Point Slope Form Math Is Fun Things That Make You Love And Hate Point Slope Form Math Is Fun

What’s your take? Join us on this Not Crazy podcast to see whose ancillary you’re on, or if you’re about in the middle.

point slope form math is fun
 Graphing Lines & Zombies ~ All 3 Forms | 8th grade math ..

Graphing Lines & Zombies ~ All 3 Forms | 8th grade math .. | point slope form math is fun

point slope form math is fun
 Slope Intercept Form Coloring Activity by Lindsay Perro | TpT - point slope form math is fun

Slope Intercept Form Coloring Activity by Lindsay Perro | TpT – point slope form math is fun | point slope form math is fun

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About The Not Crazy Podcast Hosts

Gabe Howard is an award-winning biographer and apostle who lives with bipolar disorder. He is the columnist of the accepted book, Brainy Affliction is an Asshole and added Observations, accessible from Amazon; active copies are additionally accessible anon from Gabe Howard. To apprentice more, amuse appointment his website, gabehoward.com.

Jackie Zimmerman has been in the accommodating advancement bold for over a decade and has accustomed herself as an ascendancy on abiding illness, patient-centric healthcare, and accommodating association building. She lives with assorted sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, and depression.

You can acquisition her online at JackieZimmerman.co, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Announcer: You’re alert to Not Crazy, a Psych Central podcast. And actuality are your hosts, Jackie Zimmerman and Gabe Howard.

Gabe: Hey, everyone, acceptable to the Not Crazy podcast. Jackie, how are you?

Jackie: Oh, I’m accomplishing awesome. How are you, Gabe?

Gabe: I am fantastic. Today we are activity to. I don’t apperceive if we appetite to use debate, argue, altercate adroitness and ability aback it comes to brainy illness.

Jackie: This is a affair that I candidly accept not anticipation a ton about. But aback I started researching it, I begin some actually absorbing actuality and I don’t apperceive if it actually supports the abstraction that adroitness and brainy affliction go hand-in-hand or if it aloof array of says like. Not really, but congrats on actuality creative.

Gabe: I alive in the bipolar space, so I accept I accept astringent and assiduous brainy illness. And, you know, I’m not arena the adversity Olympics with you, but you aloof accept depression. You know, like I’m advised brainy illness. You’re advised brainy health. I don’t apperceive who comes up with these categories, but in the astringent and assiduous brainy affliction space, this abstraction that, hey, yeah, you’re really, actually ailing you accept a 15 percent suicide rate. You’ve sat in the bend and prayed for your death. But, hey, you’re allegedly a aesthetic genius. Actually gets discussed a lot.

Jackie: It does, and in what I read, to your point of like, I’m affectionate of like aloof depressed and afraid and you’re air-conditioned bipolar. What I’ve apprehend is that in agreement of the chat of adroitness and brainy illness, carve brainy health, bodies who are active with bipolar accept to be on the top of this conversation. You are the top of the account area if we’re attractive for a alternation amid brainy affliction and creativity, it appears that those who are active with bipolar actually win because they’re the air-conditioned aesthetic ones.

Gabe: This is area I ambition our appearance was affectionate of like a morning zoo appearance and we had complete furnishings so that I could aloof blast a button that was like AAAYNNGHH. The best affair I can say is it’s aloof bullshit. It’s babble in every apprehensible way. But I can never argue bodies of this. And one of the affidavit that I can’t argue bodies of this is abounding disclosure. There’s a ton of studies that say that I’m wrong. There aloof are. There are a ton of studies that say that I’m wrong. Bodies are like, Gabe, you adulation science. So why won’t you accept that you’re wrong?

Jackie: I don’t apperceive that you’re amiss because, I didn’t apprehend the studies, I apprehend the abstruse of the studies. Let’s be absolute here. Who’s got time to apprehend studies? But the studies that I’m reading, aka abstracts that I’m account are adage not so abundant that accepting a brainy affliction makes you added creative. I don’t anticipate that that’s what they’re saying. And I don’t necessarily accede with that either. What the studies are adage is that the bodies who alive with bipolar and schizophrenia and abasement and all-overs accept to be fatigued to aesthetic careers added frequently. So there’s this one from 2013. It was appear by the Journal of Psychiatric Research. And it said that bodies who accomplish their active either through authentic or aesthetic occupations were added acceptable to accept bipolar or a about with the condition. Aback I see that, I don’t see them going, hey, oh, you’re bipolar. Check already you get that diagnosis, now you’re air-conditioned fucking creative. No, they’re aloof saying, like you allegedly accept a draw to autograph or art or article of the like. And added bodies active with brainy affliction tend to go that route.

Gabe: One, I accept no idea. But actuality is why I accept no abstraction this is all based on self-reporting. So it is actually aloof obnoxious. It is absolutely, absolutely abhorrent to anticipate that aegis attorneys can’t accept bipolar disorder.

Jackie: No, I don’t anticipate that’s what these are adage though, they’re not adage bodies who alive with brainy affliction cannot do annihilation added than be berserk creative.

Gabe: I accede that they’re not adage that, but what they are adage is that bodies with bipolar ataxia are fatigued to aesthetic fields. But the way that they apperceive that is they interviewed all the bodies in aesthetic fields and they said, Hey, do you accept bipolar disorder? And in the aesthetic fields, in the advanced fields, bodies acquainted added empowered to say yes. Afresh they went over to things like doctor, lawyer, or fighter jet pilot. And they asked all of them if they had bipolar disorder. And all of them said no because they can’t self-disclose. These are added bourgeois fields area bodies will not abide their brainy illness. They could lose their jobs, their careers, their income, their money, their bloom insurance. So, frankly, they all lied. They aloof all beeline up lied.

Jackie: Ok, well, what about this, addition abstraction and I don’t apperceive the year of it because I didn’t address it down, so feel chargeless to Google this shit. Was it a buried 700,000 Swedish teenagers for intelligence and they begin it that those who were awfully aesthetic were additionally four times added acceptable to accept bipolar. And so my catechism for you with this abstraction is this isn’t self-reported necessarily. And they were screening for intelligence, which to me I’m activity to accept allegedly afield that it’s some affectionate of like appraisal test, abnormally if they’re teenagers. Right? Maybe like math, science. The accomplished applesauce doesn’t say

Gabe: Math, science, history

Jackie: What affectionate of analysis it was.

Gabe: Started the big bang.

Jackie: I accept no abstraction what that was.

Gabe: Aww, anyway, continue.

Jackie: Did you aloof appearance your age?

Gabe: No, that appearance aloof went off the air, literally.

Jackie: Well, what’s it?

Gabe: It was The Big Blast Theory.

Jackie: Oh, that appearance sucks, anyway.

Gabe: That

Jackie: So.

Gabe: That is horrible, but I’d like to point out that was additionally not an authentic representation of physicists. But bodies anticipate that it is aloof like they anticipate that a lot of these studies are authentic representations of what it’s like to alive with bipolar disorder. I’m not aggravating to bits on your study. I’m actually not. And I’m not aggravating to I’m not aggravating to bits on bodies who are creative, but to accord the acclaim to your adroitness to article awful. Why? Bipolar ataxia is aloof shitty. Brainy affliction is aloof shitty. There’s not like this aback end thing. You’re aesthetic because you’re creative. You’re alarming because you’re awesome. Could you brainstorm if somebody said this: bodies with blight are abundant added acceptable to be accomplished engineers. What? What? Why? That doesn’t accomplish any sense. That is nonsense. Bodies with blight are abundant added acceptable to accept cancer.

Jackie: Well, I can see how if you’re advertence the adroitness to the brainy illness, that sucks, right? That doesn’t feel good. However, I don’t anticipate that anybody is adage their adroitness is alone because of their brainy illness. Maybe it’s increased. Maybe it’s added active or added active or, you know, you can tap into it better. I accept a accomplished arts degree. I am not aesthetic at all, like at all.

Gabe: You’re actually a clear artist, right

Jackie: I am, but

Gabe: I mean, that, that’s awesome. That’s you’re an bourgeois clear artist.

Jackie: Well, what I’ve consistently said is I I’m actually acceptable at applied design, layouts, typography. I’m actually acceptable at seeing article for defective it to accomplish faculty and to broadcast information. In my classes, they were like, accomplish whatever you want. Accomplish it air-conditioned fun. I actually struggled. I would not a aesthetic person. I attempt to tap into my creativity. If there was a way to about-face that button on, I would acquiescently do it.

Gabe: What you were talking about was inspiration, not creativity. Yeah, I anticipate adroitness exists in a absolutely abstracted allotment of the academician now activity through bipolar disorder, activity through schizophrenia, activity through above abasement or I don’t know, activity through any tragedy, aloof a agony or an convulsion or the afterlife of a admired one, that can affect you. There are bodies who accept accounting absurd books based on article actual alarming that happened to them and that did affect the book. But their adroitness existed advanced and afresh they got afflatus from the abrogating event. So do bodies with bipolar ataxia accept a greater antecedent of information? Can they address about things that are added absorbing to the accepted public? I accede completely. But did bipolar ataxia actualize their creativity? No, they were aloof creative. If they did not accept bipolar ataxia or any added brainy illness, they would be aloof as creative. They aloof wouldn’t accept that affair to affect them.

Jackie: I don’t apperceive if I accede with your acceptance that bodies who are aesthetic aloof accept it and afresh they get aggressive to use it. I’m aggressive all the time. I don’t accept the follow-through in agreement of the creativity. And I’m a writer. I address things. Bodies pay me to address things. I don’t anticipate that that’s creativity. I anticipate they go address about this. So I don’t apperceive that I necessarily accede that like everybody or alike aloof creatives in accepted are aloof cat-and-mouse for that affair to about-face them on to address about. But I don’t know. Again, I don’t alive with these conditions. But my assumption, again, based on science, based on what we know, the bulk of account that flood your apperception or maybe like accepting delusions like those things could account creativity. Right.

Gabe: I anticipate they could affect you to address about the things that you accomplished aback you were delusional. Your abject apriorism and creativity, I anticipate that’s yours. And one of the things that you said that was actual absorbing there is that you are a biographer and you are creative, but you don’t sit bottomward to write. You haven’t gotten it done. That has annihilation to do with afflatus or creativity. That has to do with alignment and time management. And I anticipate in general, bodies with astringent and assiduous brainy affliction are actual disorganized. And you’ve declared afore your anxiety, your all-overs is so aerial that rather than address article or actualize article or do the dishes, you’re in a bend aggravating to annihilate your anxiety. So I do accept that we’re affectionate of in a semantic argument. But here’s the botheration that I have, Jackie, like, actual sincerely. I aloof don’t like it aback bodies are acceptable at something. In fact, bodies are abundant at something. Bodies are amazing and alarming and they aloof don’t booty the acclaim for it.

Jackie: Are they not demography the credit? Or is it the bodies accepting these conversations are not acceptance them to booty the credit?

Gabe: I don’t actually affliction who’s accomplishing it. If you are an amazing writer. That’s because you are an amazing writer. It’s not because bipolar, schizophrenia, above depression, all-overs helped you become an amazing writer. I aloof anticipate that’s bullshit. These illnesses are actually aggravating to annihilate us. I aloof accept a botheration with article that is aggravating to annihilate me and amount me marriages and friendships and connections, additionally shows up at the awards commemoration because I did article creative. It’s a bit like accepting a ancestor who beats you that afresh takes acclaim for your academy degree. It’s like you exhausted him. You’re an calumniating parent. Go away. He got a academy bulk in animosity of you, not because of you.

Jackie: I accede with you if they’re adage the alone acumen why you’re acceptable at art is because you’re bipolar, that sucks. It took all these things abroad from you. You’ve had to action all the stuff, blah, blah, blah. But aggregate you aloof said. But what if you’re additionally a astounding painter and you say the argent lining to actuality bipolar and accepting all this shitty actuality is that it’s enabled me to be an amazing painter.

Gabe: First off, how bodies accept to alive their own lives and administer their own experiences. That actually is up to them. I do accept actual acerb that bodies accept their own appropriate to acquaint their own adventure in the way that makes the best faculty to them. That said, I anticipate they’re wrong. I anticipate they’re amiss on it, like in an assessment level, in the aforementioned way that I anticipate that you’re amiss for affection pineapple on pizza.

Jackie: I do not like pineapple on pizza. For the record.

Gabe: But if you did, I would not acquaint you that you were wrong. Because

Jackie: Oh, you are wrong. I’m sorry. You’re wrong. If you like pineapple on pizza, you’re wrong.

Gabe: You accept what I’m saying, right? Like, I’m not aggravating to accomplish it actionable to put pineapple on pizza. Unlike my co-host, Jackie allegedly has actual able animosity about pineapple on pizza, which I do share. I’m aloof aggravating to accomplish a point. But I anticipate about like things that accept aggressive me. One of the best episodes of a podcast I anytime did had to do with my ancestor in law’s afterlife and affliction and how this bouncing through me and my family. It was a able episode. It was a accepted episode. I still to this day get a lot of pats on the aback for actuality accommodating to so aboveboard allocution about death. This does not accomplish afterlife good. It aloof doesn’t. A bad affair aggressive me. It is true. But I’m not activity to accord my ancestor in law’s afterlife credits for all of that success that came from me and how I chose to action it. It doesn’t retroactively accomplish that afterlife a acceptable thing. We should all not go about killing our admired ones so that we can be aggressive to do the affliction podcast or address the affliction blog or accord the affliction eulogy. I aloof I anticipate this may be article absolute that comes out of a negative. But accomplish no mistake, you fabricated the positive.

Jackie: Ok. But I’m not alike so abiding this is an altercation of semantics anymore. I anticipate this is an altercation of angle and I’m activity to use a arguable example, which is religion. Oh, actuality we go. The acumen is, so aback you’re very, actual sick, if you are somebody who believes in God or a college actuality or whatever it’s called, I am not that person, obviously, because I don’t apperceive what it’s called. But let’s say you’re a accepter in God and you say it’s OK. Right? This is all in God’s hands. I’m gonna pray, he’s activity to handle it. I’m gonna be all right. This is his plan. And I am activity to alive my activity how he wants me to, because that’s how this goes. And you’re me who does not accept that aforementioned acceptance and looks at the bearings you’re in. We’re acutely talking about article bad happening. And I about ambition I had that faith, because afresh I would accept the reassurance. It’s gonna get better. I would accept the advance that somebody is attractive out for me. I accept about said I anticipation it would be easier to be a actuality of acceptance aback I was actually ailing because afresh I could affectionate of like ablution my easily of it and be like, it’s cool. Somebody abroad is active this train. To me, that’s perspective.

Gabe: We’ll be aback in a minute afterwards these messages.

Jackie: And we’re aback talking about adroitness in brainy illness.

Gabe: I am about offered supplements and apprenticeship programs and CBD oil all to amusement my bipolar disorder. Now I apperceive abounding bodies who accept well, frankly, collapsed for this scam. They accept abandoned their analyst advice. They no best go to therapy. They are no best demography any academic or researched or scientifically accurate medications. And instead they amusement their bipolar ataxia 100 percent through this apprenticeship affairs or website or whatever. And they are so happy. They are aloof so happy. I mean, they’re like, oh, my God, I got off the medicine. I’m accomplishing an all accustomed cleanse. And for a while they’re active great. But I anguish so badly about them because. Yeah, for a while they’re accomplishing great. I’m not abstinent that they’re not accomplishing great. They may do abundant for three months, six months, a year, a year and a half. But in the case of bipolar disorder, it’s cyclical. It’s cyclical. Sometimes you will be manic. Sometimes you will be depressed. Sometimes you will be about abroad on the spectrum. And maybe for that year, they’re appropriate in the average and everything’s fine. But because they’re not authoritative the symptoms, they will hit up aberration or abatement bottomward to depression. It’s aloof a amount of time. It’s aloof a cat-and-mouse game. But for that year, their angle and their absoluteness is that they’re accomplishing absurd and they’re accomplishing bigger than everybody abroad that’s relying on big pharma or these aberrant poisons you put in your body. I accept that they’re blessed now, but I appetite them to be blessed forever. I appetite to be blessed forever. So I don’t know. You’re right. It is controversial. I don’t appetite to abatement bottomward a aerial aperture of arresting or bashing religion. But aloof because article gives you abundance doesn’t beggarly that it’s right.

Jackie: No, but again, like I anticipate your archetype of demography medication is a little bit altered here, because I anticipate anybody who is ailing in any way, appearance or anatomy all of us. I anticipate it’s animal attributes to appetite to acquisition acceptation in it, you know. And I anticipate that the acceptation could be because of your religion. It could be because of your art. It could be because of the career you have. You appetite to associate a acceptation to it because contrarily it’s aloof bits for the account of shit. Otherwise, aggregate aloof sucks for no reason. And best of us cannot handle that mentally, we can’t action that, of why this bits is accident for no added reason. And maybe bodies do say I am air-conditioned aesthetic and it’s because of my bipolar disorder. I can’t acquaint that actuality that they’re amiss if they’re seeing the acceptation in that, and that’s how they get through their day and their activity and they abide to be blessed and advantageous and advantageous people. How can you acquaint them their wrong?

Gabe: I anticipate that accuracy matters. And I anticipate that facts matter.

Jackie: It is their accuracy and the facts abutment it.

Gabe: I disagree with the allegation because of the self-reporting nature, which I accept is such a glace slope, because there’s bodies out there that say, Gabe, how do you apperceive you accept bipolar disorder? Because there is no absolute test. It’s all self-reporting. And so I apprehend what you’re saying. And you’re right. You’re right. I apperceive bodies who are aloof abundantly blessed and they durably accept that the apple is flat. But I aloof I feel so bad for them. I do. The apple is not flat. It is not flat. It’s not flat. It’s not flat. It’s not flat.

Jackie: But we apperceive that because of the facts that abutment that.

Gabe: But I anticipate these facts are suspect. You’re right. I can’t say that they’re wrong, but I do anticipate that they’re suspect. My abhorrence is, is that somebody who’s anew diagnosed with bipolar ataxia or abasement or aloof any array of austere brainy affliction will anticipate that they charge to acquisition a aesthetic endeavor, because that’s area they’re best acceptable to excel statistically. But I apperceive all kinds of bodies with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and above abasement who are engineers and attorneys and doctors and they don’t accept a aesthetic cartilage in their body. And I additionally anguish about pigeonholing. And what I beggarly by that is I do not accede myself to be aesthetic at all. I accept not a aesthetic cartilage in my body. Jackie, you can aback this up. I approved to architecture a logo for article and you were like these colors. Remember what you said to me?

Jackie: No.

Gabe: I just, it was actual harsh, but it was ugly. What I created was ugly. And I say to people, look, I accept bipolar ataxia and I’m not aesthetic at all. And they say, yes, you are. You accept a podcast. Well, well, OK. Yes, you are. You’re funny. OK, well, but isn’t everybody funny sometimes?

Jackie: No.

Gabe: Isn’t everybody aesthetic in some way?

Jackie: No.

Gabe: I mean, I anticipate we’re aloof consistently attractive for that link. So no amount what, we acquisition a way to accomplish somebody with brainy affliction into a actuality who is additionally creative.

Jackie: I disagree because in the analysis and additionally in the apple generally, the appellation aesthetic is somebody who is a writer. They are a painter. They are a accomplished artist. They do some affectionate of actually aesthetic thing. It’s not so abundant like how do you access your day? Is it creatively? We’re talking actually about the accomplished arts. And that’s as a career choice. I still advance that the abstracts aloof says bodies with brainy affliction tend to angular added appear that way. At no point does it say if you’re bipolar, you should be creative, and if you’re not, you’re accomplishing it wrong. And I don’t anticipate that it implies that everybody should be creative, whether you accept a brainy affliction or not. It’s artlessly advertence a lot of bodies tend to go that route. It’s not adage you can’t do annihilation abroad or you won’t be acceptable at annihilation else.

Gabe: That’s the bulletin that I aloof appetite to accomplish abiding gets out there. I apperceive what the abstracts says and I do acknowledge data. There’s aloof a allotment of me that aloof worries so much. And this is my catechism to you, Jackie. Now, honestly, how do you feel about somebody who gives the acclaim for their adroitness or their intelligence or their ability to an affliction that is aggravating to annihilate them and that has acquired them suffering? How do you feel about somebody giving a absolute affection to such a abrogating thing?

Jackie: I would say that scientifically we apperceive that the placebo aftereffect is real. And if that actuality in this instance is application article like their affliction as their placebo, as the agitator as the result, it’s absolute for them. And if they feel added aesthetic because of their brainy illness, afresh that’s why they are added creative. It’s all how what you accept in the animal apperception is annoyingly powerful. And again, in this situation, if the placebo is their illness. Right? And they are like, I’m so creative. Afore I was diagnosed, I was not aesthetic at all. And now I’m a ability painter, afresh that’s accurate for them.

Gabe: Jackie, I absolutely accede that acumen becomes reality. And if your absoluteness is absolute and good, afresh who the hell am I to blend with it? I do aboveboard accept that. I aloof appetite everybody active with a brainy bloom issue, austere and assiduous brainy affliction to alive their best life. And about you align that in your mind. I couldn’t be added behind.

Jackie: Yeah, I anticipate that we can both get on the aforementioned folio for that one.

Gabe: Amen. Listen up, everybody, creatives, non creatives, accede with Jackie, accede with Gabe. No amount what, we all charge to be on the aforementioned folio aback it comes to subscribing to our podcast. Amuse leave us as abounding stars as you feel adequate with and use your words and address us a review. Allotment us on amusing media. Email us to a friend. Acquaint everybody about us. And here’s a little trick. If you email [email protected], we will accelerate you Not Crazy stickers if you PayPal us a dollar. It’s the best accord going. That’s Not Crazy stickers for a dollar at [email protected] Email us for instructions. Amuse break acquainted afterwards the credits for an outtake because it turns out Gabe and Jackie accept added to say.

Jackie: We will see you abutting Monday.

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