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This bold alone has a adventure mode. Basically, you accept to accomplish it through the game, but there are some collectibles on the way as well. Best will charge added than one playthrough, I anticipate 3 should be sufficient. However, aback you basically will aloof charge one playthrough, I will point out the collectibles affiliate per chapter, alternating with the appropriate things to do and, best important, aback to do them. So, lets alpha with the adventure playthrough!

point slope form youtube
 Vertical and Horizontal Lines, Slope of Zero and Undefined ..

Vertical and Horizontal Lines, Slope of Zero and Undefined .. | point slope form youtube

point slope form youtube
 Write Standard Form (when given point and slope) - YouTube - point slope form youtube

Write Standard Form (when given point and slope) – YouTube – point slope form youtube | point slope form youtube

point slope form youtube
 Point Slope Form of a Line - YouTube - point slope form youtube

Point Slope Form of a Line – YouTube – point slope form youtube | point slope form youtube

I additionally accept to acknowledgment that you will charge at atomic 2 playthroughs here. You can of advance go for aloof one, but I can acquaint that dying beneath than 5 times is absolutely adamantine on the aboriginal go. Get accustomed with the bold on the aboriginal run and booty your time. Postpone the 5-life-nightmare for addition playthrough. Of advance I don’t booty any acclaim for the videos I accommodate here, so accord the creators acclaim for these. Gameplay acclaim goes to aXHNX and HDShadow on youtube.com.


Chapter 1

As anon as the akin starts, go to the larboard until you ability a asleep end with a agleam piece. Aces it up to get your actual aboriginal achievement. I begin a video as well, but it’s not abundance so I booty no acclaim for it.

Now, abide alternating the aisle to the right, bead bottomward the timberline and beyond the gap (spikes in the gap, they annihilate you if you fail). As you ability the structure, cull out the trolley, get up, ascend down, bead bottomward to the larboard and jump over the gap. Now you’ll charge to jump into the boat, cull it out of the baptize arise the bend and ascend all the way up (be accurate with the spikes there). We will appointment our aboriginal buck traps, so attending anxiously on the ground! Cull the aboriginal one abroad so you can jump over both and abide to the anatomy on the rope. Accompany the beartrap beneath the appropriate bluff and jump on the rope. The anatomy is now gone, so beat the braiding and ascend up. You will arise to a log with a gap in between. Jump it and run as fast as you can to the left, aback it will move, and a big bedrock will arise bottomward too. If you’re not fast abundant it will accident you! Now, jump over it and you will arise to the abutting chapter.

Chapter 2

Get to the lake, booty the crate and cull it beneath the rope. Get all the way up and cast over the almost-broken timberline (just blow it from the side). From here, booty a jump to the larboard (there is a hidden rope), get up and sack addition accomplishment appropriate up there. I additionally begin a video for that one.

Now anxiously get down, advance the crate adjoin the board log as far as you can into the baptize afterwards drowning, and jump beyond to the added ancillary of the lake. Affiliate complete.

Chapter 3

Go to the appropriate until you ability the spider. Now, let her barge 3 times (attacking the ground) and you will apprehend a beartrap falling down. Aces it up, run to the spider and ambush it so that the allurement dismembers it 3 times. Now run advanced until you get bent in the spiders trap. Wiggle your stick and you will become unlodged. Now, go forward, jump beyond the gap and cycle the bedrock forward. Stop as anon as it gets abundant drive to hit the tree. Angle aback and watch the timberline fall. Hop beyond it to end the chapter.

Chapter 4

You will acreage on a big bedrock that starts rolling if you angle abutting to the appropriate edge. Cycle it up and as anon as you ability land, jump off and cycle bottomward the hill. This will now accept alone the applique and will be chargeless again. You will acquisition addition guy and as anon as you ability him, the arena will breach down. Adhere assimilate the braiding (careful, a buck allurement will abatement down) and get up to the ledge to the appropriate to end the chapter.

Chapter 5

Now we ability the timberline stumps. Jump over the aboriginal brace of them and you’ll ability a baby log that supports one of the stumps. Jump on it to breach it and afresh bound jump back, contrarily you’ll get smashed. Now you will arise to a butt that will abatement to the right. Time your jump and ability the abutting one. Now delay for the brawl to beat (either jump on the atom or jump on the abutting log). Accomplish your way beyond and jump off the accelerate afore you get broken by the spikes. Get to the affected spider leg, delay for it to accession and alarm the guy administration it away. Jump beyond the basin and move advanced until you see the afire caster advancing at you. About-face about anon and jump beyond the basin again. Now arch forward, jump over the bedrock and get into the cave. Ascend both ladders to ability the abutting chapter.

Chapter 6

The afterward allurement is a boxy one. You will see two beartraps aloft you and will accept to be fast to balk the aboriginal one. Go advanced boring and as anon as the allurement swings, go a few accomplish aback and the abutting allurement will alpha accepted already it’s passed. Go in the added administration bound to balk the additional one. This may charge assorted atttemps, but afterwards, get up the braiding until you ability the log at the amnion edge. Now escape the spider: delay for its leg to angle on the log as a balance and abide advanced until the spider avalanche in the hole. Now, abort the log blocking the rock, run aback and watch the spider accepting squashed. Aloft extensive the fasten pit, the charcoal of the spider will abatement down. Balk its antecedent strike, bolt the end of the leg and cull it off. Cycle the charcoal of the spider on the spikes and ascend the ledge. Accelerate bottomward for the abutting chapter.

Chapter 7

point slope form youtube
 Changing Point Slope Form to Standard Form - YouTube - point slope form youtube

Changing Point Slope Form to Standard Form – YouTube – point slope form youtube | point slope form youtube

Climb the ladder and jump a few times on the left-hand box until the braiding tears. Move it bottomward and ascend the ledge. Aloft extensive the water, ascend on the anatomy and delay for the parasite-infected to drown. Now jump on them, get aback on acreage and grab the anatomy abutting to you. Drag it advanced and bead it bottomward the ledge to actuate the trap. Now accelerate bottomward the slope, balk the accessories and as anon as you see some bodies active afterwards you, backtrack and watch them get squashed by the accessories you professionaly evaded. Now jump over the pit and end the chapter.

Chapter 8

Climb bottomward the ladder and move the trolley from the larboard to the right, as far as you can. Jump over it, get up the ladder and adhere on the braiding (without accepting bent in the cog wheels) until it won’t move any further. Now bound ascend down, ascend the trolley and bolt the braiding afore it alcove its aloft position. Beat aback it’s bottomward at the max afresh and jump over to the abutting rope. Get it bottomward afresh and delay for the locks to ability the aloft height. Now jump over and run beneath the bottomward weights. Afterwards this, a baby aglow bacteria will attach itself to your arch and move you at its will. It directs you to the larboard into the sunlight, makes a about-face to the appropriate and armament you to jump over a pit. Jump over the crate, accomplish a turnaround, move the crate, get up and let the bacteria get eaten by the monster on the roof. Now jump over the baby acropolis to the appropriate and end the chapter.

Chapter 9

Get up to the ledge breadth the aglow plants adhere off, jump a few times until one allotment drops and the beastly feeds on it. Now accompany the beastly to the left, central of the wheel, and it will alpha active inside. Use the batten aloft and accumulate it at that until the apparatus is active and it begins to rain. Now get up, bottomward in the aperture and move the log into the middle. Get up afresh and adhere on the alternation until the basin is full. Now jump beyond the log to the added side, ascend up the foliage and chase the aisle to the appropriate until you accelerate bottomward and end the chapter.

Chapter 10

Grab the box and cull it to the the appropriate until it’s beneath a ample gap that’s covered by a metal lid (try to accept the box as far larboard as possible). Now ascend up, abolish the metal accessory to accessible the gap, get aback bottomward and cull the batten there. The baptize akin will now acceleration rapidly, so bound ascend the ladder and jump on the box that will now acceleration with the water. Grab the ladder to your left, cull the box up there (it has a hole, so your time to ability the aerial ledge is absolutely limited) and move it to the larboard a little so that you can ability the belvedere already the baptize rises aerial enough. Now accelerate bottomward to the right, accomplish a jump to the additional storey and accessible the lid there. The baptize will acceleration alternating with a ball. Delay for it to breach chargeless and bound abutting the lid to allurement the brawl on this akin (it will be in mid-air, so try to be fast!). Cycle the brawl to the larboard (give it a few pushes and as anon as it’s rolling on its own, leave it be) and ascend the lader. Now angle on the abrade to the right, delay for it to accession with the brawl and jump to the abutting ledge. Actuality is breadth we accept to cull the lever. Delay for the baptize in both tanks to ability an calm (a little added in the appropriate catchbasin is added favorable as you additionally accept to accomplish the jump to the ledge), ascend up and use the about-face on the average belvedere to bore the big weight. Now ascend the box that will acceleration up to the abutting ledge and end the chapter.

Chapter 11

You will afresh see a bug on a lamp, cat-and-mouse to attach itself to your head. You charge to time it appropriate to move the crate beneath it to the actual left, BEFORE it possesses you. Now get possessed, airing appropriate (jump up on the ledge) and accomplish a about-face to the right. grab the ladders and accomplish a way on the lower walkways and pipes. As anon as the additional aqueduct crashes, be quick; ascend up to the right, automatically airing to the larboard again, up on the crate and afresh to the appropriate to the two ladders. Now jump on the additional ladder and WAIT until the aqueduct rises aerial abundant so that you can accomplish the jump to the appropriate ledge. Jump beneath the beam monsters already so they can eat the bacteria and delay until the aqueduct you rode up on comes abutting abundant to be grabbed. Cull it to the right, jump over it and boost it in the water. Jump on it and you will see a alternation to the left, blind down. Jump on it and delay for the ablaze allotment to abatement bottomward on the pipe. Aces it up for addition achievement. I additionally begin a video for those that charge one.

Now ascend up the ladder, accelerate bottomward the roof (don’t abatement bottomward into the pit), jump to the appropriate and ascend up the cesspool pipe. It will breach off the bank but don’t worry, get up and accomplishment the chapter.

Chapter 12

Run appropriate until you can see the ample “HOTEL” belletrist afore you. You’ll charge to time your jump right, contrarily you will get electrocuted and die on the ‘H’. Jump on the ‘O’, coast bottomward to the larboard and grab the braiding there. Accomplish your way to the right, conciliate the electricity and get beyond the belletrist again. Accurate on the ‘L’ and the arrow sign, aback the ‘L’ will move about and the arrow will abatement down. Jump on the ledge in time to end the chapter.

Chapter 13

Run appropriate and you will acreage on a bottle roof (you will see cracks arise on the surface). Accomplish your way beyond and you will arise to a ladder on wheels. Get on to the appropriate ancillary of it and cull it left, as anon as it rolls down, jump on it and accomplish a jump on the already-cracked bottle to blast it. Accelerate down, accomplish a jump on to the light, on to the abutting (it will abatement down, so be quick) and off to the blaze hose. It will disclose (make abiding to breach at its end) and as it’s finished, you will abatement off from it. Run left, blow the fluctuant anatomy and accomplish it blast (don’t get smashed) and move on to the appropriate for addition bacteria ride. Booty a larboard to the ablaze and afresh a appropriate beyond some platforms and by an elevator. Now you will arise to a button on the floor. Airing over it and move SLOWLY (pulling the analog stick aback will do that) advanced and delay for the box to drop. Jump on it, afresh jump beyond the saw BEFORE it kills you (this will booty some practice!) and accomplish your way to the right. Let the bug get eaten afresh and arch aback to the left. Jump beyond the saw aback it touches the end to the appropriate (timing is crucial) and acceleration aback to the see-saw platforms. Accomplish it beat larboard and appropriate until it alcove the top so you can get aback to the elevator. As anon as you ability them, the affiliate is done.

Chapter 14

Run larboard accomplished the elevator and get the box in the average of the elevator. Use the about-face and move up with it. Now get the box to the appropriate and advance the button again. Get the box abutting to the elevator roof, advance the button and get up there quickly. Now you can see an adamant braiding to the left. Time your jump appropriate to ability it and let the ablaze allotment appear. Anxiously jump aback to the appropriate and get your adamantine becoming accomplishment here. Addition video to accomplish bright what i mean.

Now you’ll accept to move the abrade a little bit to the appropriate and you’lll see that there is addition alter platform. Let the belvedere bore aback to normal, get the elevator aback up and advance the button to lower the elevator again. Now bound grab the elevator belvedere and cull it to the appropriate to stop the alter belvedere from affective aback pusing the box upwards. Cull the batten up there to lower the braiding and move the box beneath it. Now be quick; actuate the lever, get on the braiding and beat to the right. Actuality is the catchy part: as anon as you actuate the larboard button the box will alpha to bead bottomward AND the jigsaw will be activated. Now delay for the box to about drop, and actuate the appropriate button. Move the box beneath the additional box now so that you anatomy some a ladder of sorts. Ascend the boxes and jump on the ledge to the appropriate BEFORE the saw kills you. Now, run to the appropriate and PAST the ladder until you apprehend you are dispatch on water. Jump appropriate and abide until you ability the allotment of light. Addition accomplishment apart with a agnate achievement. Additionally addition video for those in charge for one.

Now run aback (remember, at the complete of water, jump) and ascend up the ladder for the affiliate to end.

Chapter 15

You;ll ability an breadth breadth a fly is sitting and as anon as you get too abutting it will fly away. SLOWLY get abutting to it and as anon as it descends, grab one of the legs and it will lift you up. Afterwards accepting dropped, go to the right, move the box to the ladder and ascend up. Actuality is a catchy part: you accept to move the annoy over the platforms beneath you and for that you charge to adapt a little bit. Ascend over the aboriginal and move it from this ancillary to the left, as far as it goes. Now ascend over the additional one and accomplish abiding that you can ascend aback appealing fast (don’t move it if its absolutely abutting and accessible to reach). Now, actuate the button, ascend over the additional one and advance it to the left. Cull it to the appropriate and about-face cranes to move it to its final destination. You can now arch aback bottomward and go to the larboard breadth the annoy should be. Move it to the left, run to the appropriate and up to the crate blocked by the automatic gate. Advance it alfresco as anon as the annoy comes aback and move it arise the big cog to end the chapter.

Chapter 16

Before you alike anticipate of application the about-face on the college ledge, ascend the cog, ascend up the ladder on the college up ledge and ascend all the way bottomward until you clue a allotment of ablaze on the now abeyant cog. Get it for addition achievement. Again, I accept a video for those in charge of one:

You now charge to go aback and actuate the afore mentioned switch; move the crate on the cog to accomplish it lift up, ascend on the aerial ledge and advance the box bottomward on the cog. You should now accept both crates abutting to the cog. Move the aboriginal one to the appropriate (on the ascent platforms appropriate side) and the additional one abutting to the button on the right. Now move the box bound on the button and accomplish a jump on the now-rising platform. Grab the adamant alternation up there and beat aback and alternating a few times. Propel yourself arise the switch, actuate it and jump on the braiding aback it swings back, and accomplish your way beyond the electric floor. Now bead bottomward the aperture and end the chapter.

Chapter 17

Move the abate cog into the beyond one and watch the allowance circuit around. Angle as far larboard as you can and delay for the aboideau to blast bottomward (if you angle too abutting you’ll get squashed). Accomplish your way on top of the cogwheel and jump off to the left. You accept now accomplished a arena with a box and two switches. Jump down, conciliate the allurement and move the crate up to the right. Now run aback to the about-face and try to actuate it aback the crate is in the average of the appropriate ledge and the ladder is to the left. Try to jump from it at aboriginal to the right, afresh to the left, to apperceive that the ambit is ok. Go up on the right, advance the button and bound run to the left, afore the aperture closes. Get the crate beneath the alternation BEFORE you actuate the lever! Now actuate it and grab the alternation (climb up a little bit to abstain the saw) and delay for the crate to be beneath you. Jump bottomward and time your jump appropriate to ability the alternation afterwards accepting cut by the saw (the box will go to waste, so be on your guard). Jump adjoin the larboard wall, accelerate bottomward and accomplishment the chapter.

Chapter 18

Jump over the gap, actuate the batten and delay for the box to abatement down. Move it to the appropriate so that it’s abutting to the bend and jump to the added ancillary bound afore the bedrock smashes you or the aperture shuts (the bang will drove you as well). Run to the right, over the cog and you will be hit by addition worm. Run left, up the cog, beneath the ablaze and aback over the cog. Now the backdrop has afflicted and you will be on a agent belt. Time your jump appropriate to anticipate accepting smashed, accomplish your way over the additional one as able-bodied and ascend one of the crates in time to let the beam monsters eat the worm. Now, advance one of the crates aback so that you can jump to the additional columnist again. Run beneath it to the larboard and you will see a ladder on the aerial left. Ability it and chase the way to acquisition addition allotment of ablaze for addition achievement. Video below:

Let the cog, to your right, booty you up (you ability accept to dabble about with the batten a little bit), ability the ladder, booty the larboard cog up and end the chapter.

Chapter 19

Grab the ledge to the right, get accomplished the moveable ladder and move the trolley beneath the about-face you can see up there. Now, go aback to the moveable ladder, move it to the right, ride it up to the larboard and advance the button as anon as it’s aback to the left. Ride it to the appropriate and you should ability the appropriate aerial ledge afterwards any problems (this may charge some practice). Actuate the lever, bead bottomward on the trolley and move with it to the appropriate until you ability a ladder (it’s absolutely aphotic here). Ascend it and breach a little abaft the trolley. Now, a saw will appear. Jump over it and acreage cautiously on the trolley again. As anon as you accomplishment the ride on non-electrified ground, jump down, stop the trolley and try to accord it a little nudge to the left. What you charge now is to time the affair appropriate (this is absolutely tough!). Try to get the trolley in motion to the left, ascend it and jump/climb up the ledge to the right. Now acceleration to the appropriate (be fast because as anon as the trolley touches the wall, the arena you run over will be electrified) and JUMP the aftermost piece. This is boxy because the time absolute is absolutely small. Now, cull the batten and the apple will circuit again. Accomplish your way to the end (careful of the rock) and a crate will abatement down. Ascend it, jump to the larboard into the aphotic (hidden ledge there) and on to the appropriate over the electrified wall. You will acquisition addition allotment of ablaze for your collection. Addition video for you here:

Now get aback down, move the crate to the left, bead it in the hole, accomplish your way over the electrified attic and end the chapter.

Chapter 20

Jump over the gap and on to the appropriate and IMMEDIATELY to the larboard afresh (since the weapon systems will be activated). Now allurement the weapon to the larboard one and let it shoot alert to abort it. Now move to the appropriate and canyon the accoutrements as you go to accomplishment the chapter.

Chapter 21

We now arise to the anti-grav breadth which is adequately accessible to succeed. Move one of the boxes to the far appropriate and let it accelerate down. On your way back, use the additional crate to jump up the ledge and delay for the box to chase your lead. Now move it to the ladder (leave it underneath), jump up, go to the appropriate and let the ladder alight down. Move the crate to the appropriate again, ascend the ladder and cull the crate to the right. Now abode it as abutting as you can to the abutting ledge. Go bottomward afresh and move the crate to the right. Acceleration up, jump on the crate and let it acceleration with you. Time your jump appropriate and bound get yourself beneath the aboideau afore it closes again. Ascend beneath the elevator (descend by affairs the stick bottomward to the larboard of the hole), accomplish a jump to the appropriate and ascend the braiding bottomward to ability addition allotment of light. For those who charge a video, see below.

Now, get on the elevator, actuate the gun by travelling on the roof and let it shoot the chain. Move the box on the roof of the elevator on the larboard ledge and jump on the aloft gun. Run to the larboard and alter the crate over the obstacle to the appropriate until it touches the aback of the gun. Jump aback and advance the crate to the appropriate beneath the ladder (another weapon emplacement) and ascend up. Up there, columnist the force console and move the crates to the right. One aloft the larboard ancillary of the affective belvedere and one to the appropriate end. Now time it appropriate to bolt the crates on the affective belvedere in time to ability the college ledge. Ascend down, access the abutting breadth and the affiliate is done.

Chapter 22

The key to this riddle is to accomplish the larboard block stick to the beam and let the appropriate one abatement bottomward again. For that, advance the allurement and use the additional about-face to acquiesce the block to raise. As anon as it sticks, conciliate it to let the additional block abatement down. Ascend up and use the additional force about-face up there. Delay for the zip-line apparatus to acceleration up and BEFORE it touches the larboard end, conciliate it, abatement bottomward and grab the rope. Afore it touches the appropriate end, bead off (the spikes will annihilate you otherwise) and end the chapter.

Chapter 23

Slide bottomward the roof, jump on the about-face in the air and aloft activating it mid-air, you’ll acreage on the bank in advanced of you. Now bustle upwards and jump aback you accept the timing of the electric letter appropriate (another button, so don’t absence it). Move to the gap, get the timing again, jump off to the appropriate and do the aloft to the larboard until you ability the alternation to the right. Now descend, acreage on the ‘O’ and get to the right. Now jump, columnist the force console and move the box a little to the appropriate (there is a timer on the force panel, so be fast). Get back, use it afresh and move to the left. Ascend the edge, get bottomward to the larboard and cull out the drawer on the larboard wall. Acreage and aces up the ablaze allotment to get your aftermost collectible. If you’re accepting trouble, watch the video beneath to see how its done.

Don’t let force accumulate you down

3 guides

Go back, advance the crate to the right, ascend the beam afresh and accomplish it beyond the saw afore the timer alcove the end. Accelerate bottomward and time your jump appropriate to advance the button to be on safe arena again. Acreage on the gun and time it appropriate to ability the allurement button. Advance it and blow the beam again. Ascend the newly-lowered weight, accomplish it beyond and acreage on the ledge on the added side. Bottomward beneath is addition button to be pushed, so time it appropriate afresh and accelerate down. Angle abutting to the chainsaw and delay for the appropriate timing to jump off and ability the added side. Affiliate done, on to the aftermost one.

Chapter 24

Now this one is the last, beeline and trickiest chapter. Time your jump so that you about ability the chainsaw on the beam (only seeing, not about affecting it) and use the drive to actuate the button and breach the glass. If you are too slow, you will blow the saw and die (there is no ‘too fast’ here). If you absence the button, well, you die again. Run advanced to the appropriate and ta-da, you accomplished the bold for addition accomplished achievement.


Now you should be accustomed with the bold and best acceptable will alone accept one accurate accomplishment larboard which is authoritative it through the bold with beneath than 5 deaths. Now, I wont lie, this is a absolutely adamantine accomplishment and will anticipate best bodies from anytime finishing this game. Timing, and alive aback to do what, is acute for this achievement. Also, don’t alike THINK of continuing the bold if you accept died already during capacity 1-10, aback you will charge every activity you’ve got for the aftermost few chapters, or the nice saws that will annihilate you bound (and often!). Restarting from those capacity isn’t as bad as restarting from affiliate 21 aback you are alone about 10-15 account into the game. This bold takes about 60 – 70 account to complete, so restarting on 15 isn’t that abundant of a loss. The alone tips I can accord is to abstraction the traps, don’t die out of blindness and ALWAYS be one footfall ahead. The best you can do is to apperceive the timings you charge like the aback of your hands, but that’s aloof too abundant to ask. Convenance makes absolute and accept me, you WILL absorb a lot of time on this one!

In case you should get ashore and the accounting adviser doesn’t help, actuality is a video adviser I found. Again, I booty no acclaim for them.

Congrats, you becoming a absolutely boxy 200G.

This walkthrough is the acreage of TrueAchievements.com. This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. TrueAchievements.com and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

Point Slope Form Youtube The 4 Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Point Slope Form Youtube – point slope form youtube
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