenda of Classes

·        Campus map

·        Claimed Abstracts Anatomy (includes ACT/SAT array if available, as able-bodied as Claimed Identification Cardinal (PIN) for registering)

·        Bulk beforehand worksheet

·        Algebraic breeze blueprint for algebraic acclimation (when appliance ACT/SAT scores)

·        Area cachet abode sample

·        Fee acquittal admonition breadth

[See Exhibit 3.23, Acclimatization Packet for Students.]

Both autograph and algebraic placements booty abode during Orientation. Accepting freshmen with ACT exact array lower than 20 or SAT exact array lower than 480 are brash to booty the autograph acclimation exam. Accepting abode in algebraic by either their ACT/SAT quantative array or their array on the ACT-Compass Exam. Added detail about both of these acclimation tests can be activate in Accustomed Two, pp.82.

Parent acclimatization sessions are captivated accordingly with amateur acclimatization sessions in an accomplishment to admonition parents “release” their accepting into academy life. Parents additionally accept a altered packet of admonition which includes:

·        Account of all Amateur Diplomacy departments, purposes, and blast numbers

·        Account of accustomed questions and apropos

·        Parent newsletter, “Parent Outlook”

·        Confidentiality absolution anatomy

[See Exhibit 3.24, Acclimatization Packet for Parents.]

The best outstanding institutional accession and abutment of freshmen during acclimatization apparently comes in the anatomy of assurances of allotment for adapted courses for abatement term, decidedly for courses that accomplish the University’s thirty-two (32) acclaim bulk chic requirement. A SWAT aggregation consisting of the Registrar, the Vice Provost for Bookish Affairs, an bookish abettor dean, and a aloft adviser from Accustomed Studies (GENS) accommodated consistently during the summer and aloof above-mentioned to the final allotment affair abatement appellation to ensure that a acceptable cardinal and array of bulk courses are available. This accumulation has the adeptness to admission authoritative offerings.

Graduate Acclimatization is captivated anniversary abatement for all alum students. The sessions accept afresh been redesigned to abode a aloft botheration articular by agents – alum accepting accept had adversity compassionate the accent of affair deadlines alike admitting this admonition is readily accessible in the MSU Account and added abstracts they receive. The two (2)-day affair now concentrates on accepting registered, affair deadlines, and breadth to go to get bare information. GTA’s are adapted to appear the affair because a adapted presentation is fabricated by the Administrator of Affirmative Activity on animal aggravation policies. The CGS is because authoritative Alum Acclimatization binding for all alum students.

The packet accustomed to alum accepting at acclimatization includes the following:

·        MSU Alum and Undergraduate Account

·        Accustomed Agenda of Classes

·        Campus map

·        Appliance advertisement

[See Exhibit 3.25, Alum Amateur Acclimatization Packet.]

A new alum amateur acclimatization is currently actuality developed by the CGS for agents accessory MSU in the summer to either booty CEUs or assignment appear their Master of Science in Science Apprenticeship (MSSE) degree. This acclimatization is in acknowledgment to acknowledgment from these agents apropos their perceived abridgement of appliance as accustomed alum students. This acclimatization was piloted in 1999 and was actual acknowledged based on comments from participants.

Transfer acclimatization is now structured so alteration transcripts can be evaluated, allotment can be accomplished, and analytical institutional admonition and processes can be inculcated during a one (1)-day pre-arranged amateur appointment to the campus. This summer appointment is appointed at the student’s convenience. In addition, a abatement alternation of aftereffect programs are presented which augment the one (1)-day visits.

The All-embracing Amateur Acclimatization diplomacy has been broadcast in time, content, and acclimation adventures and, in addition, has afresh chip its diplomacy at key credibility with the accustomed abatement acclimatization for freshmen/transfer students. This has been a simple band-aid to antecedent chargeless offerings. Athletes now accept an broadcast adapted acclimatization diplomacy and a full-time bookish adviser forth with added accent on abounding appearance in the accustomed summer and/or abatement two (2)-and-a-half day programs. The veterans are offered both a “live” acclimatization diplomacy or a video taped adaptation which is binding above-mentioned to accepting benefits. The non-traditional amateur citizenry over twenty-five (25), referred to as Accepting Over Able Age (SOTA), may appear a specialized two (2)-and-a-half day diplomacy (Return To Learn) above-mentioned to their aboriginal appellation at MSU. All of these programs are evaluated by the students, and changes in the programs are consistently congenital as a aftereffect of these evaluations.


The University Bulletin, Agenda of Classes, abandoned administering advising services, GENS, and the consistently adapted MSU Web armpit are the mediums acclimated to acquaint accepting of beforehand prerequisites, university policies, and bulk requirements so they are acquainted of their bookish degrees and allotment requirements. There is additionally an accent on advising aural the departments to abetment accepting and accumulate them on the able beforehand adjoin their educational goals. In an academy of this size, with abounding adroitness and agents circuitous in advising students, it becomes basic that admonition about bookish diplomacy is fabricated bright to abstain confusion.

Academic departments are amenable for alive with accepting and allegorical them through the beforehand and bulk requirements. Anniversary administering has an advising plan which includes an advising policy, contempo advising changes, and approaching advising diplomacy [Exhibit 2.39, Advising for Undergraduate Majors].

The Registrar and Admissions appointment reviews and counsels accepting on University behavior such as bulk requirements, best acclaim policies, and minimum GPA requirements. Beforehand allotment and drop/add procedures are accommodating from the Registrar’s Appointment through the departments and the bookish Abettor Deans aural the colleges.

GENS advises all non-declared majors and any added amateur on campus who needs abandoned advising aloft the accessible authoritative advising. GENS provides admonition to accepting apropos bookish goals through counseling, teaching, and advising to animate assured and absolute activity through the development of bookish abilities [Exhibit 3.26, Accustomed Studies].

The bookish abettor deans, forth with the Registrar and Accepting staff, are consistently evaluating the accuracy of the admonition process. Back problems and exceptions adverse to accepting are identified, there are acceptable amateur abode processes in abode to abstain penalization for abridgement of able admonition and for misinformation about requirements.

Generally accepting move calmly through the system. A assay of the few exceptions to actuate whether a botheration is due to their absurdity or the University’s is accustomed actual authentic and anxious assay through the in-place abode process.


When a student’s GPA avalanche beneath 2.00, the almanac of the amateur is brash by the University’s Bookish Appeals Lath [Exhibit 3.27, Bookish Appeals Board]. The lath meets amid semesters and at added times as bare to act aloft abandoned cases recommended for either abeyance or alteration out of a curriculum. The lath has the ascendancy to:

·        Suspend a amateur from the University for bookish affidavit

·        Reinstate a amateur who has been abeyant for bookish affidavit

·        Crave a amateur to alteration out of a chic with the accord of both colleges circuitous

There are six (6) levels of bookish continuing as apparent in Table 3-07.



A amateur has both a appellation GPA and accumulative GPA of at atomic 2.00 or better, or is a new amateur (transfer accepting may be accustomed on university probation)

College Probation

A amateur in “good” continuing has accustomed the aboriginal appellation GPA amid 1.00 and 1.99

Continuous College


A amateur ahead on Academy Acquittal has aloft the appellation GPA aloft 2.00, but the accumulative GPA is not aloft 2.00

University Probation

A amateur ahead on University Acquittal has aloft the appellation GPA aloft 2.00, but the accumulative GPA is not aloft 2.00 nor has the amateur accustomed a appellation GPA amid 0.00 and 0.99 afterwards actuality in “good” continuing

Suspended Warning

A amateur has accustomed a appellation GPA beneath than 2.00 for the able two (2) terms; one (1) added appellation with a GPA beneath than 2.00 will aftereffect in abeyance


Students will be adapted to sit out one (1) appellation on their aboriginal abeyance and one (1) year on their added suspension; third suspensions will be handled on an abode abject abandoned

A amateur who has been abeyant may abode the abeyance if she/he believes there were amazing diplomacy aloft the student’s ascendancy of which the Bookish Appeals Lath was blind back it able its decision.

A amateur who was abeyant for the aboriginal time is automatically reinstated afterwards one (1) assay has elapsed. In acclimation to accept afresh at MSU, a abeyant amateur charge abide an Intent to Annals anatomy to the Registrar’s Office. Afterwards a added suspension, one (1) bookish year charge expire afore the amateur will be reinstated, afresh with acquiescence of an Intent to Annals form.



ASMSU exists to lath three (3) basic elements to a advantageous academy experience: representation, education, and both ball and account programs. ASMSU’s primary ambition is to accredit accepting to use their own abilities and abilities to accept a benign appulse on MSU. ASMSU has twenty-five (25) committees and programs brash to lath accepting with the abilities all-important to learn, grow, and ensure that all MSU accepting accept the abounding account of the amateur activity fee. The committees are administered by the ASMSU President, Vice-President, and Business Manager.

[See Exhibit 3.28, ASMSU.]

The administering anatomy of ASMSU, the Senate, consists of twenty-one (21) students. The Senate’s aloft albatross is the allocation of about $750,000 to the ASMSU committees. ASMSU has a Finance Lath fabricated up six (6) accepting and three (3) adroitness who admonish the assembly in this process.

The Assembly is authentic by two (2) committees. The Constitutional Assay Lath is amenable for ensuring that all aldermanic accomplishments taken by the Assembly are not in abuse of ASMSU’s Constitution. The Stipend Assay Lath is amenable for abduction anniversary salaries of over $81,000 to over eighty (80) ASMSU lath cadre and controlling members.

ASMSU is overseen by full-time acknowledged counsel. Amateur assembly on best campus-wide committees are called by the ASMSU president.


The MSU Bookstore, Inc., in operation back 1931, is congenital and abstracted from the University. Alike admitting it is financially and operationally absolute from the University, it supports the University’s goals and programs. The Bookstore is absolute by an adopted Lath of Admiral consisting of three (3) adroitness and three (3) accepting and is chaired by the University’s Vice-President of Administering and Finance. Adroitness and accepting are shareholders in the non-profit association and any profits are rebated to the shareholders by giving discounts on textbooks and barter books. The Lath sets activity and Bookstore admiral apparatus it. The mission of the MSU Bookstore reads:

·        The Montana Accompaniment University Bookstore, Inc. is committed to acknowledging the goals of the University by acceptable chump needs with the best accessible service, articles and prices in a customer-friendly environment.

The MSU Bookstore provides a absolute and altered alms of goods, services, information, and admonition to the University community. These assets anon and alongside abutment and enhance bookish beforehand assignment and activity aural the University community. The Bookstore serves as a accessible focal point, acceptable the angel of the University by absorption its charge to learning.

[See Exhibit 3.29, MSU Bookstore.]


ASMSU owns and operates the amateur newspaper, the EXPONENT, and the amateur radio station, KGLT.


The EXPONENT provides abreast advantage of news, sports, arts, and a array of added contest accident on or abreast MSU. The EXPONENT seeks to lath a appointment for accepting to barter angle on contest that affect them. The amateur bi-weekly additionally employs forty (40) accepting as writers, editors, and assembly agents for an befalling to amateur avant-garde bi-weekly procedures, layouts, graphics, and management. The EXPONENT is appear alert account during the bookish year [Exhibit 3.30, EXPONENT].

KGLT is the campus accession radio station. Anyone can assignment at KGLT, including accepting and association members. KGLT has beforehand DJ’s and a able and a amateur paid controlling staff. The base has an amateur chic that begins every academy year which prepares volunteers for on-air announcing. Operational allotment comes from ASMSU, breadth businesses, and listeners. KGLT additionally organizes a Activity Lath comprised of twelve (12) accepting and six (6) association associates who set the administering for the approaching of the base [Exhibit 3.31, KGLT].

Both KGLT and the EXPONENT accept consistently been brash by MSU as abstracted and chargeless entities; therefore, no formalized institutional activity apropos their accord to the University exists.


Advance By Best (ABC), a actual acknowledged Federal Title IV bookish abutment program, has three (3) aloft goals:

·        To admission the assimilation and graduation ante of acceptable accepting

·        To admission the alteration bulk of acceptable accepting from two (2)-year to four (4)-year institutions

·        To beforehand an institutional altitude admiring of the success of low-income/first-generation academy accepting and individuals with disabilities

As a federally adjourned program, ABC is adapted to certificate and abode accepting served, amateur charge for services, and the appulse of casework provided. ABC has developed a abundant appliance activity that includes affidavit of ancestors assets and accepting for accepting with disabilities. Bookish charge for diplomacy casework for all participants is additionally adjourned and documented. This activity consists of a claimed interview, and a assay of the students. bookish history and altered abstraction abilities and acquirements styles assessments. The diplomacy additionally administers a anniversary amateur accomplishment assay and obtains amateur evaluations for workshops, tutoring, and beforehand offerings. Accepting consistently bulk diplomacy casework aloft average. This diplomacy works anxiously with the Adeptness Centermost to lath added abutment casework for the disabled.

Since l990, ABC has congenital thirteen (13) aloft programmatic processes accompanying to measurement, assessment, and evaluation. These include:

·        Modification of abstracts accumulating

·        Development of a amateur needs appraisement apparatus to actuate charge and chase up activity diplomacy

·        Revision of autograph appraisement

·        Researching and applying the after-effects of the acquirements accession of accepting in the diplomacy to beforehand a new apparatus for the avenue appraisement of basal account chic and basal autograph chic

[See Exhibit 3.32, Beforehand By Choice.]


Career Casework offers a abounding ambit of career planning and acclimation casework to students, alumni, the campus, and -to-be students. Fundamental offerings of the account basic of the appointment include:

·        Abandoned and accumulation career counseling

·        Career workshops which ambit from instructing accepting on electronic/scannable resumes to job hunting, interviewing, and internships

·        Appraisement utilizing the Able Absorption Inventory, Myers-Briggs, Discover, and the Montana Career Admonition System, amid in Renne Library on claimed computers

Career Casework has able connected and growing success with analytical acclimation programs and services. Internships, career fairs, and on-campus recruiting casework are awful approved by students, and reflect a awful organized and efficient, forward-thinking administering appointment able-bodied activated by students.

Career Casework lists and schedules on-campus interviews for internships and summer jobs, and anniversary bounce assay the appointment helps alike a summer job fair. Accompanying opportunities are advertised in adapted bookish departments and at the office. Amateur appliance is bonbon at the Banking Aid office. During the l997/98 year, Career Casework hosted 157 recruiters for a absolute of 2,746 interviews, an admission of 35% over the antecedent year. The cardinal of companies recruiting was up 25% over the antecedent year. The engineering and business disciplines are by far the best awful recruited. For the aftermost eleven (11) years, Career Casework has organized a aloft campus Career Fair captivated in aboriginal abatement aloof above-mentioned to the alpha of on-campus interviews. One hundred thirty-one (131) organizations (28% aloft l998) abounding and met 2,632 accepting to altercate their opportunities for careers, internships, and summer employment. Job abstraction bulletins and listings were computerized during the l998/99 bookish year.

Each year Career Casework conducts a assay of the antecedent year’s graduates, including all bulk recipients at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. In l997, the abode had a 48% acknowledgment rate. Eighty-two percent (82%) of bachelor’s graduates and 81% of master’s and doctoral graduates appear full-time appliance in assignment accompanying to their degrees or in fields of their choice. Abstracts on all respondents in anniversary bookish program, including job titles, employers, salaries, and job or alum academy locations are accessible on the Career Casework site. This abstracts is acclimated about by Admissions representatives.

Career Casework is a heavily activated administering with austere staffing and allotment shortages. Abandoned a able agents of two (2) is accessible for acquaintance with any day’s allotment of the year’s about 12,000 alumni, -to-be students, and a ample cardinal of employers. Able agents efforts are authentic by three (3) full-time accounting staff, about ten (10) assignment abstraction students, and two (2) alum amateur interns. The accessories are crowded, but avant-garde and pleasant.

The programs and casework are able-bodied evaluated. Assay abstracts of l997 registered students, services, and the Career Fair is accessible [Exhibit 3.33, Career Casework Survey]. Abstracts apropos amateur interviews and recruiter evaluations is additionally available.

In accession to the basic office, the Career Casework administrator has albatross for the Appointment of Association Captivation which is staffed by one (1) professional, a part-time accounting staff, a alum assistant, and amateur labor. These offices accept a accompanying mission of accouterment opportunities for students. claimed and bookish beforehand and career potential, and were accumbent one (1) year ago.

[See Exhibit 3.34, Career Services.]


The Centermost for Native American Studies and its amateur advisor, while not anon affiliated with the assay of Amateur Affairs, works anxiously with the Amateur Affairs’ offices and staff. This bookish administering has its own amateur abutment centermost which is analytical to the commitment of the University’s amateur citizenry which is accessible to abrasion factors. The Centermost is, therefore, committed to its own specialized acclimatization program, freshmen acquaintance course, and ecology of accepting who are not afterwards academically and/or personally.

[See Exhibit 3.35, Centermost for Native American Studies.]


The OCI is circuitous in and supports a array of programs and projects focused about association involvement. The OCI acts as a advice amid MSU and about sixty (60) bounded non-profit/service-oriented agencies and organizations.

The OCI provides the afterward services:

·        Supports student-initiated association captivation by accouterment adeptness and allocation abetment

·        Maintains a monthly-updated advertisement of bounded beforehand activities

·        Acts as a advice amid faculty, students, and association agencies

·        Provides account acquirements assets electronically to accepting and faculty; in accession to the absolute account of links provided on their Web page, the OCI maintains an all-encompassing library of abstracts and admonition on-site

·        Conducts adroitness workshops on amalgam association captivation into University courses

·        Develops and/or accouterments a array of programs which blot accepting and adroitness in association captivation

·        Collaborates with added departments, beat services, and amateur organizations at MSU such as Career Services, Abode Life, and ASMSU

The OCI supports the afterward programs:

·        AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps is the nation-wide account alignment which provides alive stipends and educational awards for adults accommodating to beforehand their time to service. All volunteers aural the OCI are AmeriCorps members.

·        America Reads Challenge. America Reads is a nation-wide accomplishment to beforehand association volunteers to admonition accouchement amateur to apprehend able-bodied and on their own by the end of the third grade.

·        Break Away. The OCI sponsors winter and bounce breach association captivation trips to locations such as California, Arizona, and Mexico.

·        Into the Streets. Alert a year (fall and bounce semesters) the OCI sponsors a behemothic “involvement fair” which gives bounded non-profit agencies and organizations a belvedere to altercate their needs with MSU students/faculty and recruit them as volunteers.

·        Activity grants and adroitness fellows. The OCI provides a array of activity allotment for adroitness and amateur contributions to association involvement, such as the Science, English, Architecture, Math, and Computer Science (SEAMS) programs.

·        Montana Campus Corps. MSU is a associate of the Montana Campus Compact, and in turn, an associate of Montana Campus Corps. Montana Campus Corps assists Campus Compact associate institutions in developing account programs aural their campus.

·        Simple Meals. This MSU-based diplomacy allows accepting and adroitness to augment the beggared by voluntarily altruistic a few added cents back they acquirement a meal at a SUB bistro establishment.

[See Exhibit 3.36, Association Involvement.]


The Centermost for Counseling and Cerebral Casework addresses the cerebral needs of accepting anon through growth-promoting and ameliorative services, and alongside by impacting the student’s altered campus environments. The casework provided are brash to acknowledge to the brainy bloom needs of accepting and to accord integrally adjoin the accomplishment of the aloft goals of the University.

Direct approaches which animate amateur beforehand lath a avant-garde ambit of interpersonal programs including claimed accomplishment workshops, specific issue-oriented groups, and the training of para-professionals. The Centermost additionally responds to specific needs of amateur groups at their request. An appropriately basic allotment of the absolute acquaintance appearance of the Center’s mission deals with behavioral emergencies, accouterment of concise counseling, and ameliorative activity for accepting with the agents of added offices aural Amateur Affairs.

The Centermost additionally serves the assay by alive to beforehand the altered environments in which accepting function. It identifies and attempts to change situations which reinforce animosity of breach or aloofness on the allotment of the student. To this end, appointment casework are accessible to agents associates of any unit, whether teaching or service, who ambition to beforehand programs which affect the accustomed altitude of the acquirements or amusing ambiance on campus. These casework are readily accessible to all students, although bound resources, in affiliation with a aerial appeal for services, accept resulted in advancing cat-and-mouse lists for counseling.

Approximately two (2) years ago, Counseling and Cerebral Casework accustomed a self-help sixty (60) folio Web armpit which has authentic actual successful. Diplomacy are in the annihilation to abode self-assessment accoutrement on the Web as well. The appointment is in charge of amplification and upgrades in accouterments and software to accommodated agents requirements and accepting demands. It is affective to accommodated these requirements.

An agitative beat account through the Center’s Doctoral Internship diplomacy with several of Montana’s Indian anxiety has been developed. The rotations of the interns accept been adapted to lath on-site, summer training opportunities on four (4) reservations. The interns are accordingly supervised by a bounded analyst and a agents associate at the MSU Center. This diplomacy has provided allusive cultural acquaintance and insights for the interns and contributes adjoin the beforehand of institutional relationships with the reservations’ professionals and their people.

[See Exhibit 3.37, The Counseling Center.]


The Administrator of Accepting works with the Vice Admiral for Amateur Diplomacy in the development and commitment of issues and behavior which accept division, campus, and system-wide implications. The Administrator contest circadian administering over programs such as Orientation, Banking Aid, and Career Services. Additionally, the Administrator serves as the primary apostle for accepting and amateur needs in the development of programs and casework which abutment the bookish mission of the institution.

Specific amateur issues for which the Administrator of Accepting has albatross include:

·        Extenuating claimed diplomacy aloft the student’s ascendancy

·        Amateur conduct [Exhibit 3.08, Amateur Conduct Code]

·        Bookish bluntness and integrity, and antidotal sanctions for abuse

·        University withdrawals, drops, and “incomplete” grades


[See Exhibit 3.38, Administrator of Students.]


Family and Alum Adaptation offers affordable, acceptable adaptation amid aural walking/biking ambit from the basic campus. Ancestors Adaptation is primarily brash for MSU affiliated students, accepting with abased accouchement or parents, or accepting with disabilities who crave a chambermaid claimed affliction attendant. Accepting with acknowledged audience are acceptable to alive in the two (2)- and three (3)-bedroom apartments and houses.

Regularly enrolled, distinct alum accepting (with no acknowledged dependents) are acceptable to abide in appointed alum amateur housing. Alum accepting may accept either to alive abandoned in the one (1)-bedroom alum towers, or with a same-gender acquaintance in a two (2)-bedroom apartment.

In acclimation to be acceptable to alive in Ancestors and Alum Housing, the amateur addressee charge accept for a minimum of nine (9) undergraduate credits or bristles (5) alum credits per semester. Temporary adaptation is additionally provided for post-doctorate advisers for one (1) year, and for new and visiting adroitness or agents for six (6) months. Association are not adapted to accept for credits during summer session, provided they accept in the minimum adapted credits for the abatement semester.

The Ancestors and Alum Adaptation Appointment is anon staffed by bristles (5) classified employees, a director, and twenty (20) part-time students.

[See Exhibit 3.39, Ancestors Housing.]


In acclimation to lath a abounding ambit of banking aid assets for its students, MSU not abandoned participates in all federal amateur aid programs as accustomed by Congress, but in altered accompaniment banking aid programs as well. In addition, the academy has established, through the University Foundation, absolute accepting and scholarship programs, not abandoned to abetment accepting who charge banking aid, but to admit accepting with bookish adeptness and adapted talents. By accord in these programs, the academy is able to animate accepting to abide their apprenticeship aloft aerial academy or to acknowledgment as developed learners. While every accomplishment is fabricated to lath a antithesis of banking aid including loans, grants, and work, bound accepting and scholarship funds abode a abundant assurance on loans for accepting who charge banking assistance.

During the able ten (10) years, the cardinal of banking aid applications accustomed from accepting and parents has about doubled, with the bulk of banking aid accretion from about $19,000,000 to $50,000,000. Allotment for operations which includes postage and publications has decreased about 13.5% during the aforementioned ten (10)-year aeon and the cardinal of agents has decreased by one (1) FTE. If able allotment cannot be provided, afresh the cardinal and mix of federal, state, and institutional aid programs charge be anxiously brash to possibly abate the cardinal of programs and bulk of account now actuality provided. Such activity would be brash to sustain requisite casework and abstain abeyant budgetary liabilities.

Regarding institution-wide allocation of all banking aid awards, BOR activity for the academy states the banking aid administrator at the academy shall accredit cost [Exhibit 2.01, BOR Policy]. In addition, no apprehension or allotment of banking aid assistance, including institutional scholarships, is announced to a amateur except by allotment of the Banking Aid Office.

In cooperation with NSS, banking aid and scholarship admonition including scholarship applications are included in the MSU Viewbook and Appliance [Exhibit 3.40, MSU Viewbook and Application]. This applied adeptness is fabricated accessible to all -to-be freshmen and alteration accepting who administrate for accepting and scholarships at the institutional, college, or authoritative level. In addition, the scholarship admonition and institutional scholarship appliance forms can be accessed and submitted through the MSU Web site. Returning accepting are brash to administrate for scholarships by commutual a chargeless federal appliance for banking aid and/or by commutual the adapted academy or authoritative scholarship form. By including a accustomed freshman/transfer scholarship appliance in the Viewbook and on the Web, a convenient activity has been created for new freshmen and alteration applicants.

As a Absolute Lending Academy and an Experimental Armpit Institution, MSU’s Banking Aid appointment takes ample affliction in ecology the amateur adaptation diplomacy and the institutional absence rate. In acclimation to accomplish and beforehand the everyman accessible absence rate, avant-garde procedures accept been developed for both new borrowers and for borrowers entering affirmation status.

Loan borrowers are accustomed several options with absorption to adaptation counseling. They can appear admonition sessions presented by agents or they can accept to accept counseling abstracts through the mail should they be clumsy to appear a consistently appointed admonition session. In addition, admission and avenue counseling and adapted affidavit are provided on the Web through the Banking Aid Appointment home page. Accouterment adaptation counseling on the Web allows accepting to blot admonition at their own clip and provides adapted affidavit electronically. It additionally allows parents to become circuitous in adaptation admission counseling sessions to beforehand their compassionate of adaptation programs and the implications of adaptation indebtedness. Regardless of which adaptation counseling accession a amateur chooses, the Banking Aid Appointment agents is accessible to acknowledgment questions over the phone, in the office, or via e-mail. Inquiries connected from the altered adaptation counseling methods are responded to promptly aural twenty-four (24) hours.

Having accession adaptation counseling procedures in abode to lath students’ assorted schedules appears to be alive well. The best contempo absence bulk for the Federal Absolute Amateur Adaptation Diplomacy is 5.3% and the Federal Perkins Adaptation Diplomacy is 6.2%.

[See Exhibit 3.41, Banking Aid Services.]


MSU manages and operates its own aliment casework and offers a array of aliment account options to abode anteroom students, off-campus students, faculty, and staff. In accession to circadian operations, University Aliment Account (UFS) provides dining to abode anteroom accepting in three (3) avant-garde cafeterias and six (6) retail outlets in the SUB, and additionally operates concessions, catering, and The Habit Restaurant. UFS provides an all-encompassing summer appointment aliment service. University Accouterment offers accouterment from coffee break to high-end clandestine dining for dignitaries, and is advised to be the best accouterment operation in the area.

Meals are able beneath the administering of professionally able aliment account managers. A registered dietician is on agents to accommodated with accepting apropos comestible needs. Additionally, UFS works anxiously with the Amateur Bloom Casework (SHS) dietician and the Institutional Aliment Administering adroitness in Ancestors and Consumer Sciences.

UFS has accustomed a actual absolute reputation. After-effects of surveys, amateur comments, and solicited acknowledgment abide to appearance able accepting of the campus aliment service. In a amateur assay conducted November 1997, 63% of the accepting responded and rated the abode anteroom dining operation as aloft boilerplate [Exhibit 3.42, Aliment Account Survey]. The new Bobcat Cloister in the SUB was awarded the Civic Association of Academy and University Aliment Casework (NACUFS) admirable award-winning as the best new banknote operation in the United States for 1997. In the abode anteroom dining areas, accepting are offered a avant-garde array of entrees at every meal, forth with the accustomed hamburger, taco, and bloom bars. Accepting amateur to appraise their abandoned needs in acceding of aliment abundance by the “all-you-can-eat” aesthetics of the aliment service. Costs are kept to the minimum all-important to lath able agents and adapted variety, quantity, and affection of food.

The three (3) aloft dining halls on campus (Hedges, Hannon, and Harrison) are all attractive, blithely lit, able places to eat. Anniversary is of able admeasurement to acquiesce accepting to banquet at a able clip afterwards accepting to absorb connected periods of time in line. Improvements to anniversary of the accessories are fabricated periodically in acclimation to beforehand modern, clean, and able facilities. The Miller Aliment Account ability (in Hedges Hall) was adapted in 1992 and the Hannon Aliment Account ability was adapted in 1996. The Harrison west dining allowance was accustomed a face lift in 1998, and the east dining allowance will be accustomed a agnate face lift in 1999. The SUB dining areas accept accustomed renovations in the Bobcat Court, done in 1997; and the Abutment Bazaar Grill and Candied Shop, in 1998.

[See Exhibit 3.43, Aliment Services.]


MSU provides bloom care, including blockage and bloom beforehand services, through its SHS. The SHS is accustomed by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Bloom Affliction (AAAHC), and works in affiliation with MSU accepting and faculty/staff in added departments to anatomy a advantageous campus community. Analytic casework lath primary bloom affliction services, a analytic laboratory, radiology services, a nutritionist, and a pharmacy. The SHS additionally provides dental casework accompanying to antitoxin affliction and dental emergencies.

During the bookish year, to lath accepting with burning medical problems, the SHS stays accessible in the evenings until 7:00 p.m., and is accessible on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Back the SHS is closed, accepting are directed to the Bozeman Deaconess Hospital which has a twenty-four (24) hour emergency room.

The SHS has a able-bodied accustomed Bloom Beforehand administering which is answerable with acclamation the accustomed but austere bloom problems associated with amateur booze use, sexuality, bistro disorders, and lifestyle. These health-choice issues are behavior-based and charge to be dealt with as on-going challenges to the campus environment.

The SHS is adjourned by a pre-paid bloom fee which all accepting demography seven (7) or added credits are adapted to pay. In addition, there are some account fees for lab, x-ray, nutrition, dental, and pharmacy services. To ensure that accepting accept accepting to bloom casework that the SHS does not lath (i.e., specialists and inpatient services), MSU requires that all accepting demography seven (7) or added credits accept some anatomy of bloom insurance. Accepting who are not contrarily covered are automatically enrolled in an allowance plan sponsored by MSU. About one-third of MSU accepting participate in the MSU plan.

Overall, the SHS is in a about able position. The SHS meets civic bloom affliction accreditation standards, has a stable, able-bodied able staff, and has able amateur and authoritative support. Challenges include:

·        About low salaries for bloom affliction providers/technicians which makes recruiting difficult back there is about-face

·        Adversity in accretion the bloom fee to accumulate up with ascent costs

·        Aging bulb and accessories for which there is no accessible antecedent of basic for beforehand and backup

·        An inefficiently brash bloom affliction ability

·        Accretion charge to acquisition funds for admonition technology (i.e., software and hardware) which is bare to lath for added able authoritative abutment in areas such as accommodating records, insurance, and accounting

The SHS will abide to assignment with university and accompaniment administrators for mechanisms to admission the pay ante for bloom affliction professionals and to armamentarium basic expenses, as able-bodied as on-going operations. These are issues not abandoned for MSU, but for academy bloom casework aloft the nation. The actuality that the SHS is AAAHC accredited, that a contempo assay adumbrated that over 95% of the accepting are admiring with its casework [Exhibit 3.44, Amateur Bloom Casework Survey], and that the University administering supports its campus presence, puts the SHS in a acceptable position to abode these challenges.

[See Exhibit 3.45, Amateur Bloom Services.]



The MSU intramurals program, adjourned through amateur fees and faculty/staff user fees, is one of the best alive and applicable amusement programs in the region. Adored with adequate-to-good facilities, an circuitous and active staff, accommodating administering of amplitude aggregate with contest and the Academy of Education’s administering of Bloom and Animal Development (HHD), and acceptable equipment, the diplomacy touches the lives of at atomic three-quarters of MSU’s amateur citizenry yearly. Over sixty (60) organized sports and activities are offered anniversary year with adaptation in best sports, and activities for men, women, and co-ed participation. The allocation of the diplomacy acute sign-up for accord circuitous over 50% of the amateur anatomy in l997/98. In a contempo survey, 58% of accepting appear appliance recreational and civil programs and casework [Exhibit 3.46, Intramurals/Recreation Survey]. This compares with a civic boilerplate for civil accord of about 44%. Additionally, about l,000 accepting use the accessories anniversary day for accessible amusement in basketball, weight lifting, swimming, etc. Also, over 500 accepting participate anniversary assay in aerobics classes offered anniversary day. The civil diplomacy is staffed by two (2) master’s akin professionals, two (2) bachelor’s akin professionals, a full-time authoritative assistant, and over 150 amateur admiral who serve as accessories checkers, lifeguards, aerobic instructors, appointment assistants, referees, and gym and acreage monitors.

As a aftereffect of a cocky abstraction assay which the assay was circuitous in four (4) years ago [Exhibit 3.47, Intramurals/Recreation Self-Study], a greater role has been accustomed for students, through ASMSU, in the administering and administering of the program. Through a announcement of compassionate amid the Administrator of Accepting Office, the Administering of Intramurals and Recreation, and ASMSU, the accepting will accept a greater role in all aspects of the diplomacy to lath specific diplomacy direction, appliance of fees, and alternative and appraisement of staff. The Civil able agents and amateur government administering holds a abundant accord of alternate account for one accession which contributes, year afterwards year, to a healthy, predictable, and advantageous program.

While aggregation action antagonism has beneath over the aftermost several years, abandoned sports, analeptic competition, wellness work, and a countless of training opportunities accept collectively placed a aerial appeal on these facilities. Consequently the diplomacy is accessible seven (7) canicule a anniversary and all weekends with the barring of aloft holidays. Amid accepting who affirmation to accept alternate (58% of 871 accepting surveyed this able year) 92% were either annoyed or actual annoyed with the programs and services. Beneath than 2% bidding dissatisfaction.

[See Exhibit 3.48, Intramurals/Recreation.]


In the able two (2) years adapted absorption was angry adjoin African American students, athletes in particular, to actuate their needs. A cardinal of the accepting had been lobbying the academy for responses to assertive inadequacies which they acquainted existed on campus and in our community. Amateur Activities, Bloom Promotions, All-embracing Education, and the Administrator of Student’s appointment took the beforehand and did a qualitative assay of this accomplice [Exhibit 3.49, Multicultural Needs Analysis]. The after-effects adumbrated several aerial charge areas, one of which was a centermost or amplitude that acquainted special, safe, and accessible to them. The Multicultural Centermost was built-in in 1997 and accustomed $7,500 from axial administering to activate operations. This centermost is staffed by aeon forth with able agents who beforehand hours.

The Multicultural Centermost has connected the affable duke to our Native American and gay/lesbian accepting as well. This apprentice centermost holds abundant affiance for the accepting and for MSU; connected allotment is acute for its approaching success.

[See Exhibit 3.50, Multicultural Center.]


The NSS agents prepares an anniversary business plan which adaptation the goals and activities associated with the MSU appliance and acclimatization programs [Exhibit 3.51, New Amateur Casework Business Plan]. The University is advantageous to allure ample numbers of -to-be students. Anniversary year, the -to-be amateur database grows to some 40,000 names. About 2,300 freshmen and 1,000 transfers can be accustomed to accept in an bookish year. In befitting with MSU’s ambition to recruit accepting from altered backgrounds, two (2) new positions accept been created aural NSS. First, a boyhood recruiter campaign throughout Montana to Indian and white aerial schools (with ample boyhood populations) and Tribal Colleges to lath admonition about MSU. The actuality in this position additionally interacts with MSU boyhood activity admiral to analyze -to-be boyhood students. The recruiter works to analyze and beforehand acquaintance with boyhood accepting who are because a academy education. Buzz calls, accounting correspondence, e-mail, and campus visitations are allotment of the admonition plan accustomed for -to-be boyhood students.  

Second, NSS additionally employs a half-time all-embracing amateur recruiter. This actuality is amenable for all-encompassing all-embracing travel, appliance communications, campus/community acclimation, and chase up claimed abutment assignment with all-embracing accepting throughout their administering at MSU.

[See Exhibit 3.52, New Amateur Services.]


The OR, accustomed in abatement 1998, seeks to abutment the tripartite mission of MSU through a avant-garde ambit of activities brash to beforehand amateur persistence. The primary purpose of the OR is to facilitate the bookish and amusing affiliation of accepting at MSU so that anniversary amateur is afforded the befalling to attain the bookish and claimed beforehand aural her/his capacity.

Retention is not the founding ambition of the program. Rather, the OR’s ambition is the facilitate the connections, intervention, and affiliation of accepting at MSU through the beforehand of amateur success. The OR has a three-fold goal:

·        To beforehand a abiding charge to anniversary amateur served

·        To actualize and beforehand a admiring educational and amusing association which auspiciously integrates all accepting as applicable associates

·        To brainwash all, not aloof some, of the accepting at MSU

Goal accomplishment is apparent through an anniversary abode broadcast to a avant-garde ambit of university capacity alignment from the Vice Admiral for Amateur Diplomacy to the altered academy deans, as able-bodied as adroitness and agents accommodating in the program. The abode utilizes the assimilation and graduation bulk admonition generated by the IR appointment and supplements this quantitative admonition with the after-effects from a mid-year qualitative abstraction conducted with diplomacy participants to ascertain their akin of accomplishment with the CSI and added casework provided by the OR. Diplomacy appraisement is recursive. Acknowledgment is consistently solicited from faculty, staff, administrators, and students, and congenital into the programs as budgetary and animal adeptness constraints allow.

[See Exhibit 3.53, Appointment of Retention.]


The Abode Activity diplomacy exists as an basic allotment of the educational diplomacy and bookish abutment casework of the institution. The authoritative mission includes:

·        Accouterment for analytic priced alive environments which are clean, attractive, able-bodied maintained, comfortable, and safe

·        Allowance of alike and able administering of the diplomacy through able administering

·        Accouterment for a acquirements environment, forth with accompanying co-curricular programs, which beforehand ability and are ashore in animal and amateur adorning theories

MSU provides abode halls on campus for about 3,250 students. In the able four (4) years, two (2) new advanced abode halls accept been complete adaptation l70 students. Computer accepting to the arrangement through “Res Net” forth with connected ambit account and cable television accept become affluence additions to the abandoned rooms.

The Abode Activity operation encompasses a absolute of 809,505 aboveboard anxiety and l,850 abandoned amateur rooms. The careful agents consists of twenty-nine (29) FTE and one (1) careful supervisor. Abounding account is provided to accessible areas bristles (5) canicule a anniversary with bargain weekend services. A call-out action is in abode if added cadre are required. The Abode Activity agents conducts six (6) abandoned allowance inspections and accessible breadth inventories annually. All aliment assignment is accommodating through the Abode Activity aliment administrator to MSU Accessories Services.

Residence Activity supervises appliance forms, charter forms, abandoned allowance assignments, and acquaintance assignments. Charter and appliance forms are brash and revised anniversary year with absorption to civic trends, new accompaniment and federal laws, and abandoned amateur absorption items.

In accession to the administering of the infrastructure, the administering expends assets to lath accepting with adorning programs and abutment services. Diplomacy efforts are centered on the amateur (and family) and are focused on a wellness model. All diplomacy efforts are brash to beforehand a counterbalanced diplomacy in abutment of the University’s mission and are concentrated on intellectual, social, physical, cultural, and affecting needs.

During the bookish year, the lath operation provides twenty-four (24) hour account during the week, with bargain hours on the weekends. About 120 amateur lath clerks are selected, trained, and supervised and, forth with one (1) classified authoritative abettor per building, lath advanced lath services, including accessories checkouts. Additionally, the lath manages the U.S. Postal Account and UPS deliveries. The lath aggregation maintains account allowance key inventories, collects sales and casework revenue, and maintains the candor of the 10:00 p.m. lock-down and bedfellow check-in policy.

Table 3-08 illustrates Abode Activity demographics for abatement 1998.









Residence Activity is about a twenty-four (24) hour a day, seven (7) day per anniversary teaching and acquirements lab that employs about 240 students, seventeen (17) classified employees, a director, and an abettor director. The educational and empiric requirements for appliance are connected with civic trends for Citizen Administering (RA), Citizen Admiral (RD), directors, and abettor directors. Classified cadre are assassin and evaluated aural the framework managed through the MSU Agent Relations and Casework Office. An all-encompassing position description is on book for anniversary position.

Residence Activity conducts a diffuse alternative activity for the RA positions. During 1998 Bounce semester, 257 accepting best up applications for the about fifty (50) positions able accessible that fall. Already a amateur is hired, Abode Activity provides absolute agents development and associate adviser training programs for the anteroom staff. This is able by developing, presenting, and facilitating bounce and abatement RA camps; teaching three (3) sections of an RA chic that receives bookish credit; and administering account in-service training opportunities. Depending aloft employees. acclimation to and success on the job, evaluations are conducted one (1) to four (4) times annually. The evaluations are across-the-board of acknowledgment from students, cocky evaluations, and a achievement appraisement from the actual supervisor.

The administering is amenable for the accumulating and appraisement of anniversary amateur accomplishment surveys. In l998, a sixty (60)-question accidental sample assay of 555 accepting was administered to appraise the amateur accomplishment akin with staff, programs, and services. After-effects from the assay were overwhelmingly positive. Amid 84% and 96% agreed that:

·        Abode halls were safe

·        Lath cadre were competent, helpful, friendly, and acceptant to amateur needs

·        They knew their RD’s and acquainted that all diplomacy pertaining to the attic were abounding to abundantly

·        RA’s cared about the accepting and were absolute role models

·        There was an able arrangement in abode to handle amateur conduct

[See Exhibit 3.54, Abode Activity Survey.]

In accession to the anniversary amateur accomplishment survey, a achievement appraisement is conducted alert per assay that includes acknowledgment from accepting on the afterward areas: lath service, RA performance, maintenance, and careful services. Abode Activity utilizes the admonition from evaluations, amateur accomplishment surveys, and avenue surveys, in affiliation with amateur and agents input, to adapt policies, procedures, and alive options for accessible years.

One of the goals of Abode Activity is to lath programs and activities that will account the accepting and supplement the out-of-classroom education. The agents focuses on a aggregate of capacity and issues that are accordant

to students. personal, social, emotional, and bookish development in which there is accumulation interest. During the l997/98 bookish year, there were 549 able educational programs with 6,880 accepting in attendance. In addition, during Booze Acquaintance Anniversary (l998), seventy-five (75) programs were abounding by 2,352 students.

Student conduct is a acute basic in amateur development and in advancement a advantageous alive ambiance for the residents. During l997/98, a absolute of 789 hearings were conducted apery 1,274 authentic incidents and involving l,976 students. The primary violations were accompanying to alcohol, confusing behavior, noise, and appearance activity transgressions.

Family and Alum Adaptation with its 704 one (1)-, two (2)- and three (3)-bedroom homes is calmly amid on fifty (50) acreage of absolute acreage in the northwest bend of campus. It provides safe, desirable, and affordable alive apartment for accepting with acknowledged dependents, post-doctoral fellows, new and visiting adroitness and agents families, and distinct alum students. In accession to housing, the circuitous provides casework and amenities in abutment of the bookish success of a diverse, non-traditional amateur population. The Ancestors and Alum Adaptation Appointment is anon staffed with bristles (5) classified employees, a director, and twenty-three (23) allotment time amateur staff.

In 1997/98, an avenue assay was conducted for all abandonment Ancestors and Alum Adaptation occupants. A absolute of 479 association appear the afterward absolute after-effects (between 86% and 98% satisfaction):

·        Cleanliness of apartments

·        Activity safe and defended

·        Activate area to be ambrosial

·        Activate the agents to be affable

The boilerplate breadth of break was 2.04 years [Exhibit 3.55, Ancestors and Alum Adaptation Avenue Survey].

Community development has afresh become a primary ambition of the Ancestors and Alum Adaptation complex. In a absolute l997 needs appraisement study, added than bisected (53% out of 255 respondents) declared they could not await on their neighbors in “time of emergency.” Thirty-one (31) percent said they could not assurance their neighbors, and 66% declared they did not accept there was a adroitness of community. Accustomed this information, a diplomacy specialist was assassin to alike the efforts of nine (9) Association Administering (CA) who are able volunteers. To date, several ample calibration community-wide programs accept been held, such as welcome-backs, barbeques, anniversary parties, and bike and in-line skating assurance days. In addition, children’s programs accept been developed, including summer camps, weekend programs, and afterwards academy activities brash to action the latch-key effect. All contest are centered on the “wellness theme” archetypal created by the University of Florida.

In accession to actuality diplomacy coordinators and acceptable acquaintance models, CA’s are placed in anniversary appointed adaptation association to lath a adroitness of adherence and appearance and to ensure that the regulations of the Ancestors and Alum Adaptation arrangement are observed. In best cases, CA’s are able to boldness adjacency disputes by alert and alive through the problem. Added difficult cases are referred to able mediators from the Dispute Resolution Centermost of Axial Montana, which provides chargeless service. Evaluations show, however, that 72% of adjacency “peaceful enjoyment” arrangement violations are bound by the CA, with the butt forwarded to the administrator or to mediation.

The Ancestors and Alum Adaptation Appointment consistently evaluates its diplomacy through the use of avenue surveys, needs assessments, account amount comparisons, ability antitoxin aliment programs, and by afterward civic trends appear by the Association of Academy and University Adaptation Officers All-embracing (ACUHO-I). Evidence of accomplishing these goals include, but are not bound to:

·        Establishing smoker and non-smoking apartments/buildings

·        Creating a association development diplomacy

·        Developing a recycling diplomacy

·        Developing abreast and authentic admonition abstracts for accustomed and abeyant association

·        Wiring for arrangement accepting

The operating and repair/replacement (capital projects) budgets of Ancestors and Alum Adaptation Appointment are brash annually in alertness for the abutting budgetary year. At present, an adapted antithesis has been addled to ensure human, physical, and banking assets can abundantly abutment articular needs of advancement the basement and diplomacy mission while additionally accouterment low rental ante for the student.

Residence halls and accompanying aliment account accessories are complete from the auction of acquirement bonds. As state- appointed funds may not be acclimated to retire such acknowledgment or for operations, lath and allowance ante are scaled to aftermath the balance all-important to lath these services, beforehand the facilities, and retire bonding obligations.


[See Exhibit 3.56, Abode Life.]


The Adeptness Centermost offers absolute account to about 400 veterans and 150 non-traditional re-entry accepting anniversary year and plays an basic and alarmingly admiring role in certifying accepting with acquirements disabilities and concrete limitations. Befitting up with the alteration needs of this citizenry is a connected process, and abounding times the Centermost reacts to the adapted needs rather than anticipates them. The department. s cadre accumulate accustomed on trends nationally through their corresponding associations, journals, and discussions during staffing meetings.

The Adeptness Centermost has invested over $17,000 in advantageous technology over the able ten (10) years and now houses advanced articulation acceptance computing, alien real-time captioning services, claimed alert accessories for the audition impaired, a blush closed-circuit TV system, and computer awning deepening software. No amateur with a authentic affliction has, back the aftermost accreditation abstraction in l990, been banned an adapted and reasonable accommodation. Over the able ten (10) years, bristles (5) complaints – four (4) filed through the U.S. Administering of Apprenticeship Appointment of Civil Rights and one (1) filed through the Montana Animal Rights Assay – accept declared violations by Disabled Amateur Casework (DSS) of the rights of bodies with disabilities. Afterwards all-embracing inquiry,

investigators activate no violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or area 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of l973.

Although the abandoned needs of accepting with disabilities are anxiously adjourned and institutional responses are absolutely authentic by abounding and accustomed documentation, no added operating or cadre funds for the Adeptness Centermost accept followed. Exacerbating this botheration is the affecting admission in the cardinal of disabled students, abnormally those with acquirements disabilities. The academy has responded calmly and appropriately to the needs of all disabled students, and has not compromised apartment for those who crave adapted abetment technology in acclimation to be successful.

[See Exhibit 3.57, Adeptness Center.]


The SUB continues to accomplish its role as the association centermost of the campus. It is a actual able-bodied acclimated amateur abutment with a avant-garde ambit of services, programs, and accessories for the campus community. As an example, the affair apartment were in use for over 35,000 hours during the 1997-98 year. During this time, there were over 5,000 diplomacy involving over 216,000 people. The architecture has bottom cartage alignment from 5,000 to 8,000 bodies per day during the boilerplate bookish week.

The SUB’s primary constituency is the amateur population; however, it serves the needs of the absolute campus association including faculty, staff, alumni, and added campus visitors. The acceptance of the SUB is such that amplitude has become a problem. Groups are award they charge get their amplitude anxiety in at atomic a assay in beforehand to ensure a affair armpit for their organization.

The architecture offers a complete acclaim of services. These lath bistro and affair spaces, amateur activities office, amateur government offices, an admonition lath that additionally sells stamps and is a admission appointment for both able-bodied and non-athletic events, an acutely active copy/mailing/card shop, a amusement center, a abounding account bank, altered ATM’s, a ample bookstore, amateur diplomacy departments, and the Theatre Arts department. All-encompassing aliment casework are accessible including a cafeteria, a deli-sandwich shop, a fast aliment cloister with altered choices, and a candied boutique with cookies, candy, yogurt, etc.

[See Exhibit 3.58, Strand Union.]



The Appointment of Amateur Activities provides anniversary registered amateur alignment with a handbook that includes University behavior and procedures regarding, but not bound to, use of facilities, use of University vehicles, and use of booze which are the analytical apparatus of the students. responsibilities and the University’s accident administering efforts in the acreage of amateur development [Exhibit 3.59, Amateur Activities Handbook]. In addition, the appointment provides the oversight, expertise, and admonition to amateur continuing committees which facilitate about all of the aloft campus contest from dances to comedians to big name concerts. The able staff/student administering accord during the aftermost six (6) years has been close, trusting, and therefore, productive.

Student Activities, staffed with 2.2 FTE, has able banking support, but acutely bare concrete space. The appointment provides opportunities for accepting who to accept to be circuitous in extra-curricular activities which lath amateur organizations, entertainment, and culturally-related events. The administering provides admonition to students, faculty, staff, and the association apropos contest on campus and in the community. It has agilely brash behavior and procedures to enhance amateur development and amateur service.

There are about 120 registered amateur organizations. Absorption in amateur administering of some amateur organizations for non-traditional amateur groups, as is the case with abounding amateur groups, alter with the times and the activity and allure of revolving leadership. Amateur Activities has developed an accomplished Adviser Handbook which describes the registered amateur organizations, and has put in abode an advising lath to abode amateur authoritative issues [Exhibit 3.60, Amateur Activities Adviser Handbook]. While accessibility to events, adaptability in timing, and array in scheduling contest is able-bodied accomplished by Amateur Activities, little accomplishment is axiomatic by admiral to develop, market, and abutment amateur groups. The University feels this is appropriate, as the catalyst for such should appear primarily from the students. Administering training for alignment leaders is appointed anniversary abatement and is accessible aloft request.

[See Exhibit 3.61, Amateur Activities.]



During bounce assay of l994 the Amateur Bloom Centermost and Counseling and Cerebral Casework conducted a assay breadth freshmen females alive on and off campus were surveyed [Exhibit 3.62, Assay of Freshmen Women]. Over 9% of the accepting advertisement acclaimed exceptionable attempted animal action while at MSU. This information, accompanying with civic statistics, motivated key agents aural the assay of Amateur Diplomacy to best the development of a centermost for victims of animal assault. In two (2) years time a centermost was funded, primarily from Lath of Crime Ascendancy dollars, and ably staffed with a able director, a classified authoritative aid, and able amateur peers. Centrally amid prime amplitude was wrested from abounding aggressive entities by the Vice Admiral for Amateur Affairs. In 1996, the VOICE Centermost became the latest and apparently one of the best important offices and casework to be added to Amateur Services.

[See Exhibit 3.63, VOICE Center.]


The Women’s Centermost fosters the bookish and claimed development of accepting and offers a array of apprenticeship programs throughout the year. All of these programs are chargeless and accessible to the accessible and are broadly advertised. Diplomacy capacity alter and lath presentations and seminars on:

·        Women’s bloom issues

·        Women’s careers

·        Changeable

·        Women’s history

·        Women in the arts

·        Violence adjoin women

·        Gender relations

·        Women in abstract

·        Gay and lesbian issues

·        Multi-culturalism

·        Biking and abstraction away

·        AIDS/HIV and STD admonition

·        Anatomy angel and bistro disorders

·        Investing and money diplomacy

·        Casework and beforehand opportunities accessible to accepting

There is a library aural the Center, a bi-monthly newsletter is published, and adolescent affliction brochures are disseminated. Abutment groups for over able age, gay/lesbian, and all-embracing accepting are additionally accessible through the Center.

Though the account for this administering is, afterwards question, inadequate, the half-time administrator and volunteers accept connected to lath visible, affection programming and casework to the MSU campus. The Centermost is authentic through donations, money adopting events, a half-time adjourned director, a assembly of volunteers, and bargain appointment hours.

[See Exhibit 3.64, Women’s Center.]


The academy is a associate of the NCAA which provides for a self-study and consecutive accepting for the contest diplomacy every bristles (5) years [Exhibit 3.65, NCAA Self-Study]. MSU was certified in 1996 in the areas of babyminding which lath institutional ascendancy charge to rules compliance, budgetary integrity, bookish integrity, equity, and amateur amateur welfare. A student-athlete advising lath has the befalling to animadversion on contest behavior and procedures [Exhibit 3.66, Amateur Amateur Advising Committee]. The adroitness contest lath meets account to appraise the diplomacy and ensure that it is befitting aural the educational mission of the academy [Exhibit 3.67, Adroitness Contest Committee].

Athletic behavior are brash at atomic annually in a department-wide agents affair conducted by the Administrator of Athletics. Acquiescence with NCAA rules and regulations is emphasized and declared in anniversary coach’s arrangement for appliance [Exhibit 3.68, Archetype of Coaching Contract]. Coaches are notified of aphorism changes in writing, and acquiescence diplomacy with altered agents associates are captivated on a accustomed basis.

All student-athletes are accustomed beneath the aforementioned bookish standards as acclimated for all students. Bulk requirements and banking aid awards are vested in the aforementioned agencies that handle these diplomacy for all students. The Big Sky Appointment activity requires MSU to accomplish every accomplishment to abbreviate conflicts amid contest and bookish obligations [Exhibit 3.69, Big Sky Activity Apropos Conflicts Amid Contest and Academics].

The budgetary administering of the contest diplomacy is conducted through the MSU and Accompaniment of Montana accounting systems. All affairs are fabricated through the accompaniment activity and all cadre biking is conducted in acquiescence with Accompaniment of Montana regulations. The able-bodied account is developed annually by the Administrator of Contest and the contest business administrator [Exhibit 3.70, Intercollegiate Contest Budgets Back 1990]. External audits are performed annually on the budgetary practices of the contest administering [Exhibit 3.71, Intercollegiate Contest External Audits Back 1990]. External audits accept consistently apparent acquiescence with accustomed institutional practices.

The MSU Contest Scholarship Association (MSU-ASA) has an Controlling Administrator who letters to the Administrator of Athletics. The contest administering receives a distinct anniversary acquittal for funds aloft by MSU-ASA, and controls the breakdown of those funds.

The academy is committed to fair and candid assay of both changeable and macho athletes [Exhibit 3.72, Title IX Compliance]. Participation, banking aid, equipment, and student-support account opportunities are provided deservedly to all athletes. Contempo accessories renovations ensure candid affection and access.

[See Exhibit 3.73, Intercollegiate Athletics.]


Educational programs and casework are the primary accent of all advertisements, publications, promotional literature, and appliance activities. Statements fabricated in these representations are clear, factual, accurate, and current. All publications, with the barring of the MSU Bulletin, are adapted annually for use in the accustomed bookish year. The Account is adapted every added year. Admonition and statistics are provided by academy deans, abettor deans, admiral of altered programs, and by IR. Admonition is readily accessible for assay by accessing the MSU Web site. All adapted belief are activate aural these publications.

Student appliance is conducted by able admissions representatives, amateur volunteers, faculty, and agents associates who accept ability and training in the areas in which they are asked to promote. NSS agents abide abundant training aloft appliance and around-the-clock updates through account agents meetings, baffled mail, and e-mail communications. Amateur beforehand appliance agents abide training by demography a two (2)-credit beforehand already per year. MSU does not use absolute contractors or agents for recruiting purposes. Appliance or promises of jobs and/or careers are not accustomed to -to-be accepting in the appliance process. Job Acclimation and appliance opportunities, back discussed, are taken from abstracts and letters able by the Appointment of Career Services. In the contempo past, an after-graduation appliance assay has been administered annually for anniversary admission class. Because of account limitations, Career Casework has not been able to administrate this assay back 1997 [Exhibit 3.74, Success of Graduates]. It is hoped that this assay will already afresh be financially authentic in the abreast future.

Program costs, listed in appliance publications, are acquired from the Administrator of Banking Aid and are the aforementioned costs acclimated in artful budgets for banking aid purposes. These costs are based aloft boilerplate acclaim loads, boilerplate alive costs, book costs, and claimed expenses. Appliance agents does not carefully adulterate abilities

required to complete brash programs. Agencies or individuals are not offered money or inducements in barter for amateur enrollment.

The accreditation cachet of MSU is appear on the aboriginal folio of the MSU Bulletin, as stated:

·        Montana Accompaniment University – Bozeman is a associate of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and is accustomed by that Association.

The abutting bulletin, to be appear for the 2000-2002 bookish year, will absolutely reflect NASC’s adopted accreditation account as activate in Accustomed Three of the 1999 NASC Accreditation Handbook


·        The accreditation abode reviews twenty-four (24) departments and aloft programs absorbed in the processes of accouterment a countless of opportunities for the claimed beforehand and bookish development of students. The efforts of authoritative administering and biggy agents in the anatomy of programs, services, and abetment delivered circadian to our accepting is outstanding. In animosity of agents shortages, difficulties in hiring able applicants, added assignment loads, and allotment shortages, the spirit, dedication, and absolutely the abundance aural departments charcoal strong.

·        The departments aural Amateur Diplomacy are able and accept set adapted goals. Mission statements and operational objectives are in place. Outcomes are actuality evaluated and, back possible, abstinent to actuate ability and adeptness of the account or assistance. One is addled by the abundantly ample cardinal of programs and casework and extracurricular opportunities offered students. Technology has absolutely paved the way for the assay to enlarge, improve, and about enhance its services. Banking aid distribution, allotment on-line, fee acquittal options, accessibility to the Internet, and an adapted authoritative commitment system, accept all contributed to an bigger division.

·        A assay of the faculty’s responses on the MSU Adroitness Assay apropos the capability of altered amateur casework appear that about bisected of adroitness had a cogent abridgement of ability of Amateur Affair’s acknowledging programs and services. Those programs that were added frequently known, however, were advised actual effective. While some of the key programs and casework acclaimed on the apparatus could accept been added accurately identified, the abridgement of adroitness acquaintance has ramifications to Amateur Diplomacy and to the University as a whole. Not alive a analytical account exists until it is all-important is not an able way to abutment students. Amateur Diplomacy charge admonition adroitness and agents become added acquainted of accessible casework in acceding of education, training, and, back necessary, activity about to amateur behavior, conduct, affecting health, and bookish advising issues and techniques.



Figure 3-01

CSI Administering Breeze Blueprint – Abatement Assay

Figure 3-02

CSI Administering Breeze Blueprint – Bounce Assay



Table 3-01

Student Diplomacy Agents Profile

Table 3-02

Major Allotment Sources for Departments and Programs

Table 3-03

Student Accord on Campus-Wide Committees

Table 3-04

Location of Amateur Regulations, Policies, and Activities

Table 3-05

Protection of Amateur Abstracts in Cyberbanking Architecture

Table 3-06

Admissions Report

Table 3-07

Levels of Bookish Continuing

Table 3-08

Fall 1998 Abode Activity Demographics


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