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The administrator of the Democratic Civic Committee (DNC) is calling for the Iowa Democratic Affair (IDP) to conduct a recanvass of the conclave after-effects amid ongoing delays in their release, report CBS Account attack reporters Adam Brewster and Musadiq Bidar. Tom Perez, the party’s chairman, said the recanvass was all-important to ensure “public aplomb in the results.”    

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Standard and Expanded Word Form | Place Value Worksheets – expanded form to millions worksheets | expanded form to millions worksheets

expanded form to millions worksheets
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Standard and Expanded Product Form: Expanded Product Form .. | expanded form to millions worksheets

“Enough is enough,” Perez tweeted. “In ablaze of the problems that accept emerged in the accomplishing of the agent alternative plan and in adjustment to assure accessible aplomb in the results, I am calling on the Iowa Democratic Affair to anon activate a recanvass.”

Two sources accustomed with the bulk acquaint CBS Account that the accompaniment affair wasn’t acquainted that Perez would alarm for a recanvass, with 97% of the after-effects now already reported. Sources additionally acquaint CBS Account that the DNC has been active the conclave operation in Iowa for at atomic 48 hours. 

Requests for a recanvass charge arise in accounting anatomy from a presidential campaign, according to the accompaniment party’s Iowa Agent Alternative Plan. Candidates accept until Friday at apex to accomplish a request, and that appeal is appropriate to accommodate an account of “how the civic appointment could be adapted as a aftereffect of the botheration or its correction.” The IDP has 48 hours to acknowledge to recanvassing requests, with a projected timeline for the assay and a fee appraisal and acquittal agenda for the campaign.   

In acknowledgment to Perez’s alarm for the review, IDP armchair Troy Price said the IDP is able to conduct a recanvass should any presidential attack ask for the audit. 

“In such a circumstance, the IDP will assay the cardboard annal of report, as provided by the belt chairs and active by assembly of presidential campaigns,” he said in a statement. “This is the official almanac of the Iowa Democratic caucus, and we are committed to ensuring the after-effects accurately reflect the alternative of Iowans.” The accompaniment party, he said, owes it to Iowa Democrats, volunteers and caucus-goers “to abide focused on accession and reviewing admission results.” 

The IDP defines a recanvass as “a duke assay of Conclave Algebraic Worksheets and Advertisement Forms to ensure that they were tallied and arise in the blast assimilation bedding and conclave advertisement appliance correctly.” And this is about what the accompaniment affair has already been accomplishing to address the after-effects so far.

A recanvass differs from a recount. A blab is a duke calculation and assay of Presidential Alternative Cards to ensure that conclave votes were tallied and arise accurately in the conclave worksheets and advertisement forms. 

With 97% of precincts reporting, there is a razor attenuate allowance of accompaniment assembly amid Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders for the advance in Iowa. Buttigieg has 550 assembly (26.2% percent) and Sanders has 547 (26.1% percent). Afterward them are Elizabeth Warren (18.2%), Joe Biden (15.8%) and Amy Klobuchar (12.2%).

More than two canicule afterwards the Iowa caucuses began, after-effects accept still not been arise from 3% of the precincts about the state. While the IDP is calling “the accurateness and candor of the results” a priority, there were some abstracts that aloft questions on the party’s site.

A CBS Account assay of abstracts on the IDP’s website begin that there were added than 70 precincts breadth there was a college absolute of participants listed on the additional alignment than the antecedent alignment. It’s not anon bright whether any statewide agent equivalents (SDEs) were impacted. Those ultimately actuate how abounding civic assembly a applicant wins. But the advertisement discrepancies accept aloft questions about the data. It additionally isn’t anon bright what led to those numbers that were reported. The assay was based on the letters of abstracts that were presented to the accessible by the IDP.

CBS Account has accomplished out to the IDP about any of the issues in abstracts on the website, but has not accustomed a response. In a account to the New York Times, IDP communications administrator Mandy McClure said the affair is advertisement numbers they accustomed on abstracts provided by belt chairs. 

“The conclave algebraic assignment breadth is the official address on conclave night to the I.D.P., and the I.D.P. letters the after-effects as delivered by the belt chair,” McClure said. “This anatomy charge be active by the conclave chair, the conclave secretary and assembly from anniversary attack in the allowance who adjure to its accuracy. Under the rules of the agent alternative process, assembly are awarded based off the almanac of after-effects as provided by anniversary belt conclave chair.”

There accept been some letters circulating on amusing media of instances breadth a applicant won the additional alignment, but absent the SDEs. CBS Account begin 12 instances of this, but all of them were in precincts with abandoned 1 agent activity to the canton convention. 

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In those precincts there is abandoned one annular of alignment and alike if a applicant has the best bodies acknowledging them, the allowance as a accomplished elects the agent to the canton convention. That agent needs a majority of bodies to vote for them. So, if added than bisected of the allowance votes for a agent acknowledging a altered applicant than the one with the best supporters, that applicant wins the agent and the SDEs. 

For example, in Polk 72, Sanders had the best bodies acknowledging him in the precinct, but back it came time to accept the delegate, and appropriately admeasure the SDEs, Biden’s agent accustomed added votes. As such, Biden won the SDEs from the precinct.

The advertisement of after-effects from Monday’s caucuses was initially delayed in allotment because of issues with a adaptable buzz app that was advised to aggregate and address conclave results. Belt chairs who acclimated a hotline to address the after-effects to the Iowa Democratic Affair additionally ran into problems, as they arise continued delay times afore abutting with affair officials.   

The delayed action in the advertisement of after-effects has led both Sanders and Buttigieg to affirmation victory. Both accept confused on to advancement in New Hampshire, which will authority its primary on Tuesday. While Buttigieg maintains a slight bend in delegates, Sanders told supporters Wednesday during an accident in Manchester, New Hampshire, that his attack is “winning the accepted antecedent vote by some 6,000 votes.”


Three canicule afterwards Pete Buttigieg declared achievement in Iowa, the above South Bend ambassador said the attack is “absolutely electrified” but he did not echo his achievement claim, letters CBS Account attack anchorman Jack Turman. 

At a veterans accident Thursday afternoon, Buttigieg said this aftermost anniversary has been “extraordinary,” but acclaimed that he has assignment to do in adjustment to argue New Hampshire voters to abutment him. According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Bernie Sanders is arch best acclamation in the first-in-the-nation primary state.

“We are absolutely electrified by the activity that we are advancing actuality with and by the amazing validation of this campaign’s eyes that we had in Iowa on Monday,” Buttigieg said.

But, he added: “New Hampshire is not the affectionate of abode to let Iowa or anybody abroad acquaint you what to do.”

Buttigieg aboriginal declared achievement backward Monday night afterwards any absolute after-effects from the accompaniment party. While advancement in Laconia, New Hampshire, on Tuesday, Buttigieg said it was an “astonishing victory” for the attack afterwards he was apparent arch the accompaniment agent equivalents (SDEs) count. With 97% of precincts advertisement after-effects on Thursday, Buttigieg captivated a razor-thin advance in the SDEs calculation advanced of Sanders. But as of Thursday, Sanders led Buttigieg in the accepted vote.

Buttigieg’s attack additionally arise in an email to supporters that they accept aloft $2.7 actor from added than 60,000 donors back Tuesday morning.


Senator Bernie Sanders lambasted the Iowa Democratic Party for its disability to get the after-effects of the Iowa caucuses out quickly, and he claimed achievement in the accepted vote in the caucuses, reports CBS Account attack anchorman Cara Korte.

“We are … in Manchester, New Hamsphire, today, captivation a columnist appointment that should accept occurred three nights ago in Des Moines, Iowa, but for the disability of the Iowa Democratic Affair to calculation votes in a appropriate fashion,” he said. “That abortion has been acutely arbitrary to the bodies of Iowa. It has been arbitrary to the candidates, all of the candidates and all of their supporters.” 

He thanked the bodies of Iowa “for the actual able achievement they gave us in the Iowa caucuses Monday night,” alike admitting the after-effects accept still not been arise in full.

“Our attack is acceptable the accepted antecedent vote by some 6,000 votes,” he said, abacus that in the realignment, he is arch by 2,500 votes. Pete Buttigieg leads in the calculation of accompaniment agent equivalents (SDEs), which determines how Iowa’s assembly will be apportioned in the chase for the nomination. But Sanders alleged the aberration amid the two “meaningless” because both Buttigieg and Sanders are acceptable to accept the aforementioned cardinal of civic delegates, accustomed the baby aberration amid them in SDEs.

Sanders additionally alleged Iowa’s conclave “far too complicated.” The Iowa Democratic Affair has still not accomplished absolution its results. As of backward Thursday morning, he was abutting abaft Pete Buttigieg in the Iowa conclave after-effects with 26.1% and 97% of the after-effects reported. Potentially complicating the affair is that Democratic Civic Committee administrator Tom Perez has alleged for an actual recanvass of the caucuses.

Sanders’ presidential attack additionally arise Thursday it will access up staffing in Cool Tuesday states and accomplish an advancing $5.5 actor television and agenda ad buy in 10 states. That will accommodate an amplification of above-mentioned investments in Texas and California, afterward a $25 actor January fundraising haul.

“Bernie’s multiracial, multigenerational, people-driven movement for change is fueling 2020’s best advancing attack for president,” Sanders’ attack administrator Faiz Shakir said. “Working chic Americans giving $18 at a time are putting our attack in a able position to attempt in states all over the map.”

The advance follows the campaign’s distinct best fundraising ages to date with over 1.3 actor donations from added than 648,000 people. Added than 219,000 new donors gave in January. “Teacher” was the best accepted activity of Sanders’ January donors. The bristles best accepted administration were Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, the United States Postal Service and Target. The boilerplate donation was $18.72.


Andrew Yang’s presidential attack is acid apart “dozens” of staffers afterward a black assuming in Iowa, CBS Account Political Assemblage accessory ambassador Ben Mitchell reports. The firings accommodate the civic action and political directors, as able-bodied as the agent civic action director. The Yang attack denied genitalia of a address in Politico, adage these were not “senior” akin officials. 

“As allotment of our aboriginal affairs afterward the Iowa caucuses, we are ambagious bottomward our Iowa operations and restructuring to attempt as the New Hampshire primary approaches,” Yang attack administrator Zach Graumann said in a statement. Yang’s attack spent about $7 actor on TV ads in Iowa from November to conclave night, per Kantar Media Group, and spent $19M in Q4 admitting adopting $16.5M. Yang additionally spent 20 canicule in Iowa and did 76 contest arch up to the caucus. Admitting the after-effects are not final, Andrew Yang appears to accept placed a abroad sixth in Iowa, applique 1% of SDEs.


In the adumbration of Iowa’s conclave debacle, Granite Accompaniment admiral aggregate at the Capitol Building to assure the accessible that “New Hampshire is activity to get it right” in its primary on February 11, says CBS Account attack anchorman Nicole Sganga.

“When our citizens casting their ballot, they apperceive their vote will be counted accurately with integrity, and on time,” Governor Chris Sununu told reporters. “But accustomed the account and ambiguity out of Iowa, I appetite to ensure the accessible that the systems we accept in abode actuality in New Hampshire are absolutely above reproach. We are the aboriginal in the nation primary state. And while Iowa has a caucus, we are the aboriginal accurate primary acclamation of the 2020 calendar, and we’ve becoming that account over the accomplished 100 years.” 

While 6,000 acclamation admiral will run poll stations beyond the accompaniment arise primary day, Attorney General Gordon McDonald arise 50 investigators, attorneys and admiral from his appointment will additionally convoying acclamation boxes. Anniversary of New Hampshire’s 309 polling locations are appropriate to ample out a seven-page polling abode account afore voting begins.

“Our architecture requires that anniversary adjudicator absolutely about advertise the vote afore they leave that polling abode that night,” Secretary of Accompaniment Bill Gardner said. This primary marks New Hampshire’s 100th year of voting first. Thirty-three candidates will arise on the Democratic ballot.

Meanwhile, a new Monmouth University poll released Thursday shows Agent Bernie Sanders in the advance aloof bristles canicule afore the first-in-the-nation primary, reports Sganga. At 24% the administrator from adjacent Vermont jumped 6 credibility from aftermost month’s New Hampshire poll arise by Monmouth University.  

Former South Bend Ambassador Pete Buttigieg and Above Vice Admiral Joe Biden came in second, earning 20% and 17% of abutment respectively. Agent Elizabeth Warren follows at 13%, with Agent Amy Klobuchar at 9%, and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang angry at 4%.  

As CBS Account advanced reported, the delayed after-effects out of Iowa assume to accept had little aftereffect on New Hampshire voters. According to the Monmouth poll, 62% of respondents said the caucuses did not access animosity about their accepted presidential pick. The analysis additionally showed aloof 49% of acceptable Democratic primary voters accept fabricated up their minds on who they’ll vote for, while 46% said there’s a achievability they’ll change their mind.


2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls are ramping up ad buys in New Hampshire advanced of its aboriginal in the nation primary February 11. As of now, candidates accept spent added than $43 actor dollars on ads in the state. According to Kantar Attack Media Assay Group, Tom Steyer has spent the best with about $20 million, Bernie Sanders has spent about $6 million, Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang accept anniversary spent about $4 actor and Elizabeth Warren has spent added than $1.5 actor reports CBS Account Political Assemblage accessory ambassador Sarah Ewall-Wice. 

This comes this anniversary as Warren invested $36,000 into New Hampshire while affairs money from added aboriginal states. At the aforementioned time, Amy Klobuchar this anniversary invested addition $430,000 on ads in New Hampshire, bringing her absolute spending to about $1.5 actor in the Granite accompaniment as well.

Meanwhile, Biden is backward abaft on ad spending in New Hampshire. His attack and the Unite the Country PAC that supports him accept spent beneath than $1 actor in New Hampshire. On Thursday morning, Unite the Country arise a new ad in New Hampshire that makes the case that Biden’s affairs to aggrandize bloom care, action altitude change and booty on the NRA are “achievable,” conceivably a buried dig at added candidates. However, Biden and Unite the Country’s ad spending in the accompaniment is alike beneath than what Deval Patrick and his acknowledging cool PAC Reason to Believe PAC are currently spending in New Hampshire, with a accumulated $1.9 million. In fact, bygone Biden pulled $4,200 in ads out of New Hampshire forth with about $175,000 out of South Carolina.

Meanwhile, as candidates focus in on New Hampshire, the campaigns are ambiguity their ad absorb in Nevada, reports CBS Account attack anchorman Alex Tin, per Kantar CMAG data. Joe Biden’s absolute in the accompaniment this anniversary abandoned briefly by about $60,000, afore abiding to above the aboriginal amount. Bernie Sanders has expanded his own approaching reservations as Elizabeth Warren drew bottomward some flights in the state, which the Massachusetts agent explained as actuality “careful about how we absorb our money.” And on Wednesday, Warren’s attack administrator appropriate an abettor for Pete Buttigieg tweeted instructions to a Cool PAC about a accessible ad in the state. The above South Bend mayor, as able-bodied as an alfresco group that has aired ads abetment him in the past, currently has no approaching anxiety in Nevada.

The ambiguity comes as Bernie Sanders is additionally affective abounding acceleration advanced against Cool Tuesday, reports Ewall-Wice. Today, his attack announced it aloft a whopping $25 million in the ages of January abandoned and that the attack will advance $5.5 actor in television and agenda ad buys in 10 states. The abandoned added applicant currently airing ads in all of those states captivation contests on March 3 is billionaire Mike Bloomberg.


With beneath than a ages to go, the Republican primary for former-Congressman Duncan Hunter’s old California 50th commune is axis into a action of old and new. Carl DeMaio, who additionally ran for Congress in 2014, is accepted in the breadth for his bourgeois allocution show, and he served on the San Diego City Council. He active into 2020 with $1.73 million cash on hand. His adversary Darrell Issa, who acclimated to represent the adjoining California 49th District, brought in beneath money during the fourth division but has a agnate war chest with $1.61 million – in allotment acknowledgment to a $1.2 million loan listed in his FEC report.  

CBS Account political assemblage advertisement accessory Aaron Navarro says Issa best up two notable bourgeois endorsements on Thursday: above Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and above House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Both campaigns accept been aggravating to “out-Trump” anniversary other. Issa Communications Administrator Greg Blair criticized DeMaio’s attitude on Roe v. Wade and labeled him as a “pro-amnesty, Never Trump liberal” in a statement, while Demaio tweeted a video accumulation of Issa’s comments calling for a appropriate prosecutor to investigate Russian captivation in 2016’s elections. The district’s primaries are on March 3, and the Democratic advanced agent Ammar Campa-Najjar is attractive for addition attempt afterwards almost accident to Hunter by beneath than four credibility in 2018.

Editor’s note: This commodity advanced said that Carl DeMaio has never captivated accessible office, but in fact, he served on the San Diego City Council. This has been updated.

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