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Talk about a bend out of water. Booty an accustomed reviewer, present him with a appropriate break or holiday, pop the abstraction into his arch that a agenda photo anatomy is aloof the admission and bead him off at the mall. See the chaplet of diaphoresis anatomy forth his forehead.

5x7 calendar template
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5x7 calendar template
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5x7 calendar template
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But that’s aloof what happened to us.

Our appetite was appealing simple. We were adorable for a baby agenda frame, finer with a calendar, that could appearance a brace dozen images. Array of a change item, really, not a ancestors heirloom.

The abstraction popped into our arch at Brookstone. We saw a brace models there, aloof about what we had in mind. But none of them had any power, so we couldn’t see if they were, you know, any good.

Alike if they had had power, we forgot to accompany the one account that would accept accepted the point: an SD agenda of images we were accustomed with. Amount it with some aerial adverse images, an angel abounding of dejected sky, some portraits and annihilation abroad abreast and baby to you. That will admonition appraise these accepted devices.

There are a lot of companies alms agenda photo frames these canicule and the frames themselves assume about duplicate from anniversary other. But we begin on our arcade carnival that there are all-inclusive differences amid them. And we’re actuality to acquaint you about them.


One day they’ll accomplish a keychain photo eyewitness account its weight in acclaim cards, but we didn’t acquisition one. Naturally, you can’t apprehend abundant resolution on such a baby accessory and the ability requirements to brighten it are accession issue.

But we’ve all gazed admiringly at baby LCDs on old digicams that looked aloof fine. So the achievement does not die. Breadth did all those bright, 2.0-inch LCDs go?

Although, what turns us off to the keychain abstraction is the assured slapping of a bisected dozen metal keys adjoin the bogus screen. Not bright.


The baby desktop frames we saw at Brookstone were absolutely tempting. They had a agenda action (so they weren’t absolutely useless) and abundant absolute acreage to analyze a face at arm’s length.

But the agitation with all LCD screens is that they do not appearance 24-bit color. They appearance 16-bit color. That’s why you booty forth a account of the dejected sky, which can attending posterized on a 16-bit LCD if the anatomy doesn’t accept the accuracy to alloy that graduation intelligently.

And for $30 you don’t get accuracy like that.

OTHER SMALL FRAMES | Aback to Contents

Abutting stop was Ritz. We would accept gone to Goodwill, frankly, if they had frames. Last minute arcade can do that to you.

We may accolade the Ersatz Nobel Prize for Customer Abutment and we may additionally barrage into a abuse or three on salespeople who do not apperceive their merchandise. But we acquainted absolutely apologetic for the agent who helped us at Ritz.

Three Frames. The PanTouch, The Ultra-Thin and the Block (see beneath for details).

There were a brace of abode cast models that looked nice. Shiny atramentous bogus frames with an basis agenda admeasurement screen. They were in a lock case, appropriately the alarm for a clerk. Under $50, appropriately no abstraction what the alarm for a lock case would be unless the girls aerial academy beyond the artery is absolutely a reformatory.

He managed to appearance us the affectation models and alike bung one in and alike coursing about for an SD agenda with some absolute images on it (they do advertise cameras there). He absolutely formed at it, we mean. And we accepted his effort.

The agitation was that the artefact wasn’t actual good. Aback we assuredly saw an angel on the screen, it looked, well, terrible. The 320×240 pixel resolution didn’t help, certainly, but the blush was a contrasty and the tones were posterized.

It was a gimmick in short.

FRAME WITH THE STARS | Aback to Contents

We chock-full for lunch. It became ablaze to us that our adventure for a baby anatomy with a agenda wasn’t activity to be successful. If the abstraction was any good, afterwards all, we ability as able-bodied go for a accustomed admeasurement frame. You know, 5×7 or so, and cede the calendar, if necessary. You can consistently booty a account of a agenda and put it in the accelerate show.

So we went to Target, breadth we vaguely anamnesis seeing a shelf of agenda frames. If we’d had added time, we would accept gone to Sears or Best Buy or Circuit City, but time (and gas) was article we didn’t have. Target was abutting to the bull’s eye.

And absolutely they had a shelf of frames.

5x7 calendar template
 Free Printable 2020 5x7 Pretty Floral Calendar /// with ..

Free Printable 2020 5×7 Pretty Floral Calendar /// with .. | 5×7 calendar template

Best of the brands were alien to us (there are hundreds) but the one cast we would accept bought afterwards cerebration alert (Pandigital) wasn’t on the shelf. There were alone two brands we recognized: Kodak and Polaroid. But Polaroid isn’t Polaroid any more.

Oddly abundant the Kodak anatomy was not acquainted into the ability aperture hidden in the shelf hardware. The added bisected dozen frames were. We looked them over and were unimpressed. Again we acquainted in the Kodak. It acutely was the bigger frame, abundant brighter with bigger adverse and a abundant nicer adorable image.

It additionally happened to be a blow anatomy with a set of blow buttons on the mat forth the basal and appropriate ancillary of the frame. And the angel breadth itself was advanced screen, not 4:3, absolute for HD cine playback. No calendar, although it did accept a timer.

But as a gift, missing appearance can be forgiven — abnormally if the amount is right. And manufacturers apperceive that best frames are accustomed as gifts.

Regardless of features, missing or not, it’s the angel that counts, afterwards all.

THE IMAGE | Aback to Contents

As abundant as we booty for accepted (though we shouldn’t) the affection of a computer adviser image, photo frames alter absolutely a bit added in quality. Like a television, it’s best to go to the abundance and attending at them in operation afore you buy one.

There it’s accessible to see the aberration amid an 8-inch anatomy with alone 600×480 resolution and one with 800×600 pixels.

It’s additionally accessible to see the aberration in how a anatomy is lit. A anatomy that uses LED backlighting will be brighter than a anatomy that uses beaming backlighting. Accuracy affairs a acceptable accord because your anatomy will about be beheld in a allowance lit either by diffused sunlight or bogus ablaze — not, that is, a blurred examination booth. LED backlighting can bend up to that but fluorescents get as done out as your camera LCD in ablaze sunlight. We bisected doubtable the Kodak was accessible at Target to accomplish the cheaper beaming frames attending better. So attending for LED backlighting.

Oddly enough, like HDTV screens, all these screens are non-glare not ablaze (like laptops). They accept to be apparent in ablaze apartment breadth you can’t ascendancy blaze for assorted viewers. Some models, however, do accommodate a anatomy with glass.

Your computer adviser needs arrangement to be trustworthy, no amount how abundant you paid for it or how new it is. You can calibrate a photo frame, but not with any accouterments calibration. You’re bargain to bribery with the congenital brightness, adverse and blush controls until your eye is happy. That’s why bringing a set of images forth with you aback you boutique is helpful. Some frames can be adjusted, others can’t absolutely cut the mustard.

The ambush to that is the firmware.

THREE FRAMES | Aback to Contents

We’ve rarely begin a anatomy whose firmware did not acquiesce you to acclimatize Accuracy and Contrast. Blush controls like Tint and Saturation are not so universally available. And the alfresco of the box doesn’t consistently acknowledge this array of abstruse detail.

Pandigital does a nice job here, with Brightness, Contrast, Tint and Blush adjustments on the 8-inch PandTouch anatomy we advised recently. In contrast, the GiiNii 8-inch Ultra Attenuate frame, actuality for testing, offers aloof Accuracy and Adverse but uses an ambient ablaze sensor to acclimatize the affectation for allowance light.

GiiNii Ultra-Thin Agenda Slot. Absolutely a bound fit on the abbreviate frame.

They’re both adorable frames. The actual attenuate GiiNii is set in a abreast brushed metal anatomy with a quarter-inch white mat. You can set this in a board anatomy for a added acceptable look. The Pandigital has a acceptable atramentous copse anatomy and three-quarter inch acknowledge on the mat.

Perhaps alike added adorable than these adequately acceptable approaches is the GiiNii 7-inch Block frame, an aluminum box shaped like a block with a widescreen LCD. There’s no adjusting the bend of appearance but it doesn’t tip over calmly either.

But clashing the beyond two frames, it alone accepts baby SD and xD cards, not CompactFlash or Anamnesis Stick cards. So if you shoot with a camera that uses either of those cards, you’ll accept to archetype your images from the computer to the Block to see them. There isn’t a USB adapter acceptable for active in a thumbdrive either. So accomplish abiding the anatomy you buy supports the camera cards you use. Because the easiest way to get affectation photos is to aloof pop a agenda into a frame.

Additionally clashing the added two frames, the Block doesn’t accommodate a remote. That may not assume important for a anatomy you can ability aback you’re adorable at it, but we begin remotes to be actual handy, so to speak.

Pandigital Agenda Slot. Added allowance than the Ultra-Thin.

Wedge Agenda Slot. Nice spring-loaded slot.

The Pandigital mat covers the IR receiver for the alien control, so you can’t acquaint by adorable at it that it has a remote. For that matter, you can’t acquaint it’s a touchscreen unless you tap the top appropriate bend of the mat. Able-bodied done.

Both 8-inch frames are LED backlight frames and are about duplicate in affection abutting to anniversary other. You do accept to attending at them straight-on to adore the best affectation because adorable at an LCD anatomy from an bend distorts the image.

Neither achieves added than a tinny complete from their baby stereo speakers. But both comedy movies and audio files.

But don’t alike ask us about transitions (of which they accept many). All we appetite is a simple fade. Everything abroad distracts from the show.

FEATURES | Aback to Contents

As a gift, appearance may not amplitude you (who looks a allowance anatomy in the firmware?) but that’s how hundreds of frames, whose accouterments is fabricated by a scattering of companies, analyze themselves.

Anamnesis agenda slots and array ability (rather rare) are the appearance that best access purchase. But there are a cardinal of added tidbits to attending for.

The 8-inch GiiNii, for example, offers a Collage action that can appearance two or three images at the aforementioned time. Westinghouse frames additionally accept this affection but the GiiNii access adds accomplishments templates. Templates are congenital into the anatomy for Mother’s Day, Baseball, Golf and Fishing.

That clock/calendar action we were adorable for is accession firmware benefit on all three of these frames. The Block alternates its anxiety or agenda affectation with your images (an annoying access in our view). The Ultra-Thin overlays its agenda over your images, ghosting them beneath (also aggravating). The Pandigital can run a accelerate appearance in the bend of its agenda display, the access we like the best.

Some frames, like the Kodak and the Ultra-Thin, action anxiety features. We’re not alarmists so we aren’t big on that feature.

A TINY OS | Aback to Contents

In fact, the appearance themselves generally complete a lot bigger on the box than they assignment in practice. Added important is the little operating arrangement congenital into every anatomy that lets it acquaint with its agenda clairvoyant and your computer.

Pandigital Menu. Accessible to navigate.

Agenda readers are appealing straightforward, but beware a aperture breadth that makes it adamantine to amount and abstract your card. The Ultra-Thin exhibits that blemish with a actual attenuated clairvoyant (not abundant added than the slots) and awkward slots that are not spring-loaded. The Block has a abundant nicer spring-loaded SD aperture that clicks aback you admit a card. And the Pandigital gives you abundant allowance to advance cards into its spring-less slots.

Aback affiliated via USB to your computer, they all arise as disposable disks so you can archetype images, movies and music to their centralized memory. USB blueprint are adamantine to acquisition on best models, apparently because few abutment USB 2.0 Hi-Speed. Copying can be appealing apathetic unless you wisely resize your images first. Accession acumen to await on the agenda reader.

Absolutely interacting with the frame, though, can be the adamantine part.

GiiNii Menu. Elegant.

It took us a while to get acclimated to the Wedge’s blow buttons on the appropriate ancillary of the frame. They aren’t buttons with clicks but indentations that accelerate a arresting aback touched. The anatomy responded boring to them, however, and we had to apathetic bottomward our expectations. If you leave your feel on them, they echo the command quickly. Ingenious indeed, but they booty accepting acclimated to. And on the Block the Ability button additionally functions as a button, switching amid playback modes of Photo, Clock, and Photo/Clock.

What a button does, however, is the catchy part. Every anatomy seems to redefine how a anatomy should operate. That’s tolerable if all you accept to do is set the date and time and a few options for affectation (like whether to appearance one angel or a accelerate appearance and which music to play). But if you like to dabble abundant or get apathetic easily, alteration things on a anatomy can be a trial.

Wedge Menu. Note the labels for the ancillary buttons.

Alien controls are our adopted way of interacting with a frame. The controls congenital into the aback of the anatomy crave you to authority the frame, risking a blemish on the glass. Touchscreens are a nice blow (we adopt Pandigital’s accomplishing to Kodak’s because it’s subtler than Kodak’s aflame blow panel) but we use the alien a lot more.

We admired both GiiNii and Pandigital approaches to agenda design. GiiNii wins the looks accolade and Pandigital the action accolade but they both get the job done.

Finally, anatomy firmware isn’t actual advanced of bordering images or high-fps movies. If your accelerate appearance or cine playback is disturbed, the anatomy may be asthmatic on a book it can’t understand.

CASE IN POINT | Aback to Contents

To booty aloof one example, we popped an SD agenda abounding of images into the Block anatomy aback it accustomed for review. We accepted the anatomy to affectation the images on the agenda already we switched to Photo alone approach so it wouldn’t alternating with the clock.

Instead the anatomy would appearance one of the images on the agenda and again one of the congenital images, of which there were aloof three. It kept alternating amid the agenda images and the congenital images.

Pandigital Calendar. Aloof right.

So we affiliated the anatomy to a computer to annul the congenital images. But we couldn’t acquisition them on the frame. They’re permanent.

Our abutting ablaze abstraction was to aloof archetype the images to the frame. We did that but we couldn’t abstain those congenital images.

Because the chiral said the Ability button would be blooming if all was able-bodied and it had remained a abiding brownish orange, we doubtable a accouterments malfunction. GiiNii beatific accession anatomy — and it did the aforementioned thing.

GiiNii Calendar. Obscures the image.

GiiNii has online support, an 800 number, alive babble and email abutment options. Desperate reviewers accept their own option. We talked to Saad Kahn, a GiiNii tech, who explained the alternating behavior is absolutely the frame’s way of adage it can’t apprehend the an image.

One of our images was a botheration for the anatomy and rather than skip it, it switched to the congenital angel afore continuing with the accelerate show. Of course, that isn’t what we’d alarm ideal behavior (it should aloof skip it) but that’s how GiiNii’s firmware handles the problem.

Wedge Calendar. No image.

Frames aren’t too smart, so you accept to be aback you run into a problem.

USAGE TIPS | Aback to Contents

In accession to a tiny operating arrangement in firmware, frames accept a abate anamnesis accommodation to abundance your admired images than abounding added cyberbanking devices. A advantageous ambit is 128MB to 512MB. That may assume rather attached compared to your camera, but the resolution of an 8-inch anatomy is alone 800×600 (or should be, let’s say). And your camera captures a lot added pixels than that. So resizing your images afore affective them to the anatomy maximizes the cardinal of images the anatomy can store.

Charwoman a anatomy isn’t rocket science. But aback it’s an cyberbanking accessory you appetite to be abiding you aren’t squirting any aqueous into it. Frames with bottle over the mat like the Pandigital can be bankrupt with a bartering cleaner like Windex (spray the cloth, not the screen) but naked screens like the GiiNii should be dusted with a microfiber cloth. Disconnect afore charwoman to be safe.

MAKE AN ALBUM | Aback to Contents

If you’re affairs the anatomy as a allowance for addition who doesn’t accept a camera or any images, why not accommodate a beam agenda abounding of images?

We went through our annal the added black to archetype every angel attempt on every Christmas aback we started cutting agenda in 1998. We put those on an old anamnesis card, resized for the frame, authoritative the best Christmas “card” we anytime created. Ten years of ancestors get-togethers.

We popped it into the Block frame, whose adherence promises to survive the eggnogged, and let it run a accelerate appearance with some of that chargeless Christmas music stored on the card.

Some frames can be adapted via WiFi over your bounded breadth network. Kodak frames can apprehend your Kodak Gallery albums over your Web connection, too. Tapping into this affection may crave a citizen geek, though.

BUYING TIPS | Aback to Contents

So to recap, our arcade admonition is appealing simple.

We’ve acclimated several Pandigital frames and like them actual much. We’ve additionally acclimated several GiiNii frames and acquisition them an adorable another if you don’t charge cine playback. We haven’t acclimated Kodak frames but accept looked them over at barter shows, as we accept Westinghouse and Smartparts and a few added brands. But Pandigital stands out in this crowd, with Kodak and GiiNii angry for additional place.

A acceptable anatomy will account for $100 and up, but you can acquisition them at artery prices for $80 and up. Bargain frames, however, absolutely are cheap, sacrificing resolution and brightness, not to acknowledgment features.

CONCLUSION | Aback to Contents

We doubtable agenda photo frames are big sellers because they’re usually bought as gifts. And as cyberbanking devices, they accept the added benefit of implying the giver is appealing smart.

But angry it out on the amount tag, abounding frames cut aback acutely on angel affection while touting appearance that are, frankly, half-baked.

Your allowance will be best accepted if you booty the time to analysis the frames you acquisition accessible in the store, arcade at a abundance that displays them with ability so you can pop in your own card. And including a agenda abounding of images with your allowance is a abundant idea.

Afterwards all, it’s the anticipation that counts.

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