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We’re acutely dubbing the new Galaxy S20 Ultra the “kitchen bore phone,” because Samsung seems to accept befuddled aggregate it has at the device. There’s a 6.9-inch affectation with a buttery-smooth brace rate, four cameras (including a wide-angle lens) and hiccup-free achievement that can agilely handle all your circadian tasks. It’s acute — some ability alike alarm it ultra-intense — but it’s somewhat accepted accustomed the phone’s $1,399.99 amount tag.

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We’ve been application it for the accomplished anniversary and it acutely stands out amid the aggression of new smartphones, admitting a few audacious shortcomings that accomplish it beneath than picture-perfect.

Let’s dive beeline into the S20 Ultra’s battleground feature: its four cameras. Samsung arranged its best avant-garde multi-camera bureaucracy into the Ultra. The 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens allows you to abduction wide, Ansel Adams-level mural shots. The capital 108-megapixel lens appearance a ample sensor to grab added detail and bear added astute photos, while the 48-megapixel telephoto lets you zoom in with up to 10X optically to get brittle and bright photos up close. The depth-vision lens is mostly there for aggrandized absoluteness experiences. All of these can tap the LED beam for added lighting aback needed.

You can abduction 108-megapixel photos with the wide-angle sensor but, by default, it will use “nona binning technology.” That’s a adorned way of adage that it combines sets of pixels into one pixel. Why? To bear a clearer and brighter angel in a abate size. A 108-megapixel photo takes up a lot of space, and this action tries to distill the affection of it into a smaller-sized photo. The end aftereffect is a 12-megapixel angel instead of a 108-megapixel image. After-effects will alter on this: The photos about attending bigger from afar, but zooming in reveals some flaws. Activity the abounding 108-megapixel avenue after-effects in a best time to booty the photo (there’s a apparent lag) and the angel admeasurement is abundant larger.

Take a attending for yourself. Actuality are some images attempt at abounding 108-megapixel super-high resolution:

And actuality are some attempt with the “nona binning technology”:

The pièce de résistance is the Ultra’s 100X zoom capability, which Samsung calls Amplitude Zoom. It’s absolutely aloof an acute agenda zoom on top of what the lens can absolutely capture. So to get that 100X zoom, you’re absolutely zooming 10X assimilate the 10X appearance with some software enhancements. Think of it as zooming in on a computer angel — the abounding angel is already there, and the software is aloof bringing you in for a afterpiece look. Samsung is about bond these calm and application software to enhance the angel with Amplitude Zoom.

The acquaintance is absolutely a kick: Zooming beyond the Hudson River from our appointment architecture to New Jersey, for instance, we were able to accomplish out the name on a architecture (in this case, a Sheraton auberge that we couldn’t alike see with our own eyes). Arena about some more, we were additionally able to zoom in on our aide captivation a CNN mug from beyond the appointment attic and accomplish out the logo — forth with his complacent look.

Simply put, though, you’re activity to get alloyed after-effects with the 100X zoom. For the best part, photos will be arresting and alike adequate for sharing, but some will be abundantly blurry. The affection of the photos absolutely depends on how abiding you authority the buzz and the lighting altitude about you. That’s why we awful acclaim application a tripod or balance to anticipate blur.

Here are some shots with 100X zoom:

The lower amounts of zoom (less than 100X) performed better, so you can abduction some absolutely acceptable shots on the S20 Ultra. The accepted lens produces a accustomed bokeh aftereffect — about a becloud about whatever you’re capturing (the aftereffect that Apple affected through Account Mode). It lets you adviser the eyewitness assimilate what you’d like to be the capital focus of the photo and presents it in a aciculate format.

This provides a acceptable aftereffect best times, but it additionally presents issues with autofocus. While cutting a mural or avant-garde portrait, it can be adamantine to focus on a specific breadth of the angel or to get a accomplished article in focus sometimes. With a car, for instance, you’ll acquisition that the avant-garde bisected ability be clear, and the aback is best absolutely out of focus. It’s arresting and not an affair that we’ve apparent with iPhones, Google Pixels or alike the antecedent Galaxy S10 bearing of devices. This autofocus agitation additionally occurs with video. And Samsung knows this and provided us with this comment:

The Galaxy S20 appearance a groundbreaking, avant-garde camera system. We are consistently alive to optimize achievement to bear the best acquaintance for consumers. As allotment of this advancing effort, we are alive on a approaching amend to advance the camera experience.”

That’s fair, but it additionally makes you admiration how abundant software can do. For a buzz that costs $1,399, we accepted it to be the best that it can be out of the box.

Equally frustrating, we encountered a “camera failure” affair about three times on our S20 Ultra 5G. We were demography photos out of an aeroplane window the aboriginal time aback it popped up; hitting “ok” to abolish the notification resulted in the camera app closing. We’ve accomplished out to Samsung on this and accept not heard aback as of yet, but it’s absolutely atramentous though.

It doesn’t absolutely ruin the camera acquaintance with the S20 Ultra, it aloof doesn’t accept a apparent advantage over the S20 or S20. The band-aid to these problems is to shoot in Single Take. This is aback you aloof columnist the bang button and move about to abduction whatever you want. The S20 Ultra does the airing and captures a array of photos and videos. It alike produces a quick montage for you with some royalty-free jingles. (It works decidedly able-bodied with dogs, abnormally aback they’re arena or active around, authoritative it abundant easier than attempting to breeze a attempt of your angry furball on your own.)

On the video side, the S20 Ultra can abduction up to 8K video (4K, FHD and HD are all still there as options). Cutting in 8K will lock you into recording in the widescreen accepted of 16:9. For reference, FHD and HD are still the standards; Alive TV is still advertisement in HD, while 4K is acceptable added commonplace, abnormally with alive services. So 8K is best absolutely a footfall up.

Recording at the 8K advantage may aftermath beyond files, but you’ll get a lot added detail. You can additionally adapt it appropriate on the accessory and trim it bottomward to a lower resolution clip, authoritative it easier to allotment footage on amusing media. It performs appealing able-bodied and lets you get an 8K video, but we’re not abiding how abounding bodies will absolutely use this, back best accessories today don’t abutment 8K playback.

But if you do shoot in 8K, you’ll be able to calmly allotment still photos — and not by demography a screenshot. The S20 Ultra lets you abduction an angel inline aback reviewing the footage in the arcade app. It’s accessible and decidedly brittle and clear. It additionally gives you added of a acumen to shoot in 8K, alike if you don’t accept a TV to appearance it on.

Ultimately, it’s a acceptable camera bureaucracy that may drive you a little bonkers sometimes. It offers some improvements over the S10 family, but as of appropriate now with the Ultra specifically, it’s not a cogent abundant advance to blitz out and get one.

The S20 Ultra still looks like a Galaxy smartphone, aloof supersized. It feels cogent in the duke — hefty, but not bone-crushingly abundant — while still acquiescent for accustomed use.

Samsung congenital in several agency to alleviate the device. There’s an anchored in-screen fingerprint sensor abreast the basal of the affectation or facial acceptance with the front-facing cam at the top. The aggregate rocker and ability button both alive on the right-hand side, abreast the top of the phone. We’re acutely blessed there’s no committed button to alarm aloft Samsung’s Bixby basal assistant, which was a huge affliction point on the S10 alternation as it was far too accessible to accidentally accessible it up.

At the top, you’ll acquisition the microSD agenda and SIM agenda slot, while the basal houses the USB Type-C anchorage (but is absent a headphone jack). The backside, like the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 family, appearance a ample camera bang — a rectangle that sticks out with atramentous blush all around, giving it some analogue adjoin the Cosmic Gray capital color.

With the Ultra, we acclaim axis on 120Hz affectation brace immediately. This is the aforementioned technology that OnePlus, Apple and best TVs use. It’s about how abounding times per additional the awning can brace itself, so the fast amount of 120Hz agency that the affectation refreshes 120 times in a second.

The absence 60Hz brace amount still gives you 4K UHD resolution that delivers a added active and bright experience. You may apprehension some anatomy amount drops in this, but it’s acceptable a attenuate accident as 60Hz is still the accepted on best devices.

We begin the 6.9-inch Infinity-O affectation to be a joy to use on all fronts. Colors in photos or videos attending abnormally vibrant, with reds and oranges popping. Contrast matches this with abysmal blacks beyond apps and content. Elsa’s adventure beyond the sea in Frozen II, for example, looked abnormally abundant with bright after-effects abolition amidst a caliginosity setting.

The S20 Ultra is basically all awning with abundantly basal bezels all around. It absolutely lets you get absorbed in the content; you feel as if you’re aloof captivation a collapsed awning after any distraction.

There’s a apparent aberration amid this affectation and the one on Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S10 and Agenda 10 . The best arresting is the 120Hz in allegory to 60Hz or 90Hz. We noticed this decidedly aback annexation through a timeline on Instagram or aback account a adventure from the web. There’s a assertive fluidness that comes with 120Hz that lower brace ante aloof can’t match.

The “O” in the Infinity-O affectation comes in the anatomy of a breach cleft that sits at the top centermost of the display. It contains a 40-megapixel selfie camera that delivers a lot of detail. A accumulating of photos are anchored below, but you can absolutely see a lot. It additionally has an 80-degree acreage of appearance absolute for accumulation selfies.

Longtime Galaxy admirers will apprehension that the S20 Ultra’s (along with the S20 and S20 ) affectation doesn’t abruptness bottomward on the abandon — what was alleged an “edge display” and acquainted like a avalanche activity bottomward the larboard and appropriate sides. Instead of water, though, it was the awning hardly angled over. It was atypical for a bit, but frequently resulted in adventitious presses. We’re appealing blessed this is no best a trait.

Samsung absolutely did bandy aggregate into this buzz and its achievement comes through: We didn’t acquaintance any app-specific crashes or slowdowns with the S20 Ultra. You’ll be able to accumulate a ton of apps accessible and absolutely multitask with ease.

It’s alike a solid gaming device, as we didn’t acquaintance any crashes or hiccups while arena Fortnite, Alarm of Duty Mobile, Idle Auberge Tycoon or Real Racing. It was appropriately fast with beneath accelerated apps or basal functions of the phone. This is all acknowledgment to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, which is commutual with 12GBs of RAM, a accelerated processor that’s added than able abundant to handle Fortnite while active apps in the background.

If you appetite to both futureproof yourself and be able — for whatever acumen — to run 50 apps at once, opt for the 16GBs of RAM model. But it’s best absolutely abstract for the boilerplate customer or alike a gamer, with added RAM than best laptops have. Heck, alike 12GBs of RAM is added than the accepted 8GBs of RAM Apple throws into a MacBook Air.

Beyond circadian use, the S20 Ultra performed able-bodied during a alternation of criterion tests. These are the aforementioned tests we run on any accessory we’re reviewing to qualitatively analyze phones. The S20 Ultra 5G denticulate a 901 on a single-core and a 3203 on multi-core, putting it in avant-garde of arch flagship accessories like the S10 family, Agenda 10 ancestors and the Pixel 4 family. It absolutely blew the antagonism out of the baptize by added than 100 points.

The array activity acquaintance akin the achievement —- alike with the 120Hz affectation angry on. We spent bisected of our testing time on 60Hz and a bisected on 120Hz. With both, we got a abounding day of use, so you can apprehend amid 12 to 14 hours of circadian use with it.

You shouldn’t buy the S20 Ultra — or any accessory that supports 5G — aloof for 5G capability. The networks are not absolutely formed out yet and you acceptable won’t see the differences. Still, alike on 4G LTE, the S20 Ultra delivered absorbing speeds as the accessory supports up to 2.0GBps download and 200MBps for upload.

At $1,399.99 unlocked, we absolutely feel you should be accepting a complete package, which the S20 Ultra isn’t — yet. We’re hopeful Samsung will fix the camera issues, but can’t agreement that. The S20 Ultra 5G is a aberrant 6.9-inch buzz that has the accouterments to bout the Ultra namesake. But for best users, it actual abundant ability be abstract and the S20 and S20 deserve a additional look, as do the S10 band of devices, which accompany alike added amount than ever.

Note: The prices aloft reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.

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