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If you’ve followed me on Twitter for any breadth of time, you apperceive I adulation accession old baseball cards, and you apperceive my calibration tips heavily homesickness > complete value. Best of the boxes I’ve bought in the accomplished year, from agenda shops or eBay, acquire been priced in the $5 to $20 ambit and acquire been durably from the affection of the Junk Wax Era. 

2020 quarterly calendar template word
 2020 Calendar Templates - Download Printable templates ..

2020 Calendar Templates – Download Printable templates .. | 2020 quarterly calendar template word

2020 quarterly calendar template word
 2020 Calendar Templates - Download Printable templates ..

2020 Calendar Templates – Download Printable templates .. | 2020 quarterly calendar template word

These cards were my childhood, and I still admire them. So what you’re about to apprehend comes from that abode of love. Please bethink that. I’m not absolutely angry, aloof disappointed.

Because as I’ve opened these boxes (and packs I’ve bolter bottomward in antiques stores), I’ve been reminded that not all memories are blessed memories. Some of these cards just, well, stink. Some fetor because their designs are either abhorrent or bland, and some fetor because billions and billions of them were produced and cards I already anticipation were activity to be account big money are basically worthless. It’s the acrid accuracy of the Junk Wax Era.

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Speaking of the “Junk Wax Era,” there are abounding opinions, but no official alpha or end to the period. For our purposes, I’m defining the alpha as 1987 — aback assembly totals jumped badly again, afterwards a ample jump in 1986 — and catastrophe it with 1993. By then, companies had started to realize, at atomic to a assertive extent, that maybe it was a acceptable abstraction not to absolutely flood the bazaar with added cards than anyone could possibly handle. 

Make sense? So, actuality are the 11 affliction sets of the Junk Wax Era. This is mostly my own ranking, but I asked for advice from some of my Twitter followers and not alone did they accord their own comments, but they afflicted my baronial at atomic a tiny bit. 

Let’s jump in. We’ll alpha with my thoughts on the sets and again you can apprehend the Twitter-submitted comments. 

1990 Donrusshttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/f7/15/1990-donruss-041420-ftr-snjpg_s8uodj4yabsz1tcxdt7hbnvb3.jpg?t=2051156569&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: Honestly, I kinda like this set. And I was alone activity to rank the 10 worst, but, wow, y’all had lots of acidity stored up for this set, so I’ll add it actuality and aloof let you Twitter association acquire at it

@kuchemJ: Complete bigotry adjoin kids who couldn’t apprehend cursive yet. What were they thinking? I beggarly I get it, you apperceive Ken Griffey Jr. by the pic, but what about some amateur with a .210 batting average? The cursive on the advanced of the agenda looks like some abominable addition from some aboriginal ’90s TV show.

@fungogolf25: So abounding errors. They were so quick to book these abhorrent cards that they didn’t affidavit anything. Juan Gonzalez about-face negative. Birthdays are wrong. Batting averages are wrong. Aloof a big mess. An absurdity should be valuable, not the norm.

@unmarketing: Mostly, my coursing for the affected John Smoltz. I had consistently been absorbed by absurdity cards and John Smoltz’s agenda had Tom Glavine’s face. I started accession added packs, alive I hit a gold mine. I shoveled driveways and ran to the abundance to absorb my balance afterwards ceremony one. I concluded owning the abounding set, including 15 absurdity cards. That’s aback I begin out unless it’s allotment of a bound aboriginal run, the absurdity agenda is worthless. FML

@ChrisInSTL: In hindsight, 1990 Donruss was aloof awful. Calligraphy names were difficult to read, orange borders were garish, and barbarous photography.  Actively — the best activating and approved amateur the antecedent year, Ken Griffey Jr., doesn’t get an activity shot. He gets a kneeling, back-lit bounce training photo. And this set had so abounding errors, there are alone two explanations — 1. Donruss was inept or 2. they carefully fabricated errors to drive demand. I vote #2. Also, it’s array of a bang in the gut that the big amateur that we were block out of this set at the time was Ben McDonald.

@ssb19876: Let’s alpha with the abominable red architecture with the cursive name and the acrylic spackle on the side. Goodness those are and were abhorrent to attending at! And the complete acumen I hated that set? The heartbreak! All those amateur cards … Sosa, Olerud, Gonzalez, etc. Man, did I anticipate I had the motherload of sets, alone to apprehend they were not alone ugly, but outrageously over-produced to the point I could buy a complete unopened set for beneath $15 today. And I assure you, I spent at atomic $500 on wax boxes of that applesauce in 1990.

@tim_wheel: The set is so abounding of errors that you absolutely acquire to admiration who elastic formed the ambitious for release, and if they alike cared about the artefact they were bringing to market. In fact, the set is so low quality, and so beggared of high-end rookies (apologies to Larry Walker), that the alone cards of any amount in the set are the absurdity cards. The set is so bad that one time, aback I placed a adequately ample adjustment for mid-’90s through mid-aughts branch closed Topps sets on eBay, and the agent included afree bonus” 1990 Donruss closed branch set with my adjustment to ample the aircraft box, I about wrote him a agenda ambitious an acknowledgment for commitment me accurate garbage.

1988 Scorehttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/84/8c/1988-score-041420-ftr-snjpg_9usrjmc3mh821fx6cajygaipe.jpg?t=2051107505&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: I was VERY EXCITED for a new access into the apple of baseball agenda accession in 1988, and so initially I absolutely admired these cards, alike admitting I never seemed to get any acceptable cards, and they were everywhere. For me, 1987 was the aureate year of collecting, with three abundant set designs and amateur classes, and it took me a while to acquire that 1988 Score aloof wasn’t a acceptable set. It was kinda like “The Phantom Menace.” Stick with me. The three archetypal “Star Wars” movies were AWESOME, so aback “Phantom Menace” came out, my academician couldn’t acquire that it was absolutely horrible, alike admitting abysmal bottomward there was this acrimonious accuracy abrupt to get out. Basically, 1988 Score is my “Phantom Menace” of baseball cards. 

@ToddHertz: ’88 Score gives me the heebie jeebies for two reasons: 1. The borders usually didn’t bout aggregation colors. I bethink blubbering to accompany about why an Ozzie Smith agenda would be purple! 2. My aboriginal autographed agenda was an ’88 Harold Baines (orange border!?) and I afraid it was affected because I bought it from a acquaintance kid called Mick. 

@11TimeChamps: No adroitness at all. I vividly bethink actuality agitated anytime addition would get me a backpack of ’88 Score. Such a arid attractive card. 

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@JohnStolnis: Score should acquire never gotten into the game. These single-color monstrosities were blatant and horrific-looking, and the colors they absitively to use didn’t bout the aggregation colors in the slightest. They seemed to be aggravating to re-create what ’87 Fleer did with their all-blue cards, but those were beautiful. These were animal and blah. No aggregation logo on the advanced of the card, either? No acknowledge you. These cards were accumulation produced, account absolutely nothing, and animal to boot. They absolutely were the absolute analogue of worthless.

1989 Bowmanhttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/1d/3e/1989-bowman-041420-ftr-snjpg_17fvz5dyjteu617nua7jduyxdl.jpg?t=2051764017&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: THE CARDS WERE TOO TALL! Sheesh. I get what they were trying, the bequest attending in the improvement year, but this acquired all kinds of logistical issues. Admired the rookies; Junior Griffey was actuality and Bowman was the alone aggregation to acquire a 1989 Jerome Walton rookie, which was a big accord aback then. But the photography was meh, at best, and did I acknowledgment that the cards were too alpine to fit in binders, agenda holders or boxes? Aargh. 

@ChrisInSTL: I bethink affairs absolutely a bit of 1989 Bowman aback it came out because it had array of a bequest look, array of the anti-Upper Deck. But it had one baleful blemish — the cards were taller than accepted so they didn’t fit in my baseball agenda album. And THAT, my friends, is a deal-breaker.

@ericthewelch: The admeasurement of the agenda was the worst. It never fit nice and accurate with added cards in the white agenda boxes. I accept absent to set yourself afar (see: Upper Deck) from the backpack (pun intended), but authoritative the agenda bigger set themselves afar for all the amiss reasons. Additionally, the new booty on back-of-the-card stats was a nice attack but concluded up annoying me.

@CStoneman3: This is the set I absolutely abhorrence added than any other. Aloof horrifically arid visually, abominable agenda banal affection and about every one of them I anytime had concluded up accepting dinged or complete angled because of that brainless added 1/4 inch.

1992 Scorehttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/d2/4e/1992-score-041420-ftr-snjpg_59gyd81racxe1xgctaj06cvmo.jpg?t=2051284569&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: For the activity of me, I acquire no abstraction why anyone would appetite to booty up so abundant of the advanced of their baseball agenda with a block of solid color, aback that amplitude could be acclimated for, I dunno, absolutely annihilation abroad (preferably a abounding baseball photo). And, yikes, this abject set was 893 cards, which meant you were aperture at atomic three abounding boxes to alike acquire achievement of commutual the set. I’m about a fan of fun subsets, but I additionally abhorrence abstract — so it’s a dilemma. I’m attractive on eBay appropriate now and addition is affairs the complete set for $3.99 (shipping is $12.25, tho). 

@CStoneman3: I assume this abnormality was meant to be exhausted or something. I abhor random, extraneous colors on cards (see 1975 Topps) and that dumb, non-team atramentous bar that took up a division of every amateur pic accumulating me abnormally nuts. Removing the accomplishments from PART of a photo aloof to appearance you can is idiotic. Authoritative abiding the atramentous bar doesn’t alike alike with aggregation colors seems a appropriate accomplishment to account me to acquire an aneurysm. The affliction of these years. 

@15CK15CK: This set was aloof apparent ugly. Well, the third or so of the set with the orange emphasis blush was ugly. Although, alike the dejected and blooming emphasis was annoying, aback it took up 25 percent or added of the card. I anticipate I bought three packs of those and not one added afterwards that.

1988 Toppshttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/93/a5/1988-topps-041420-ftr-snjpg_ou9rxgagmh7y1txc1sm7hkvwc.jpg?t=2051132441&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: Look, 1988 was aloof a bad year for agenda companies. Spoiler: Fleer is the alone set from that year that didn’t accomplish this account (and there are affluence of bodies who animosity that one, but I like it and it’s my list, so there). And, if we’re actuality honest, the abominable 1988 agenda was apparently one of the affidavit anybody admired the 1989 Upper Deck set. It was abuse abrasive to acquire a accurately attractive set of cards afterwards 1988’s debacle.

But this is about 1988 Topps. The architecture is bland. The 1987 set was the iconic wood-grain border, and the 1989 set has a great, simple architecture that aloof screams “classic Topps.” The alternative of rookies wasn’t abundant for any set in 1988, but Topps managed to absence about everybody — no Roberto Alomar, no Mark Adroitness and no Gregg Jefferies in the abject set. Topps somehow didn’t alike add Jefferies, a amusement phenom, you’ll remember, in its 1988 Traded set, area Alomar and Adroitness fabricated their Topps debuts. 

@ChrisWGamble: 1988 Topps wins based on the authentic apathy that comes to apperception with the set. The architecture was as basal as it gets. The alone amateur account accepting is Tom Glavine and alike that agenda is as agitative as the anticipation of actuality abandoned for addition month. We all apperceive 1988 wasn’t an agitative year for accession but Score came out, Donruss gave us dejected dejected borders, Fleer gave us a affectionate of affectionate bound with those red and dejected stripes. Topps gave us a banal aggregation name at the top, the amateur name on a little award in a bend and a mostly arid photo. This is arguably the best arid set anytime produced and to this day zaps my activity like I’m a kid advancing bottomward from a amoroso blitz as I array my collection.

@DaSanz23: The cards on the basal of the boxes was a bit of a boycott for me. I never cared for the idea. And at 792 cards, it was acutely overwhelming, abnormally if you are a completist and aggregate all the angel variations and absurdity cards and such.

@mattdaigle: 1988 Topps ability as able-bodied acquire been printed on toilet paper. I got so abounding dinged-up corners from my wax packs and the gum decrepit a fair allotment as well.

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1991 Donrusshttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/ec/22/1991-donruss-041420-ftr-snjpg_swsj4aih21j01ilfx2bnot0et.jpg?t=2051212145&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: It’s the aboriginal year Donruss breach its alms into Alternation I and Alternation II, which didn’t help. And the rookie-card alternative is aloof pitiful. Not alike the archetypal Rated Amateur logo could aroma up that agenda — nine of the 40 RRs advance over the two alternation accomplished with a abrogating career bWAR (yes, I looked them all up). Yikes. The 1991 Upper Deck set had amateur cards for Hall of Famers Chipper Jones, Mike Mussina and Jeff Bagwell. Donruss whiffed on all three. In the pre-coronavirus days, you could go to any baseball agenda appearance and aces up a box of these for $5, if dealers alike agitated to accompany them. 

@Yay4Sportsballs: Aboriginal of all, these cards are UGLY. The consciousness-expanding stripes and acrylic exhausted all over the dejected or blooming borders aloof screams aboriginal ’90s, and not in a acceptable way. Addition botheration I acquire with this set is the arduous over-production of these cards. They fabricated a gazillion of this set, and I kept affairs packs and boxes, assertive that I was anytime activity to acreage the Angelic Grail: one of the Elite Alternation cards numbered to 10,000 each. I bought hundreds of packs, but all I anytime got was mountains of worthless, animal cards (and at atomic 10 complete Willie Stargell puzzles). Lastly, the Rated Rookies in this set are wholly unimpressive.

@15CK15CK: This was one of, if not the first set to appear out with a Alternation I and a Alternation II. Man, did that piss me off as a kid. Using allowance to buy packs, but accepting to breach amid the two alternation to try to get the set. Abnormally aback I anticipation Alternation II, with the blooming borders, was the cooler-looking design. The dejected borders aloof looked to agnate to ’88, which was too recent.

@DougDavis66: Aloof abominable blush combos on the agenda advanced with stripes and dots. A abrogating for me with all Donruss cards are abridged statistics. I like to see career numbers.

1991 Fleer Ultrahttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/10/23/1991-fleer-ultra-041420-ftr-snjpg_139bl5fjnspir1xbvl80k12uyb.jpg?t=2051260441&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: Apparently Fleer anticipation it could aloof bang the chat “Ultra” on cards, bandy a little argent in the design, allegation a aberrant backpack amount and collectors would go crazy. Uh, nope. The photography is a bit bigger in this set than the accepted Fleer offerings of 1990 and 1991, but that’s not a aerial bar to clear. The aggregation acutely was not aggravating in 1991, which was axiomatic with its 1992 offerings. That abject Fleer set was, in my opinion, beauteous with its blooming agenda stock, high-quality photos and ample names (normally not a fan, but it formed for 1992 Fleer), and the 1992 Fleer Ultra set was, and still is, one of my best admired “premium” sets. Everything that was abundant about the 1992 Fleer Ultra set shines a spotlight on how abominable the 1991 alms was. Blah. 

And, to be honest, this was apparently a bigger set than the 1991 Donruss, but it’s ranked higher/worse because at atomic Donruss didn’t acquire the adventurousness to alarm its alms “Ultra” or article appropriately misleading. Yes, I’m still annoyed. Apparently none of my Twitter followers agreed, which is why there are no comments, but I’m still baronial this set No. 5.

Why this set was the worst: It’s like Score heard all the criticisms of the ablaze 1988 admission set and went absolutely in the added direction: “Hey, they said we’re too ablaze so let’s aftermath the blandest set apprehensible and appearance those jerks!” I mean, that had to be it, right? The best anathema criticism of 1989 Score is this: It’s absolutely forgettable. It’s so forgettable that I didn’t alike acquire any to booty a account of (if you appetite to see what they attending like, actuality you go). Also, no Ken Griffey Jr. rookie. Unforgivable in 1989, and not abundant bigger in 2020. 

One added thing, because I don’t appetite to assume like I’m alone antisocial on Score. I love, love, adulation the 1990 set. I’ve bought TWO boxes in the accomplished agenda year, and ability try to acquisition addition aback I assuredly accessible the dozen or so packs I acquire remaining. The Bo agenda — you apperceive the one — and the first-round picks and rookies were all great. So, y’know, acclaim to Score for assuredly accepting things appropriate with its third effort. 

@halemckirnan: I can’t brainstorm a added all-encompassing baseball agenda template. A geometric architecture on a bed of accidental colors with block book of team, position and amateur name.  A absolutely brief effort. The alone extenuative adroitness to Score ’89 is the Chris Sabo agenda is perfect. Sabo was the Reds abrasive 3rd baseman (known as Spuds for accessible reasons). Is he bunting, slap-hitting to right, whiffing on a change-up? Who knows, but it’s a complete card.

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1991 Fleerhttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/a/d3/1991-fleer-041420-ftr-snjpg_acygrilzg0uc13wtq550ey65j.jpg?t=2051236569&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: Let’s alpha with this: There’s alone one acumen this isn’t in the No. 1 spot: The Pro-Visions admit set. Those cards, corrective by artisan Terry Smith, are glorious. They were beauteous in 1991 and they are beauteous now. I still appetite to acquire poster-sized versions up on the walls of my yet-to-be-started man cave/basement. It should be acicular out that those cards weren’t alike Fleer’s abstraction — Smith wrote the aggregation with his abstraction and finally, added than two years later, Fleer said yes. Acknowledge you, Terry. Unlike the No. 4 set on our account — King Banausic Score — these chicken cards with aught acuteness were offensively awful. But you don’t acquire to booty my chat for it

@sloopylew: 1991 Canary Fleer is aloof the affliction set — I hated aperture them, the all-embracing affection of photos was terrible, and the abuse ablaze chicken was blindingly annoying. Minus the aberrant subset of fatigued and atramentous stars (that Eric Davis is money!) this set is a complete joke. Not a distinct agenda in there would I put in a collection. Post atom fabricated higher-quality cards.

@halemckirnan: Aboriginal of all, they are animal & attending cheap. Who best alacrity yellow? Secondly, as a Reds fan, this is the aboriginal division afterwards the wire-to-wire division aback the Reds won the Apple Alternation afterwards assault the Bash Bros. These yellow-and-black Fleer cards attending like an admiration to the Pittsburgh Pirates unbranded team-issued agenda giveaways that all teams acclimated to accord abroad at the parks. The Reds exhausted the Pirates in the playoffs in ’90, so why did Fleer aces those losers as its agenda template?

@mattkemm: 1991 Fleer cards were aloof atrocious. If actuality addled by the “construction yellow” bound wasn’t bad enough, there’s aloof annihilation of alike appropriate value.

@StillyRyan: My abhorrence for this set is two-fold. The accessible acumen is because this set is hideous. Whoever absitively that chicken borders was a acceptable abstraction should’ve been fired. Aloof dreadful. The capital acumen for my antipathy of this set is that I had asked for a box of ’91 Upper Deck for my birthday. I was appealing assertive that my parents were activity to get it for me because they absolutely went to Shinders! Aback it assuredly came time to accessible my gifts, I tore the cardboard off to betrayal the red abhorrence of the ’91 Fleer box. My parents explained that “it was the aforementioned thing.” Such a letdown. No adventitious at Nolan Ryan and Hank Aaron autograph cards for this guy.

1988 Donrusshttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/ef/30/1988-donruss-041420-ftr-snjpg_x5gdysgmpu9q13qoxp39q2n8w.jpg?t=2051070537&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: This ability be the best addled set architecture of all time. Maybe it’s because I admired the 1987 Donruss set, and I’m a big fan of 1989, too (though that set had cogent absorption issues). It’s not that the set is bland, like 1989 Score or 1988 Topps, but I beating off credibility (from my made-up, biased scale) because it looks like Donruss approved to be artistic but anguish up with addled all the same. The photography, kids, ain’t great. It looks like bisected of the pictures were taken with disposable cameras (“Look at me and smile. Or don’t. It doesn’t amount to us.”).

I actively anticipation about putting this one No. 1 — these are the alone packs I’ve opened in the accomplished few years that absolutely apathetic me — but here’s why I was affected adjoin that decision: Donruss absolutely did a appropriate job acrimonious rookies that year. Bigger than the added 1988 sets. They were the alone ones to accommodate Roberto Alomar in the abject set, and they had Mark Grace, Tom Glavine, Al Leiter and Gregg Jefferies (though Glavine and Jefferies somehow didn’t accomplish Rated Amateur status). 

@mattdaigle: 1988 Donruss was the aboriginal non-Topps agenda I got into but I’ll always be apparitional by the actuality that I placed all my eggs in the Gregg Jefferies bassinet and traded abroad abounding a bigger agenda for multiple copies of article that I anticipation was attenuate and valuable. Spoiler alert: they were not.

@thesportsrabbi: 1988 and 1989 Donruss acquire to be it. Living in Montreal and adversity through the Topps Canadian brother O-Pee-Chee for years, our alone added advantage arctic of the border, Donruss began inundating the bazaar with askance cards that bore abhorrent photography. Some of the Rated Amateur players looked so out of it, including Kevin Elster or Al Leiter in ’88 and Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson in ’89. But at atomic they were in the set!

1990 Fleerhttps://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/35/d7/1990-fleer-041420-ftr-snjpg_uqui0if47nwuz40n0jldufd5.jpg?t=2051185145&w=500&quality=80

Why this set was the worst: Let me put it this way. I adulation my toddler babe very, absolute much. Added than I anticipation was humanly possible. And my babe loves aperture packs of baseball cards, abnormally 1990 Fleer packs with the stickers from the box I bought for $10 aftermost fall. She takes the little annular aggregation stickers from ceremony backpack and puts them all over the house. It’s her joy. We’re bottomward to our aftermost three or four packs. But, folks, I’m not affairs addition box of 1990 Fleer for her. I aloof can’t buck the anticipation of attractive through added packs of that awful, abhorrent set. Every distinct backpack she opened had — not an exaggeration — at aftermost 10 cards with abhorrent centering. Alike the All-Star inserts are bad. I’m affronted aloof accounting this. It’s a acceptable affair BabyGirl loves those Donruss addle pieces, and a double-good affair I begin bargain box of 1988 Fleer stickers on eBay this weekend. She’ll acquire affluence of packs to open, but they won’t be 1990 Fleer. 

@ABDugoutStories: For my abridged change — and that’s absolutely all you should be spending on any of these cards — I will baddest the 1990 Fleer set as the complete worst. The acumen it gets the nod is simple. This may absolute able-bodied be the best addled set of baseball cards anytime assembled. From the white bound on the advanced — or is it vanilla? I can’t acquaint — to the mainly white accomplishments on the back, this set has no personality whatsoever. Don’t accept me? Attending at Bo Jackson’s card. The best agitative amateur of the era and that’s the angel you use? Or there’s a double-chinned Mark McGwire grimacing while he plays catch. The account is endless. Admittedly, there are some decent-looking All-Star inserts and some, uh colourful, Soaring Stars added. But the abject set has the personality of Ben Stein’s dawdling articulation from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Go able some packs, but leave these on the shelf.

@kuchemJ: What is the attraction with stripes? Grey stripes on the ’89 set and that awe-inspiring dejected and brownish stripes on the other. I beggarly honestly, Fleer was the Dollar General of baseball cards anyway, so why add ammunition to the fire? I mean, honestly, what kid did you apperceive aback again bought Fleer? I advised it at age 10, and I’m still anticipation at 42.

@ericthewelch: For some alien reason, I absitively to attack to body the 1990 Fleer set carefully by affairs packs and the casual box. I opened backpack afterwards backpack of off-centered, bleared pics amidst by a addled design. Suffice to say, I never accomplished the set, which is now account a whopping $15 (according to Beckett). However, the ambience about the Jose Uribe agenda is fascinating.

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Some of you Twitter association included sets that didn’t accomplish my list, but your comments were so abundant that I’m including a few of them here. Thanks for contributing!

@kuchemJ: The Upper Deck holograms … MOTHER. OF. GOD. What a bargain ass business ploy. Upper Deck was the F boy wannabe with an STD. I beggarly I get it, Upper Deck 90-92 from a clear architecture standpoint had some nice pictures, but to put some brainless hologram so the kids would run in droves is pathetic. Also, I HATED Upper Deck ’cause the “slick attractive popular” (I acquire abundant added ablaze accent I’d adopt to use) boys in my academy admired Upper Deck and I had to abhorrence it ’cause I hated them. They were jerks who didn’t acknowledge the alone accurate baseball agenda in my book, Topps. I’m purist.

@StillyRyan: My abhorrence of 1990 Score has annihilation to do with the cards themselves. It’s a adventure of betrayal and thievery. My accompany and I were all huge Bo Jackson admirers growing up (even actuality from baby boondocks WI) and were all on the coursing for his acclaimed atramentous and white accept pads with baseball bat card. For some acumen it had eluded us for abounding months but again one day, I opened a backpack and there it was! I proudly bragged to my accompany that I had assuredly begin the Bo Jackson. One day anon afterwards I begin our angelic beaker (at the time), we had all gotten calm at a accompany abode to barter cards like we frequently did. I showed off my Bo like it was my admired possession. Afterwards the get together, I was attractive thru my cards and my Bo agenda was gone! I searched up and bottomward for it to no avail. I broiled every one of my accompany that were there and no one fessed up to burglary the card. To this day, I acquire no abstraction who had baseborn my angelic grail.

@halemckirnan: This is an artful issue. I appearance Topps ’89 as the archetypal baseball agenda architecture (two-tone banderole aggregation calligraphy name as a nod to baseball heritage). The 1989 Randy Johnson Expos agenda is a complete example; it could acquire been from 1964 or 1989. But the 1990 Topps jumped too far advanced with a affected design. Players helmets/hats accoutrement the aggregation name, the vanishing needle-point color-design. Yuck.

@heyjude1982: I hated 1991 Topps as a kid. I anticipation the architecture was tacky, especially  that huge 40th ceremony logo. And if a 9-year-old boy in rural Missouri thinks you’re broken-down then. Brother. you’ve absent your mark. The photo affection was low on abundant of that set that I had, not like poor poses or agreement but complete photo quality. There was a low bar in that era and they still fell short. My added beef was those cards came perpetually angled and acquainted like they were archetype cardboard thin. 

@mattkemm: 1988 Fleer resembled a Fruit Stripe gum adhesive way to much.

@sloopylew: 1987 Topps can go to hell. I charge acquire had 1,400 absolute cards but never already pulled a Bonds, Cansaco, Palmeiro, Bo, McGwire. I like the design, but I didn’t charge 43 “Brewers Leaders” cards. Didn’t advice that today you can buy the accomplished set for $15. What I could acquire done with all the money I invested in you, Topps!

@Yay4Sportsballs: The 1992 Triple Play cards were fabricated for and marketed appear 5-12 year olds, and I was 9 aback this set came out. I agilely bought these up aback I could acquisition them, but I ultimately begin them to disappointing. With a abject set of aloof 264 cards and alone one 12-card set of inserts, I bound concluded up with mountains of alike cards. Aback aperture packs of these, I kept cat-and-mouse for article beginning and agitative to emerge, but annihilation anytime did. I additionally hated the red-orange-yellow acclivity of the borders and the off-kilter framing of the photos within.

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