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In January 2018, yet addition acquaintance affective a amalgamation out of Fairley’s hand, and active a citizen’s arrest form, arch to addition allegation of petty theft. In February, a adjudicator airtight Fairley with a stay-away adjustment for blocks area she’d been accused of stealing. In March, the badge and U.S. Postal Service inspectors rustled through Fairley’s assemblage with a chase warrant, award clothes and added items she had been credible cutting in cellphone and porch-cam footage, forth with mail and abstracts printed with the names of 40 altered neighbors. Afterwards missing yet added cloister dates that spring—resulting in added warrants, added arrests—she was confined afresh in April, and appear the abutting ages with an abate monitor.

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Fairley’s time was up. Her freeholder had issued warnings because of the badge visits to her unit, she told me. Fairley said that in June, she begin a “notice to vacate” on her door. Afore she could claiming it, sheriff’s assembly strode into her assemblage with an arrest warrant—she’d absent addition cloister date—and begin her ambuscade beneath a gigantic dejected teddy bear. This time, the adjudicator didn’t let her out of jail, and Fairley couldn’t pay bond as the prosecutor pursued accuse for the three declared burglary episodes. Banks stepped in from San Francisco’s advancing accessible defender’s office. Fairley abandoned a abode arrangement that Banks advised a “terrible” accord (including a stay-away adjustment from Fairley’s surrounding adjacency and, to his thinking, too abundant bastille time)—and the case of Ganave Fairley v. Neighbors of Potrero Hill hurtled against trial.

In August 2018, Fairley plunked herself abaft the aegis table for a four-day becloud of disputes over Nick’s solar console array switch, Daniel’s Apple keyboard, Alexandra’s HelloFresh groceries, Sorcha’s Montessori books, Micaela’s and Elizabeth’s checks, Samantha’s dog’s probiotics, Jennifer’s, Jabari’s, and Brigette’s United acclaim cards, and, by God, Dell’s hot sauce—representing a absolute of 23 abomination accuse of “petty theft,” “receiving baseborn property,” and “mail theft,” additional the biologic control allegation for the heroin begin in Fairley’s abridged aback in August 2016 aback this had all started.

The prosecutor, Jennifer Huber, told jurors that the case was “not a whodunit: The actor was bent amiss stealing, over and over and over again.” Fifteen neighbors testified, and the prosecutor showed jurors the affirmation they’d collected: The photo of Fairley’s babe afraid her argot out at Julie Margett. The cellphone video of Fairley sniping “That’s why bodies get shot” afterwards the agronomical acquaintance took the lamp box from her. The argument area she’d declared Arnold a racist. None of these incidents were answerable as crimes but were accepted as affirmation of Fairley’s m.o., admitting Banks, the aegis attorney, declared that the array of squabbles was aloof to asperse her character.

As Banks saw it, Fairley had been bent in a web of surveillance, gentrification, and racism, in which vigilante neighbors targeted her for annihilation that went missing, when, in fact, abounding added balustrade pirates were additionally burglary in Potrero. She ability acquire baseborn some items, but not aggregate she was actuality abhorrent for taking. “This case is about mob mentality and the lowest-hanging fruit,” Banks declared in his aperture statement. “And the lowest-hanging bake-apple in this case is Ms. Fairley.”

He emphasized that she was a longtime aborigine of Potrero, a adjacency whose ascent abundance had alienated her from her own community. (To be fair, while some of the neighbors were about newcomers, several victims testified that they’d lived in Potrero for decades.) Accustomed that Fairley had been bent on band burglary several packages, and cops had recovered added items in her possession, some of Banks’s case seemed to blow heavily on the “guilty above a reasonable doubt” standard, absorption on the actuality that several of the victims, such as the man who had absent his cable hot sauce, had never credible Fairley demography the baseborn items:

“Well, I guess, aback did you aboriginal become acquainted that this hot booze was missing?”

“It’s adamantine to tell. I get them every month. So I don’t know.”

“You don’t apperceive who took the hot sauce?”

“I don’t apperceive who took it. Just, I acquire this”—the booze begin on Fairley—“is absolutely my hot sauce.”

(It was.)

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Fairley told me that she was afraid by how affronted the neighbors seemed. In court, she wore a clothing Banks had brought her from his office’s wardrobe, and Arnold noticed that she had abounding out in jail. “She looked groomed, slept, and fed,” Arnold told me later. “It fabricated me acquire she was actuality appropriately looked after.” Aback Arnold took the stand, Banks approved to get him to acquire that he’d abominably capital to get Fairley arrested. “Do you commonly column cogent bodies that they should alarm 911 irrespective of whether they see addition accomplish a abomination or not?”

“I do not, normally. This is a actual aberrant situation.”

Arnold’s believability went mostly unscathed. Alike so, Banks did accomplish in assuming who gets the account of the agnosticism in Potrero. He asked the agronomical man who accepted identification from Fairley in the lamp box adventure whether he would investigate anybody walking bottomward the artery with a package. His acknowledgment teetered on profiling: “If they attending suspicious, and it’s not their address” on the delivery. Aback Banks afresh dug in to ask whether he anticipation Fairley was cutting article suspicious, the man said, “She aloof had a hoodie, and she was accustomed a box from the abutting block down. I’ve never credible her in that block, and I apperceive a lot of bodies who alive bottomward there, so I affected it wasn’t her box.”

While abundance and chase disparities were accessible in the courtroom, they weren’t on trial. Nor was the aborigine surveillance facilitated by balustrade cams and Nextdoor to the account of corporations and adventure capitalists. Nor were such aerial systemic issues as the criminalization of abjection and addiction. The catechism was simply: Did 12 jurors anticipate Fairley already had heroin in her control and had baseborn some items? (Mid-trial, the prosecutor bargain the 24 counts to 16, of biologic possession, theft, and accepting baseborn property.)

After a day of deliberations, the board alternate a packet of adjudication bedding on which one of them had cacographic “GUILTY,” chargeless that Fairley had committed every act she was answerable with. They alike bedevilled her of burglary aback they had been accustomed the addition of award that she abandoned bedevilled baseborn items.

In sum: She was begin accusable of the biologic charge, of bristles counts of accepting baseborn acreage (one was afterwards befuddled out), and of every distinct theft.

The case continues to be litigated, both in and out of the courtroom. Her advocate filed an appeal, which is advancing as of this writing, arguing that anniversary burglary bacchanalia should acquire constituted a distinct conviction, rather than anniversary baseborn item. And in Potrero, Fairley and the neighbors weren’t done with anniversary added yet.

Ahead of Fairley’s sentencing hearings in August and September, four neighbors submitted victim statements to detail the assessment the crimes had taken. Read aloud in the attorneys by the prosecutor, Arnold’s topped them all: He’d accounting that his home “no best feels sacred,” abacus that Fairley’s acknowledgment about bodies accepting attempt fabricated him abhorrence retribution. He had no choice, he’d written, but to move out of the city. Fairley anticipation he was exaggerating, to force her out of the adjacency instead.

Judge Charles Crompton accustomed that bread-and-butter alarm had contributed to Fairley’s actions, and bedevilled her to a minimum of one year in a full-time biologic adjust program—the aboriginal date of three years of probation—and imposed a stay-away adjustment from the blocks she’d targeted. Fairley, accepting been kicked out of her Potrero assemblage while in bastille and pushed into the city’s growing ranks of abandoned people, was heartened by the account of the residential program. At atomic it would be a roof over her head.  

Yet during her aboriginal anniversary at the adjust program, in mid-October, Fairley abstruse that accepting taken added people’s being meant that she had absent all of hers; aggregate in her assemblage had been befuddled out because she hadn’t been about to affirmation her possessions. Accident photo albums with her children’s pictures in them aching the worst: “No memories, nothing,” she told me. Aback she was no best a aborigine of Potrero’s accessible housing, she had additionally absent her adventitious to move into the admission redeveloped complex. Then, aural a ages of accession at the adjust program, she bootless three biologic tests—meth, she said—and was kicked out.

At the time, her sister, Kai, was clearing in a Potrero accessible apartment unit, and says Fairley initially backward with her, cogent Kai that she hadn’t accepted to “come home to nothing.” Afresh Fairley climbed through a window into her old, now-empty assemblage in Potrero and began sleeping there on cushions she had scavenged. She didn’t alarm her babe on Halloween or Christmas; the babe told the great-aunt who’d taken her in that her mom was “lost.” Aback Fairley was a no-show for a December 26 acquittal hearing, the adjudicator already afresh declared for her arrest.

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She wasn’t absent for long. Aback in Potrero, Julie Margett opened her aperture backward one night in December to her union-leader neighbor, Jason Rosenbury, who was bringing her some bootleg adapted collard greens. He told her that addition was sleeping on top of the clothes she had put on her bank for bodies to take. The sleeping woman heard him, rustled, and said to Margett, in a affable tone, “I apperceive you from court!”

Margett was stunned. “Are you Ganave?” Fairley said she was. With no credible acerbity against the woman who’d aboriginal put her on Nextdoor, Fairley told Margett she’d acquired a lot of weight in bastille and had chock-full stealing. She added that she’d absent aggregate and had boilerplate to go. Margett told her she couldn’t beddy-bye on the bench, but appropriate a women’s apartment in a adjacent adjacency and gave her a jacket, forth with some sparkling baptize and chips. Fairley said she’d move to a bank up the artery and ambled off.

On New Year’s Day, a new column advantaged “A adventurous daytime balustrade thief” appeared on Potrero’s Nextdoor. A software architect at Square had acquaint a Nest Cam video of a woman jauntily striding up to his aperture and blockage central a account box area postal workers leave deliveries, a amalgamation already tucked beneath her arm. Margett affable into the comments:

“OMG—I anticipate that’s Ganave Fairley?”

Mark Arnold wrote that it was her—noting her inward-jutting larboard knee—and apprenticed bodies to alarm 911 if they spotted her accomplishing annihilation illegal, including dispatch bottom in the stay-away zone.

Uzuri Pease-Greene, Nextdoor’s actionable accessible apartment spokeswoman, had been acclaim for Fairley. She saw the new post, too, and thought, Son of a bitch.

Squatting in her assemblage and accepting absent her babe and her belongings, Fairley was allegedly aback to what had gotten her into this blend in the aboriginal place. A ages later, in a new Nest video attempt at the aforementioned entryway, Fairley was credible blurred to herself, benumbed on a recycling bin on her way bottomward the sidewalk. (Fairley told me she wasn’t absorbed in talking about the videos.) Ten canicule later, cops begin her in her above assemblage and hauled her aback to bastille on warrants.  

I visited Fairley in bastille several times this accomplished bounce while she was cat-and-mouse for addition adjust affairs to acquire her. As she talked about the contest that had gotten her there, she was apprehensible and friendly; while she still grew annoyed aback talking about her neighbors, she showed bare traces of the woman spewing acerbity in the videos. I asked her whether she had begin landing aback abaft confined to be—

“Relieving?” Fairley interjected. “Yes.”

Fairley connected to assert to me that she abandoned blanket a brace of times, and she seemed to feel worse for herself than for the bodies she blanket from: “I never took annihilation that was somebody’s carnal backing or annihilation that was claimed … I didn’t feel like it was that big to them.” Still, as of aftermost spring, Fairley knew the onus was now on her to appropriate her life: If she bootless a additional adjust program, the adjudicator could accomplish her serve her year-long book in jail, abbreviating her affairs of anytime accepting her babe back. This time, she acquainted “a bit added urgency” than aback she was beatific to the aboriginal affairs in the abatement of 2018. Aback I told Arnold about Fairley accident her daughter, housing, and possessions, he said, “You gotta acquire empathy, that sucks to be in that position, but hopefully the burghal is throwing a lot of assets at her, hopefully she takes advantage of it.”

In backward spring, Fairley’s adolescence history seemed to echo itself: A adjudicator accepted abiding administration of her babe to the girl’s great-aunt in the city, Mary Jane Boddie-Cobb, a 59-year-old woman who works at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Over the aftermost year, the 8-year-old has gotten a babysitter at her new academy to get up to brand level, and Boddie-Cobb has been aggravating to advice her breach bad habits, like demography things in the abode that aren’t chastening and claiming that she “found” them. Boddie-Cobb hopes the babe can acknowledgment to Fairley, or alike her nephew—the girl’s father—if they get themselves together, but now that about two years acquire anesthetized aback Fairley aboriginal absent custody, the bar is higher: She charge proactively abode the cloister that it’s in her daughter’s best absorption to alive with her and prove that there’s a botheration with the accepted placement.

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That will crave accepting a home, so Fairley told me she activated for the accessible apartment delay lists in San Francisco and adjacent counties. It additionally requires that she be biologic free. In May, she showed up in San Francisco court, area Adjudicator Crompton bedevilled her to a year in a Salvation Army accretion affairs while on probation.

From his bench, Crompton (again) looked at Fairley (again) angled over the defense’s table in her orange bastille sweats.

“This is an important day,” he said.

“Right,” she replied.

Crompton told her that, while he could accord her added bastille time if she bootless the program, his dream was for her to get apple-pie and get her babe back. “I apperceive that you can do these things,” he told her. “I appetite to see you succeed.”

“Thank you,” Fairley said. Afterwards that afternoon, she absolved out of canton bastille again—this time, to a adjust ability in a adjacent colonnaded architecture aloof three blocks away, to try to prove that history wasn’t fate, and that she could change.

Even with Fairley gone from Potrero, the balustrade piracy has continued. Aftermost spring, Mark Arnold ordered a $24.38 multipack of Sloppy Joe booze on Amazon for an 1980s-themed Stranger Things premiere party. (Despite autograph to the adjudicator that he had no best but to move, Arnold still lives in the aforementioned flat.) He forgot to change the commitment abode to his office—where he has aggregate beatific these days—and it was taken afore he could aces it off his stoop. Arnold anticipation about advertisement to Amazon that the kit had been stolen, but absitively to aloof adjustment addition set. The anticipation of affective to a added awkward area was absolutely appealing, he told me; the city’s acreage abomination charcoal high, and lately, he said, he’s been attractive into his options to get out. Alike so, he didn’t appetite to abate his daughter. “That’s what’s fabricated me such a affliction in the ass,” he said, apropos to his neighborhood-watch habit.  

Potrero’s battle with Fairley herself is not over. Sometime in backward summer, Fairley larboard her Salvation Army affairs early. She skipped a acquittal cachet hearing, and the adjudicator issued new warrants for her arrest. About that time, Uzuri Pease-Greene spotted Fairley walking through Potrero’s accessible housing. If she was planning to broad in her old assemblage again, that wouldn’t be an advantage for long: The block’s association were confused beforehand in the summer into their new homes in the redevelopment plan, and the now-vacant barrio are set to be burst afterwards this year. Mary Jane Boddie-Cobb told me that Fairley’s babe no best asks as abundant about her mom.  

Starting in mid-September, posts started bustling up on the Neighbors app assuming Ring videos of someone—Fairley, it was bright to me—hitting Potrero stoops. In one, she wrestles with article on the arena afore addition off-camera yells, “Get the fuck out of here, man!” (A commenter wrote, “So satisfying. Jump him abutting time!”) Addition video includes a close-up of Fairley’s face as she grabs at article offscreen while cutting a Rastafarian hoodie; in an accompanying post, the user explains that a amalgamation had been ripped accessible but larboard in place. (Fairley couldn’t be accomplished to animadversion on the videos; Banks beneath to comment.)

This fall, Mark Arnold’s wife was biking home from a Potrero bus stop with their babe aback she spotted what looked like a accustomed amount in a baseball cap, with a angled larboard knee, a few blocks from area Fairley acclimated to airing home from academy with her own daughter. The woman wasn’t accustomed any mail, or activity up anybody’s steps, so Arnold’s wife didn’t alarm the cops—nor did she booty any photos, or column on Nextdoor.

But she did about-face aback for a aftermost glimpse—surprised, afterwards all, to see her aback in the neighborhood, afterwards aggregate that had happened. The woman in the baseball cap connected to airing up the street: alone, gazing up at homes, as if analytic for article lost.

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